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Deep-water crappies in the fall

By Angling Buzz Cooling water temperatures create chaos in the shallower water of lakes and reservoirs. Frigid rains and howling winds mix the surface layers, with the turbulence eventually reaching down to and disrupting the summer thermocline. Surface water temperatures plummeting from 65 F down to about 55 F indicate that the disruptive fall turnover process is in progress. During…

Handling big fish – video

Tony Sindt, a fisheries specialist with the Minnesota DNR, offers up a few tips for handling big fish like sturgeon, catfish, and muskie. Video courtesy of Angling Buzz. Categories: Fishing, Fishing, Fishing Tips, How To’s, Ice Fishing Tips, Illinois Videos, Michigan Videos, Minnesota Videos, New York Videos, Ohio Videos, Pennsylvania Videos, Wisconsin Videos Tags: Angling Buzz