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Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Gear & Gadgets: A look at some top hunting and fishing gear


A quick-sinking, minnow-shaped jigging lure, VMC’s new Bull Spoon falls with an erratic, fish-attracting wounded-baitfish action that will improve your odds of hooking up in your next outing on the ice – no matter what species of gamefish you’re targeting. Packing a mean punch in a compact package, it features a 3D holographic eye and an ultra-sharp VMC treble hook.

VMC’s new Bull Spoons are available in three sizes – all sizes that are perfect for targeting bluegill, perch, crappies and walleye. The smallest model weighs 1⁄32 oz., measures 3⁄4 of an inch, and comes armed with a sticky-sharp No. 14 VMC treble hook. The next size larger weighs 1⁄16 oz., measures 7⁄8ths of an inch and comes armed with a No. 12 VMC Treble Hook. The largest model weighs 1⁄8 oz., measures one inch long and comes armed with a No. 10 VMC Treble Hook.

Bull Spoons are available in 16 color combinations, including several UV shades and UltraGlow pigments that provide maximum visibility. These color patterns include: Glow Blue Shiner, Glow Black Wonderbread, Glow Chartreuse Shiner, Glow Fire Tiger, Glow Gold Fish, Glow Green Fire UV, Glow Hot Perch, Glow Juicy Lucy, Glow Tiger, Glow Orange Fire UV, Glow Pink Fire UV, Glow Pink Squirrel, Glow Red Shiner, Glow Slimy Lime, Perch and Shiner. UltraGlow luminescence lasts about 15 minutes on a single charge from a bright light.

VMC is one of several legendary fishing lure brands that belong to the RapalaVMC family. Learn more, visit


The FT Sleds are deep, short tubs for the angler with minimal gear! Modern ice anglers don’t just head out on the ice with a bucket of tools and hope. They have plans and need the proper equipment with them to execute. This is where the Clam lineup of sleds come into play.

Clam Outdoors has turned their industry-renowned Fish Trap bases into durable tubs. These workhorses are constructed for rugged use, but light enough to make them easy to use.

Available in two sizes – 7 cubic feet and 10 cubic feet, these FT Sleds are an ideal holiday gift for young ice anglers and any hardwater enthusiast on your holiday gift list.

Clam Outdoors began as a manufacturer of quality ice fishing equipment over 30 years ago. The leader in the ice-fishing industry offers a full line of hardwater fishing supplies, including the Fish Trap® (flip over shelters), Clam™ pop-up hub-style shelters, IceArmor™ by Clam (outerwear: bibs, parkas, head & hand) and Clam Ice Fishing clothing (base layer, socks, boots). To view and learn more, please visit


The true definition of speed without sacrifice has arrived. Introducing the SR350™, the most accurate and comfortable speed bow ever developed, period.

Gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for blistering speed. The SR350’s optimized DeadLock ® Cam System features a smooth-as-silk draw cycle, breaking the perception that a speed bow can’t be comfortable.

The SR350 is the one and only choice for archers wanting the best of all worlds – smooth, fast and tack-driving accurate. Driven by patented DeadLock Cam technology – the most tunable and reliably accurate cam system on the planet – the draw cycle is unrivaled by any speed bow and perfect arrow flight is locked in for good. Tune It, Lock It, Trust It. The only cam system that locks in accuracy. From the silky draw to the complete lack of sound and vibration, there’s never been a sweeter archery experience.

Consumers demanding the ultimate cam system also demand the ultimate archery experience, and the new SR350 provides the smooth draw and precision accuracy combined with 350 feet per second.

The Bowtech SR350 is built on a stable and forgiving 33-inch axle-to-axle frame that makes it ideal for any number of hunting applications, from stalking western mountains to maneuvering within the confines of a treestand or ground blind. The SR350 features an ultra lightweight 4.4-pounds overall weight. Learn more at


Perfect for salty Midwest roads, Rough Country’s Al2 Drop Steps are 100 percent aluminum, so they resist corrosion and rust, unlike other materials often used. They’re durable, aggressive, and have a tight-fitting tube that hugs the body of your truck for the ultimate clean look. The fully welded, 1-piece design offers unsurpassed strength and is easy to install.

The drop steps feature a louvered design that makes it easy to secure your footing in any condition, while the wide step profile offers plenty of room to plant your foot.

They look fantastic on any truck.

Upgrade your truck with AL2 Steps and you’ll feel the difference every time you climb into the cab. Comes with a five-year limited warranty.

To learn more, visit


Now you can retrieve your phone, keys, glasses or anything else that may have fallen down your ice fishing hole with the new Phone Retriever from Fishing Brothers Inc. It’s designed specifically to lower down your ice fishing hole and retrieve any item that may have dropped and now rests on the bottom of the lake.

The Phone Retriever has jaws of 6” x 6.5” and comes with 30 feet of rope (you can tie more length to it), which is rated at 450 pounds, so it has multiple uses. It comes completely assembled, so just tie the lowering/ lifting rope (included) on to the center lifting chain link. Re-drill an 8-inch hole or larger to give yourself more room to work – an underwater camera aids in the locating process as well.

Simply lower the Phone Retriever down in the open or relaxed position, lift the rubber-tipped trip handle to set the Phone Retriever and keep it in its open position while you are lifting and lowering the Retriever onto your phone or other object at the bottom of the lake. Keep tension on the rope, and it will not trip prematurely and the trip handle will automatically release when the grabbing tines touch the bottom. Position the Phone Retriever over the object you are wanting to retrieve, lower to the bottom and lift up on the rope. This will trip the Phone Retriever into its grabbing position.

For more information visit or call (320) 212-5852.

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