Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Indiana Fishing Report – June 10, 2022


Lake Michigan (boat)

The salmon fishing has slowed down a bit as it usually does in June. Coho have moved out deeper, and are being caught 30-50 feet down over 70-150 feet of water. A few kings have been in the mix, along with plentiful lake trout. Salmon have been taken on flasher/fly combos, spoons on dipsy divers, lead/copper, and stackers/sliders on downriggers. Skamania are being caught staging near Burns Harbor and Michigan City, using bright colored body baits like orange J-11s, red/squiggle Thin Fish, and various spoons. As of 6/10 there is a thermocline developing, which should help narrow down where in the water column to fish.

Lake Michigan (shore)

Skamania steelhead continue to be caught at Burns Harbor and Michigan City. Shrimp on bobbers and live alewife were the best baits, with the “surf and turf” nightcrawler/shrimp combo doing well. A few have been caught casting orange spoons and cranks.Drum fishing has really picked up. Catfish in Burns Ditch on cutbait, worms, and stinkbait as well. Smallmouth bass are in marinas and depending on the area some are spawning or wrapping up spawning.

Lake Michigan Tributaries (Trail Creek, Little Calumet River, Salt Creek)

A few skamania have been caught in the creeks. The recent rain got a small push of fish going upstream. There are not large numbers around, but fishing pressure is moderate so anglers that move around to find active fish have a good chance of hooking up. Spinners and cranks can be good options for covering water, otherwise shrimp, crawlers, and spawn under a float are time tested techniques.

St. Joseph River (below Twin Branch Dam)

Smallmouth bass, walleye, catfish, rock bass, and sunfish are main bites right now. Use jigs/minnows, jerkbaits, and crankbaits worked slowly in slack water areas and current lines. Worms, stinkbait, and cutbait are all good choices for catfish, which will be aggressively biting prior to their spawn. The bluegill bite has been phenomenal in areas where they can access slow water for bedding

All inland lakes

Bass are spawning or wrapping up spawn depending on water temps. Many lakes are seeing bluegill starting to spawn or in mid-spawn. It’s time to focus on late-spring and early summer patterns – 10 feet or less for bass/bluegill is almost always a good bet.

JC Murphey (Willow Slough)

The renovation of J.C. Murphey is in full swing with lake dewatering. Many fish were moved to waterfowl units for restocking next year. For more information on the renovation

Potato Creek State Park (Worster Lake)

What a week/weekend of fishing here at PCSP. Boat anglers are still hitting the largemouth bass and wipers but most are still going for the crappie and bluegills . Most of the crappie have moved off of spawning grounds and into deeper waters. (With that said I did see several pier fishermen catch numbers and nice-sized crappies from piers/shore.) Small tube jigs; minnows and Beetle Spins were baits of choice. Bluegill are still on their beds for the most part. Nice sized ‘gills are out there from boats and shore. Red worms, crickets; bee moths have all seen their worth this week. Both east and west ends are catching fish.

Largemouth bass last week were mostly in the 12 to 16 inch size with larger fish going on the beds. Many people reported nice catches of larger bass this week. Jig-n-pigs; spinner baits; frogs; and jerk baits were all producing well. I saw a few in the three to four pound range in photos – a lot of CPR (catch, photograph, release) is going on with these fish.

Wipers (Hybrid Striped Bass) are coming on strong for both boat and shore fishermen. This morning I watched a fisherman land a 27.5 inch wiper from shore using cut shiner for bait. GREAT fight. (Last year’s Fish of the Year award went to a 19 inch fish. I hope this person enters his fish – maybe you can do better out here?!? Cut bait is a popular choice – shiners, bluegills, large dead minnows all fished on the bottom do well. No fresh bait – try chicken livers or do like the people did near the Whispering Winds Fishing Pier and use leeches – that’s a new one for me. Several bass fishermen spoke of using jerk baits that go down about 3 foot for nice size and numbers of wipers too. Check your regulations on this fighting fish.

Yellow perch are still showing up in small numbers while fishing for bluegills. Warmouth have been limited this year. Not too many yet but expect numbers to increase in June.

Carp and catfish have had no reports of catching this year. Bullheads are now being caught in small numbers.

Rainbow trout are probably cleared out or close. If you want to try walk the path to the bridge on the Red Bike Trail. Good place to start. Small spinners and live bait are usually best.


Dogwood Lake

Water Temp on Dogwood Lake was 77 F on 06/06/2022.
Catfish, Crappie, Red Ear, and Blue Gill are biting.

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