Financial woes hinder DNR’s ability to test deer for CWD

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan wildlife officials won’t be able to check as many deer for chronic wasting disease during the upcoming hunting season. The state DNR said it’s facing staff and financial shortages as well as challenges from the coronavirus pandemic. “We ask for your patience and grace as we adapt to meet these challenges,” said acting wildlife division chief…

Investigation leads to additional CWD positive deer on Pine County farm

The ongoing chronic wasting disease investigation of farms tied to the Douglas County detection first reported in December 2019 has led to a CWD-confirmed doe on a Pine County farm. The herd in Pine County was being investigated because it provided animals to the Douglas County herd in the past, including the CWD positive doe that initiated the disease investigation.

DNR: How to collect a lymph node sample [video]

If you are not in a mandatory testing area, but would like to test your deer for chronic wasting disease, you can voluntarily submit a sample to the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for a fee. This video shows you how to locate and extract the lymph nodes for that test. Categories: CWD, Hunting, Minnesota Videos, Whitetail Deer, Whitetail…