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Taking a doe, and the takeaways from it

Taking a doe, and the takeaways from it

Lessons learned from the hunt

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Get your gunbox handy: Sight in your slug guns

Time is now to prepare for gun opener

Wild turkey hunting tips: preparing for your spring hunt

Pattern your shotgun now, and work ahead to avoid any unnecessary equipment or calling blunders when chasing gobblers

Safety tips for spring turkey hunters

Turkey hunting is a safe sport, but it's important to make safety an integral part of each hunt.

Remember all aspects of safety during this deer hunting season

Whether you're hunting via firearm, archery, or muzzleloader (in a treestand or ground blind) have a mental safety checklist whenever you head afield.

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Preseason preparation tips for the upcoming ice fishing season

Shelters, clothing, rods, reels, tackle, and more. Time to prepare for the hard-water fishing season.

Key factor for all fishing: monitoring lure drop rate

The rate at which your lure descends through the water column plays a major role in the efficiency of your fishing – over hard water or soft.

Get your gunbox handy: Sight in your slug guns

Time is now to prepare for gun opener

Fishing tips: Catching fish around the challenging “fall turnover”

The turnover is a big change that especially affects deeper lakes, but remember that fish still need to eat!

Fishing for fall bass? Don’t forget the docks

Docks draw baitfish on sunny days; baitfish draw bass

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Taking a doe, and the takeaways from it

Lessons learned from the hunt

Thanksgiving week special to this Pennsylvania hunter

This is a busy week for Pennsylvania hunters, and we should be thankful for the opportunities

Does pheasant program’s ‘marketing’ value negate need for Pennsylvania pheasant-hunting stamp?

Game commissioner explains his opposition to a Pennsylvania pheasant stamp

Deer hunting in Pennsylvania is a cherished tradition

Annual ritual responsible for memories that last a lifetime

Tips and tricks for processing your deer

From field to table, butchering a whitetail gives you satisfaction of cost-effectively producing your own healthful, mouth-watering venison

Hunter gets a Pennsylvania doe with a bow

Author gets back into archery deer hunting after a 30-year hiatus.

Confessions of a Pennsylvania bird hunter

Stocked pheasants keep him and his dog happy, but barely

Mixed emotions about killing a coyote in Pennsylvania

Hunter’s encounter with a Pennsylvania predator spurs surprising soul searching

Taking a stand

Keep fueled for a long day of hunting

A deer is there. Can you make the shot?

When sitting a new deer stand, draw back your bow and visualize shot opportunities before a buck comes in

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Venison Gyros

Morel Mushrooms stuffed with a crab and cheese filling.

In the wild mushroom world, morels are king. Prized for their wonderful earthy flavor, they also offer a great excuse to head into the woods in spring.

Fajita Kabobs

Looking for a recipe that makes a tough cut of meat something worth savoring?

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Lake Shelbyville

Lake Shelbyville is certainly the center of central Illinois’ outdoors paradise. And the opportunities surrounding the massive area provide anglers, hunters, bikers, birdwatchers and everyone else a year-round playground.

The traveling hunter: Flying with firearms

Planning, preparation make a difference

Writer's treehouse stay doesn't disappoint

House built by Ohio couple near Mohican

Ontario unveils a few new fishing rules for 2014

No updates to OWI rules from last year

A bass’n plan: Head south for open water

The Great Lakes region offers fabulous bass fishing – except during the winter when the lakes are frozen and the seasons are closed.

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Outdoor Steward: Outfitting your ATV for field work

Reaping the greatest benefit from your wooded land or other rural property requires employing good stewardship practices

Flying high again: Boating industry unveils top models for 2015

New model boats keep the best, update the rest

2015 Boat Motors. Stylish, quieter and more fuel-efficient

Four strokes still coming on strong in outboard marketplace

Ice show season: Checking out innovations for hard water 2014-15

From tip-ups to headlamps to augers, some highlights from last weekend’s 22nd Annual St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Naughty or Nice

After a season of hunting and fishing, the outdoor enthusiasts in your life are sure to know what gear needs replacing, upgrading, or retiring

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