Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Minnesota Pro Tip of the Week: Topwater on the rocks for Mille Lacs Smallmouths

By Brad Hawthorne
We are doing a lot more smallmouth bass fishing these days on Lake Mille Lacs. The smallie population has exploded here, and it’s likely at its peak.

One bait that has been a lot of fun and excitement this summer is Bagley’s Pro Sunny B Twin Spin.

This minnow-imitating double bladed topwater puts out quite a disturbance that smallmouth just won’t resist. Toss it out over the four- to eight-foot rocks and rock edges on Mille Lacs and crank it about five feet. Then pause it, and proceed to crank it another five feet. You get the idea. This bait will get exploded on all day.

One thing to note is it works best in calm to semi-calm water. In these conditions, you are going to get bit, and bit a lot.

Hawthorne is a fishing guide on Lake Mille Lacs and surrounding waters. He focuses on wallleyes, but is also comfortable pursuiing other species, such as smallmouht bass. He can be reached at or (651) 271-8600.

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