Bigfoot hoax turns up in neighboring Pennsylvania 

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From our sister paper, Pennsylvania Outdoor News – and just in time for Halloween – comes an interesting Bigfoot tale.

Contributing PAODN writer Marcus Schneck reported that state parks across Pennsylvania have been the victim of a Bigfoot hoax this summer. Apparently, several state parks have had signs posted on trees and around the park warning visitors that a tall, hairy creature has been hanging around.

The posters, printed on fake DCNR letterhead, cautions:

“Warning! Due to encounters in the area with a creature resembling ‘Bigfoot,’ we are instructing all park visitors to observe elevated park etiquette, be cautious of your surroundings, and to keep the location of any small children/pets within a tighter scope of awareness.

“Do not approach the creature!

“Report any sightings to a ranger, park office or to the DCNR Office of Missing Persons.

“Do not post sightings on social media.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, in response to the hoax, said the posters are not being posted by DCNR, which, by the way, does not have an Office of Missing Persons.

“These signs were not posted by DCNR,” Wesley Robinson, press secretary at DCNR, said. “We have seen them at parks for months and they are removed when they are reported or found by staff because they have not been authorized. We have seen them at many parks, but I don’t have a number for how many parks where the signs had been posted.”

He added, “Bigfoot is not real.”

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot-seeking community also is not amused by the hoax.

“This is what damages the work that we do. Any type of hoax. We must bring out the truth. We work with facts and science. This makes fun of us just by the fact of it being fake,” Mary Fabian, founder of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project, said.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, has been reported more than 500 times across Pennsylvania, according to “Squatchermetrics,” which maintains a database of more than 6,500 reports across North America.

That’s a lot less than the 23,000 reports in the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization database, an analysis of which by the Travel Channel determined that Pennsylvania is the No. 3 state for reported Bigfoot sightings. That analysis found 2,032 reported sightings in Washington, 1,697 in California and 1,340 in Pennsylvania.

Read the full story in the Nov. 4 edition of New York Outdoor News and the Oct. 28 issue of Pennsylvania Outdoor News. Until then, Happy Halloween!

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