Monarch butterflies

New plan aims to reverse monarch butterfly decline

The draft plan builds on existing efforts of state, federal, and local agencies and private organizations and individuals and covers a 16-state region stretching from Texas to the Upper Midwest that encompasses the primary production and migratory habitat areas for eastern monarchs.

Central Florida community works to bring back butterflies

ORLANDO, Fla. — Efforts are underway in Central Florida to restore the habitats of the monarch butterfly, crucial to helping plants grow, including many foods people eat. The iconic orange and black insect is one of nature’s key pollinators. Environmentalists say its decline, which they blame in part on climate change, threatens the ecological health of the region, and other…

Toledo becoming more butterfly-friendly

TOLEDO, Ohio — Ohio officials have voted to make their city a little more butterfly-friendly. The Blade reports the Toledo City Council voted unanimously last week to remove milkweed from the noxious weed designation under city municipal code. The native species plays a key role in monarch butterfly survival. Councilman Nick Komives says he proposed the change to bring the…

Rathdrum becomes first Monarch USA city in Idaho

RATHDRUM, Idaho — Officials in the northern Idaho city of Rathdrum are hoping a new designation will attract a new kind of tourists: Monarch butterflies. The city is the first in the state to receive the Monarch City USA designation from the nonprofit group by the same name based in Maple Valley, Washington. To get the designation, cities plant milkweed…

Efforts to aid monarch butterflies taking off in Wisconsin

MADISON — Wisconsin efforts to help conserve monarchs are taking off as the iconic butterflies fly to their wintering grounds in Mexico. The Wisconsin DNR recently learned its Natural Heritage Conservation program has won a $69,800 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to restore and enhance critical monarch butterfly habitat along the Mississippi River. The grant and matching…

Before long, Monarch butterflies could be a thing of the past in Northwest

Roadside ditches provide habitat for Monarch butterflies, which is one of the reasons a series of meetings the Minnesota Department of Transportation is holding late this month and early next month likely will see heavy attendance.KENNEWICK, Wash. — Children in the northwest might not see the fluttering orange and black wings of a Monarch butterfly on a summer day a…

Monitoring Michigan’s migrating monarchs

While the chance to catch the majestic sight of multitudes of monarchs boosts tourism by drawing flocks of visitors to the area, site is even more important for its contribution to monarch butterfly research and conservation.

Monarch migration stronghold turns 105

Located in Lake Michigan, off the tip of Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula, this essential stopover habitat for birds and other migratory species consists of five islands and is framed by two states — Wisconsin and Michigan.