Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Letters to the Editor: Time for in-person deer check stations again

Time for in-person deer check stations to return in Illinois

There must be at least one conservation-minded state senator and one state representative somewhere in the state who could introduce legislation to once again require in-person deer and turkey check-ins, isn’t there?

It should be obvious to everyone that eliminating in-person check stations (except in CWD counties, where they still have it) has opened the door to theft of our natural resources and, further, not having accurate harvest data is making it impossible to manage our deer and turkey populations. This isn’t a political issue; this should be a concern for all our elected officials in Springfield.

I guess it is up to the hunters to scour the legislature and find someone to step up and right the wrong.

Call your representatives and tell them you are tired of people taking advantage of a bad law to steal our natural resources.

Bob Schiller Effingham

Just read the deer signs

So, how can you tell what the deer situation is where you hunt? I can’t provide any guaranteed methods, but what has told me a lot are the “indicators,” such as fewer rubs, fewer scrapes, fewer tracks, fewer used trails, fewer sightings, and very quiet opening days.

A hunter in the area I hunt has dropped some maples and cedars, intending to help the deer through the winter.

Upon checking back, they remained untouched.

So, what are the indicators where you hunt? They can tell you a lot.

Bill Petty Aurora

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