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Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

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Pennsylvania letters to the editor: Vote needed on deer opener

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Don’t call them weapons

I would like to request that everyone refrain from calling your firearm a weapon, and enlist a new hunter or trapper.

Sonny Zampogna New Kensington, Pa.

Need a vote on deer opener

If the Game Commission really wanted to answer the question once and for all, and lay the controversy to rest, the agency need only to pose the Saturday/Monday deer season opener question to everyone who purchases a license.

Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? One has to wonder why commission leaders haven’t done it.

Jeff McNelis Tyrone, Pa.

Appreciates this newspaper

Very well done! I received my copy of your Dec. 23, 2022, edition of this newspaper and it confirmed that I did well by giving gift subscriptions to my entire extended family for Christmas again this year.

All the articles were interesting. For the last decade, I have gifted Pennsylvania Outdoor News to my extended family for good reason. We are all Tioga County farm landowners, hunters and Pennsylvania Outdoor News readers.

Ron Benjamin Mansfield, Pa.

Liked deer rescue

I want to comment on the article in the Dec. 23 issue headlined, “Rescuers Leave Woods, Hunting to Save Three Deer.”

This article shows that most of us hunters are true sportsmen and conservationists. I enjoyed reading the article.

I would like to thank those brave individuals showing true sportsmanship by taking their time to rescue those deer. It is a shame that the young one did not survive.

Many non-hunters do not understand the dedication many hunters put into conservation, and they are of the opinion most hunters are slobs, just out there to kill wildlife.

I know we do have some bad ones, but the good ones don’t like the slobs in our ranks.

With the current economy, some families need the meat from hunting because it is the only meat their families have for their meals.

Thank you Pennsylvania Outdoor News for printing this heartwarming article.

Blaine Toy Kittanning, Pa.

Shooting an albino

In response to the question about shooting an albino deer, I would not because I consider it a trophy deer to look at.

There has been one in Armstrong County for three years and she has a normal colored button buck fawn.

I don’t know why people have this idea they are inbred or mutant and need to be shot.

If that was the case, you would have to kill over half of the brown deer because they are inbred.

Ken Miller Mercer, Pa.

Is poaching up?

I enjoyed reading through the latest issue Although I am disappointed to be reading all these stories about game being taken illegally. They appear now in just about every issue. What’s going on with people?

These amazing trophies would be the makings of a lifetime memory for a lucky hunter by ethical means, had they not been taken out by cowardly cheaters.

Dave Cecchi North Apollo, Pa.

No small game left

One of the reasons we are losing or not getting new young hunters is because there are no small game to hunt.

When I was young, my friends and I had lots of fun and action, often getting our limits of squirrels, rabbits, grouse, etc.

It was a good start to hunting and enjoying nature.

Now, small game is scarce because of many predators.

Can’t blame kids, when they hunt for hours and are lucky to see a chipmunk.

Sixty-five years ago when I started hunting, there were lots of small game and no coyotes, fishers and bobcats. No there are too many predators, and the Game Commission is considering stocking martens.

Why kill off what little small game we have left? The Game Commission needs to think about it; once they are here, they are here forever.

What’s next, cougars and wolves to control or wipe out what remains of our deer herd?

Ron Simones Warren, Pa.

Don’t shoot does

Where are all the deer? There doesn’t seems to be as many deer as there once was …

The Game Commission does not shoot deer. It allocates a certain number of doe licenses.

For many years the doe season was three days and now it is two weeks. Most does are now pregnant with one or two fawns, sometimes three.

When a doe is shot, that is minus two deer, three or four.

Don’t blame the Game Commission for the lack of deer.

Stop shooting all the does and you will see deer.

John Buzzelli Allison Park, Pa.

A day to be safe

I’d like to throw out a thought to the United Bowhunters group and all those who would like to see more Sunday hunting.

We hunters are the minority.

Everyone in the state deserves to use the lands owned by the state. They should have a least one day a week where they feel safe to be in the woods.

I am a hunter, a kayaker, canoeist, fisherman, hiker and a gatherer in our forest.

They are millions of people in our state. If all the other outdoor sports groups were to get together and lobby for their rights, the hunters’ days would be cut to allow each other group to get its fair share.

Think about it, only one or two days a week to hunt and maybe no weekends.

Some of the hunters and hunt organizations have become pigs. Those same people who call for the loss of Sundays for the general family to enjoy the woods and spend time together are the same ones who say our kids spend too much time on team sports and electronics.

Of course, that might be the only activities left when you can’t safely go into the woods.

Greg George Hummelstown, Pa.

Change antler regs

Good job to Sen. Dan Laughlin for getting rid of the pink envelopes for doe permits. This gives all hunters at least one doe permit – at least this is how it should work.

Just like New York, now you must change back the antler law, it would make a lot of hunters very happy.

I am 63 and tired of counting points. A buck is a buck and a doe is a doe. Let us get what we pay for. To Sen. Laughlin, just think of the votes you’ll get if you can pull this off, maybe head of the Game Commission.

Joe Dinges Girard, Pa.

Doe tag sales cynic

We now have a change in purchasing our antlerless licenses.

No more pink envelopes. The Game Commission applauds this – it makes me wonder why.

I have been getting antlerless tags for 50-plus years and never had a problem getting my tags the old way. I have a feeling with everyone getting tags over the internet now, there will be a mass influx of purchases at one time and this will cause a major snafu in the computer system.

I’m sure, according to the agency’s surveys, the majority of hunters are in favor of this, just like they say the Saturday opener and Sunday hunting is; referred by the majority in their surveys.

I don’t know of anyone who has been surveyed on any of these controversial changes.

I know the majority will never have the ability to voice their opinions in a survey.

Things will keep changing based on the whims of the commission without any regard to the opinions of the hunters who buy the licenses and support the commission.

Bill Briggs Grove City, Pa.

Bugged by bait laws

Reading through Cuffs & Collars, it’s become clear that the Game Commission wardens are making a significant number of arrests of hunters hunting over bait.

This has now been expanded to include residue remaining in an area where bait was removed 30 days before the start of the season, which seems a little ridiculous.

Thinking about the number of food plots planted and farm fields that get hunted, and the existing exception to the law, that it’s legal “conditionally on private property within the Southeast Special Regulations Area,” and the fact that the Game Commission wants our deer population reduced (why else would hunters get unlimited doe tags) – maybe it’s time to rethink the merits of this regulation.

Think of all the extra time the wardens would get back to do wildlife management. Or has it already become too much of a revenue generator to consider a change?

By the way, it is already legal to hunt over bait in Ohio during hunting season and in Maryland on non-state-owned or state-controlled properties.

Bruce Shearer Dillsburg, Pa.

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