Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Some tips on anchoring your hub-style ice-fishing shack

Tired of screwing in hub anchors by hand? Well, there’s a handy tool now available that lets your drill do the work – in anchoring them and removing them from the ice. Carney recommends using it. (Photo by Steve Carney)

Fishing from a hub-style ice-fishing shack is awesome. I love the room and the ability to fish with multiple anglers in comfort. The hub trend has been growing in popularity for about eight years, and when weather conditions dictate, it is the way to go.

Wind is the biggest issue with hub houses because they’re basically tent-style ice shacks that can really catch the wind. I always make it a point to install ice anchors to the corners of the hub and screw them into the ice via the corner grommets.

Many manufacturers now make a slick tool for installing the ice anchors. The tool fits into a drill, and the ice anchor fits into the wrench, and it’s a breeze to drill the anchors into the ice.

The reverse is also true. Place the wrench on the anchor and put the drill in reverse to remove the anchor from the ice.

I have handled some pretty extreme conditions with the hub, and the ice anchors are a wonderful way to secure your hub. Some anglers prefer to use long cords attached to
the outside grips and then drill the anchors. But just using the
grommets in the four corners is usually sufficient.

The downside to the hub style is trying to get it back in the storage bag!

Flooding issues

There is so much snow on the ice in my area that flooding is now a reality.

The weight of the snow forces water through my ice holes and results in
flooding inside the hub as well as any hard house. I can’t even return
to a good spot because my prior fishing holes have flooded the area.

Travel conditions on the ice are excellent right now in this part of
northwestern Minnesota, with a good 15 inches of ice. It’s the heavy
snow that is creating problems.

If you happen to get on the ice, be sure to avoid any areas that look like
they were used by a previous angler. The slush from the flooding could
bog you down no matter what form of vehicle you’re using. Just stay
clear and go around if you can.

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