Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Ohio DNR honors heroics of 12 agency officers

Columbus — Recognized for their quick thinking and fast action, 12 natural resources officers (NRO) were recently honored by the Ohio DNR (ODNR) for their life-saving efforts over the past year.

ODNR officers also routinely serve communities as first responders, especially in Ohio’s rural counties.

• Nathan Rouse was enroute to Findley State Park when he saw a vehicle in a ditch after hitting a tree along the road. Upon approach, officer Rouse realized the driver was experiencing a drug overdose and he immediately administered naloxone. The revived driver, who had a broken neck, survived the crash.

• Natural resources officers Adam Trisket and Trent Watters were working at Geneva State Park when they heard honking in the park office parking lot. Upon investigation, they found a bowhunter who had accidentally shot himself in the foot.

Officer Trisket applied a tourniquet after seeing that the man had likely severed an artery. His action stopped the blood flow until emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

• Natural resources officers Jeff Keller and Steve Massello were patrolling Lake Erie when they received a distress call about a disabled boat heading dangerously close to an Erie County breakwall. With about five feet to spare, the officers were able to turn the boat away from the breakwall. Their quick actions stopped the boat, which was carrying five passengers including a young child, from crashing.

• Natural resources officer Heather Byers responded to a report of a
choking victim at Deer Creek State Park. Officer Byers found a man
unconscious, removed him from his vehicle, and began performing the
Heimlich maneuver. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene. After the
man began breathing, he was transported to a hospital.

• Natural resources officer Adam Martin, who is stationed at Alum Creek
State Park, was called to investigate an unresponsive person at one of
the park’s boat ramps. Upon arrival, officer Martin noticed a good
Samaritan performing CPR on a woman. He moved the woman to stable ground
and continued CPR. She was revived after three cycles, transported to a
hospital, and released later that day.

• Natural resources investigator Troy Newman and natural resources sergeant
Michael Campbell were called out to rescue a man who had been beaver
trapping in Scioto County when his kayak capsized in the Scioto River.
The officers navigated through dangerous flooded timber to retrieve the
man. They provided hypothermia first aid and transported him to EMS
waiting on shore.

• After natural resources officer Jered Moran ended his shift at Mohican
State Park at nearly 3 o’clock in the morning, he saw a house on fire as
he was driving home. When he arrived, flames were spreading from the
garage to the living areas. He pounded on the door and when there was no
answer, he forced his way in to look for occupants. He found an elderly
man in the kitchen who he told to go outside, and then he proceeded to
wake the rest of the home’s residents. Officer Moran saved seven people,
including children, from their burning house.

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