Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Got pheasant legs and thighs? Here's a recipe

I realize a pheasant breast is the “Holy Grail” of wild game succulence, but don’t overlook a rooster’s thighs and legs.  And for goodness sake, don’t just breast the bird and garbage the remainder.  Pheasant

Venison Stew with Barley

Many recipes lend themselves to substitutions… if you don’t have turkey, then chicken may be very tasty, as well. It’s no different when it comes to big game.

Green tomato relish partners well with fried catfish

If there is a signature Arkansas food, it may well be fried catfish. And the popular accompaniment to this entrée is green tomato relish. As colder weather arrives, some gardeners have a number of green

Tips, techniques and…recipes for early season giants

More than 20 years ago, as I began waterfowling with my father in Minnesota's farmland region, spying a giant Canada goose was considered a major story. In fact, 40 years ago, Canada geese were tittering