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Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

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How and why to use Instant Mode and on-demand requests on the FLEX-S trail camera from SPYPOINT

Instant Mode is an operating mode available on the FLEX-S trail camera from SPYPOINT that allows you to communicate with the camera at any time, not just at the next scheduled sync.

A trail camera that can support on-demand requests can be a valuable and entertaining scouting tool. There are also some misconceptions about what exactly it can do. Let’s get a better understanding of what Instant Mode and on-demand requests are and the how and why of using them.


Instant Mode is an operating mode available on the FLEX-S trail camera from SPYPOINT that allows you to communicate with the camera at any time, not just at the next scheduled sync. This means you can request status or GPS updates, as well as request on-demand photos or videos.

It also means that any settings changes you make will happen instantly, as the name implies.

Operating in Instant Mode, the camera stays active at all times, rather than waiting for your preferred sync schedule.


Every FLEX-S on your cameras tab will have an instant box to the right of the display. Tapping this button will ask if you want to request a photo or video preview from the camera. Confirming your selection will prompt the camera to take that photo or video and immediately send it to you.

When requesting a video, you won’t receive the full-HD video once requested. Just like a standard transmission, the camera will take a video but send you a three-frame animated preview for you to evaluate before you get the full video.

The on-demand request shows up in your gallery just like any other photo or video preview and gives you an idea of what is happening in front of your camera, almost in real time.

You do have to have photos available on your photo transmission plan to be able to receive the on-demand photo. If you keep your camera on the Free 100 plan, and you’ve already reached your limit for the month, the photo will not be transmitted.

You could still use instant mode to update the status of your camera, or the GPS, but an on-demand photo would not be sent.

Instant Mode and on-demand requests are just part of what the FLEX-S does. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want, but it is another option for you. And it is an option that you have for no additional expense. As long as you have photos left in your monthly plan, you can take advantage of on-demand requests for no additional charge.


Obviously one of the best things about an on-demand request for your trail camera is the ability to see that the camera is taking and sending photos as it should. We always think things in front of the camera should be active and we should always be getting pictures.

Anytime our cameras slow down, or deer seem to disappear, we start to worry. Is the camera still working right? Was it stolen? Why am I not getting anything?

Making an on-demand request can answer a lot of those questions quickly. The reality is, deer and animal traffic can vary far more than we sometimes remember. A couple hours or even a couple days may pass before an animal comes by. That’s ok.

But an on-demand request can at least give you the comfort of knowing that your camera is working as it should.

You could also be using the camera to monitor a parking area or gate and you want to see if someone is there that should or shouldn’t be.

If you’re like me, far too many days that you wish you were in a stand you’re stuck behind a desk. Being able to see what is going on in the woods, even if you can’t do anything about it, can be a nice list boost to help you get through the day or at least distract you for a while.

Sometimes we’re just curious. We want to know what is happening, even if nothing is happening. It’s nice to be able to take a minute to transport ourselves somewhere other than where we are. Instant Mode and on-demand requests let us do that.


There certainly seem to be, though I think they are unwarranted.

If we are going to judge every piece of hunting technology by the worst possible way they can be used, then there are a whole lot of things that need to be on the cutting block ahead of on-demand viewing of what a trail camera is seeing.

From thermal technology, to mapping apps, to scent control and modern optics, hunting has changed. The overwhelming majority of hunters are honorable, honest, law-abiding pursuers of wild game. Even if they could use on-demand to tip the balance in their favor in a dishonest way, most would not.

We don’t legislate any other piece of hunting equipment based on the worst-possible outcome, so why should on-demand be any different?

Even if you see that a buck is in front of your camera, what are the chances you can do anything about it? Are you likely to be 50 yards away and able to do something, or are you standing in line waiting for someone to get their Subway order right so you can eat lunch?

Modern optics have made working outside the fringes of shooting light easier. Modern ammunition and rifles have extended the functional range of even modest shots by hundreds of yards. How much of an advantage is a modern mapping app over trudging around with paper maps and a compass?

Don’t use on-demand in a way that you wouldn’t want to shout from the rooftops, share on an internet forum, or have published in your favorite hunting magazine.

Use on-demand as a way to stay connected, informed, and confident, so that when you arrive in the woods you are able to have a plan you think can succeed.

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