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U.S. plans to lift protections for gray wolves

The government first proposed revoking the wolf’s protected status across the Lower 48 states in 2013, but backed off after federal courts struck down its plan for “delisting” the species in the western Great Lakes region states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Ambitious new plan to save Atlantic salmon has big price tag

The plan would take decades to fully implement, and it focuses on strategies such as removals of dams, installations of fish passages and increasing the number of salmon that survive in the ocean. It states that the estimated cost is about $24 million per year, not including money federal departments already spend on salmon recovery work.

Record number of Mexican gray wolves found dead in 2018

Five wolves were found dead in New Mexico in November, bringing the total for the year to 17. That marks the most wolves killed in any single year since the reintroduction effort began in 1998, and it’s one of the deadliest months in the program’s history. Fuels concerns about the decades-long effort to return the endangered predator to the southwestern U.S.

BHA: New plan erodes habitat protections for greater sage grouse

MISSOULA, Mont. – New sage grouse management plans unveiled by the Bureau of Land Management could unravel years of stakeholder collaboration and reduce habitat conservation measures for sagebrush country that have played a major role in keeping the greater sage grouse off the Endangered Species List, according to a news release from Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. The BLM plans would…

Maine oversees record year for piping plover hatchlings

(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)OGUNQUIT, Maine — Maine officials say the effort to protect a rare bird species has met success with a record number of piping plover hatchlings. Maine Audubon says beaches across the state saw 128 piping plover fledglings, a record number since monitoring began in 1981. The Portland Press Herald reports Ogunquit Beach ended up seeing the…

Arizona refuge makes for uncommon family hunting experience

Three generations of Andersons have a particular attachment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and hunting bighorns on craggy mountainsides under the desert sun. (Sid Sloan/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)Autumn is for remembering. The last light of summer yields to the first beautiful days of fall. This time of year is a communion between…