Hunters still waiting to see when and if Pritzker signs ‘Rifle Deer Bill’

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Gov. JB Pritzker signed north of 125 bills into law on Friday, but none of them were House Bill 4386 – better known to us as the “Rifle Deer Bill.” In essence, the bill would allow the use of a single-shot centerfire rifle to harvest deer in Illinois.

Pritzker, who was sent HB 4386 on May 5, has 60 days from that date to sign the piece of legislation. There has been no indication of when Pritzker might sign the bill, but those working behind the scenes seem optimistic he will in fact make it law. You can read more about how the Rifle Deer Bill made its way to the governor’s desk in the May 20 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

Meanwhile, the only bill signed by Pritzker on Friday that is related to the outdoors is Senate Bill 3184, a measure filed by Sen. Christopher Belt, D-East St. Louis, that addresses hiring standards for DNR’s Conservation Police Officers, bring them more in line with standards used by the Illinois State Police. The bill also clarifies certain regulations relating to hunting and fishing and updates certain regulations for modern technology.

The law was made effective immediately.

The language in SB 3184 is as follows: “Amends the Department of Natural Resources (Conservation) Law. Requires Conservation Police Officers hired after July 1, 2022 to obtain certification pursuant to the Illinois Police Training Act. Limits powers of arrest and permission to carry firearms to Conservation Police Officers 21 years of age or older. Amends the Herptiles-Herps Act, Fish and Aquatic Life Code, Wildlife Code, and Ginseng Harvesting Act. In provisions concerning violations, adds violations of the United States Code. Defines terms. Makes other changes. Amends the Deadly Weapons Article of Criminal Code 2012. Limits specified exemption to hunting, trapping or fishing that is lawful as defined by statute.”

The bill also had an amendment attached, which reads as follows: “In provisions concerning prohibitions, provides that the use of unmanned aircraft in the inspection of a public utility facility, tower, or structure or a mobile service facility, tower, or structure by a public utility or a provider of mobile services is not prohibited.”

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