Ohio Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – November 11, 2022

Division of Wildlife

Central Ohio – Wildlife District 1 

In May, state wildlife officer Adam Smith, assigned to Logan County, received information that a person was taking more than the daily bag limit of six saugeyes from the Great Miami River at Indian Lake. While on patrol a few days later, officer Smith found the suspect fishing in the same area. The individual and others in his party were in possession of 22 saugeyes and were each issued a summons. They paid a combined total of $400 in fines and court costs, and the saugeyes were forfeited to the Ohio Division of Wildlife. 

State wildlife officers Austin Levering and Chad Grote, assigned to Knox and Marion counties, respectively, attended the annual Amish Health and Safety Day in Morrow County. Officers Levering and Grote presented hunting and treestand safety tips to the local Amish community. Officer Levering demonstrated the proper use of a safety harness, lineman’s climbing strap, and hunting safety lifeline. The officers also gave demonstrations on how to anchor to a tree before ascending into a treestand and how to prevent treestand falls. They spoke on firearms safety principles and precautions, such as wearing hunter orange and shooting in a safe direction. 

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District 2 

State wildlife officers Nathan West, assigned to Wyandot County, and Ryan Burke, assigned to Hancock County, were patrolling the Fostoria Reservoirs this summer when they observed two kayakers boating with no life jackets. The officers found that the two kayakers did not have life jackets on their boats, either. Both kayakers were issued a summons for failing to have a personal flotation device in their possession. They paid $209 each in fines and court costs. 

In August, state wildlife officer Jason Porinchok, assigned to Putnam County, and field supervisor Troy Reimund attended a youth event in the village of Holgate. Officer Porinchok operated the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s inflatable BB gun range, a portable range with two shooting lanes. The range allowed the officers to instruct approximately 100 children on safe gun handling, proper shooting techniques, and correct sight picture. 

Northeast Ohio – Wildlife District 3 

During the summer, state wildlife officer Nick Turner, assigned to Harrison County, was patrolling Clendening Lake when he noticed several fishing lines with hooks hanging from trees along the bank. While banklines or setlines are legal in Clendening Lake, the law requires that all parts of the bankline be removed when it is not being used. Officer Turner removed several lines with hooks that were tied in trees or hanging out of the water. Officer Turner located the responsible parties and issued the appropriate citations. Leaving lines and hooks hanging in trees is a serious hazard to local wildlife and anglers. 

While on patrol, state wildlife officers Scott Traver, assigned to Stark County, and Aaron Brown, assigned to Wayne County, observed a boater in a pond near the Tuscarawas River. Officer Brown noticed several floatlines in the pond. Officers Traver and Brown contacted the individual and discovered that there was no identification attached to the floatlines. According to the Ohio fishing regulations, floatlines must be labeled with a name and address or customer ID number. The angler was issued a summons in New Philadelphia Municipal Court and paid a fine and court costs of $227. Several people had already called the Turn-In-a-Poacher hotline to report possible neglect of the floatlines during the investigation. Reports of wildlife violations can be submitted anonymously via the Turn-In-a-Poacher hotline at 1-800-POACHER (1-800-762-2437). 

Southeast Ohio – Wildlife District 4 

In early spring, state wildlife officers Chris Dodge, assigned to Hocking County, and Ryan Donnelly, assigned to Athens County, followed up on violations reported during the 2021-22 white-tailed deer gun hunting season. One individual was found to have harvested a deer on the last day of gun season that was not reported. The suspect was issued a summons for failing to game check a deer and later pleaded guilty to the charge in Marietta Municipal Court. The individual paid $250 in fines and court costs. 

State wildlife officer Bob Nelson, assigned to Ross County, received information from the Turn-In-a-Poacher hotline that a large amount of trash had been dumped at Scioto Trail State Forest. Officer Nelson responded to the site and gathered information about a potential suspect. He found that the initial suspect had paid someone to haul the dumped trash away from their residence. Officer Nelson and natural resources officer Zach Riley located that individual who was found to have illegally dumped the trash, and issued a summons for littering. He was subsequently arrested on a failure to appear warrant. The case is pending in Chillicothe Municipal Court. 

Southwest Ohio – Wildlife District 5 

State wildlife officers Brad Buening, assigned to Mercer County, and Mark Schemmel, assigned to Auglaize County, along with field supervisor Matt Hoehn and operations manager Eric Lamb, attended a youth fishing event at Grand Lake St. Marys. The annual fishing event provides additional opportunities for children with developmental disabilities to enjoy the outdoors. The event was well attended, with approximately 500 children and adults present. Organized by the Lake Improvement Association, the event gathered youth from Auglaize and Mercer counties to spend a day away from the classroom and in the great outdoors. 

Recently, state wildlife officer Jasmine Grossnickle, assigned to Miami County, responded to a Turn In a Poacher complaint about an individual driving through the fields at Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area. With the help of natural resources officers, officer Grossnickle located the suspect and issued a summons for driving in a non-designated area. 

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