Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 22, 2022

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Lee County, CPO Priest responded to a hunting accident that took place at a private hunting club in Amboy. One male subject was shot while pheasant hunting. One BB went through his glasses and entered just above his left eye. The subject was transported to the hospital and later flown to Chicago for treatment. The subject still has vision and was lucky it did not cause more damage.

In LaSalle County, CPO Martin received a complaint regarding an Ottawa woman in possession of a fox. Upon investigation, CPO Martin confirmed the Ottawa resident legally obtained the fox. A week later, CPO Martin received a complaint regarding a Seneca resident who had two pet foxes escape their enclosure. Upon investigation, CPO Martin confirmed the Seneca resident legally obtained the foxes. It was discovered, both fox owners received their foxes from the same individual. CPO Martin conducted an investigation on the Ottawa resident selling furbearers. CPO Martin determined the Ottawa resident was unlawfully selling and breeding furbearers without first obtaining a furbearer breeder’s permit. He was issued a citation.

In Bureau County, CPO Stanbary located an injured eagle on a farm in southern Bureau County. The eagle was attempting to fly but couldn’t. It also showed a visible injury to its head. The eagle was safely captured and transported to a veterinary clinic in LaSalle County that specializes in caring for injured raptors. The eagle was reported to have been treated with an antibiotic and is recovering.

In Bureau County, while conducting a routine patrol in western Bureau County, CPO Wagner and CPO Martin observed an individual traveling at a high rate of speed. Radar was activated and found the vehicle to be traveling 78 mph in a posted 55 mph zone. A traffic stop was conducted and the individual was found to be driving while revoked. The individual also attempted to use another’s ID as his own during the initial stop. The individual was cited for driving revoked, obstructing identification, and speeding. The individual has a must appear court date in Bureau County..

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson conducted an investigation into a complaint of trespassing and hunting without permission of the landowner. Upon interview, the male subject confessed to entering the property without first securing permission as required. CPO Thompson identified the man also was unlawfully placing bait for deer hunting purposes. Additionally, the man was transported to the Fulton County Jail for an active warrant for failure to appear in court on an unrelated charge. CPO Thompson issued a citation for hunting without permission and written warnings for unlawfully feeding deer, trespassing, and accessory to hunting without permission of the landowner.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson responded to a complaint alleging unlawful discharge of a firearm. Upon investigation, it was determined there was no state law violation committed in reference to the discharge of the firearm. The complaint was forwarded to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for review to determine potential county code violations.

In Peoria County, CPO Lazzell completed an investigation of a Brimfield man regarding deer hunting violations occurring during the archery deer season. The hunter was issued a citation for failure to tag deer immediately upon harvest and received a written warning for a harvest reporting violation.

In Woodford County, CPO Gerard investigated the unlawful use of a deer permit belonging to another. Three antlered white-tailed deer were taken by one hunter during the 2021-2022 deer season. Enforcement is pending.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano received a complaint of a Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk unlawfully shot in the Aurora area. The hawk sustained a wing injury and was transported to a licensed rehabilitation facility for recovery. The incident remains under investigation. 

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber assisted ISP with a personal injury. The driver of the offending vehicle fled the accident scene into a wooded area. CPO Farber and a Bourbonnais tracked the violator through the snow into a wooded area. The offender was tracked to a shallow area of a creek where he crossed. Kankakee County Sheriff’s Deputies were on the other side of the creek and discovered the subject hiding behind a tree. The violator was taken into custody and was found to be DUI.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes responded to the report of two dogs actively pursuing/harassing deer at the Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area in Will County. Per the witness, the dogs had run a deer to exhaustion and upon it collapsing, were nipping at it as it laid in the field. The witness chased the dogs off the deer and observed as they chased a second deer off into the distance. The witness remained in the area of the deer until it got back on its feet and meandered back into a treeline. The witness noted no one was in the immediate area where the incident occurred. Arriving on the scene, a group of people training hunting dogs were located and the witness identified two of the dogs like the ones she witnessed chasing the deer. Following a field interview, the area was canvassed to verify that the deer had not died as a result of the incident. The dog trainer was issued a written warning for allowing dogs to pursue/harass white-tailed deer.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates received a report of a single boat accident on the Des Plaines River in southern DuPage County. CPO Gates spoke with responding officers and the boat owner. The owner of the boat had slipped and fallen overboard while attempting to set the anchor. As he was trying to climb back into the boat, the boat took on water and began to sink. The owner was able to swim to shore and call 911 from his phone. The owner was not hurt and refused treatment beyond basic first aid.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates participated in Winterfest hosted by the Bartlett Nature Center at James Pate State Park. CPO Gates set up the Wildlife Education Trailer and participated in their “Touch a Truck” Event that allowed kids to get up close with police, fire, and public works trucks. The education trailer was a huge success and kids could be seen walking through Winterfest sporting “Junior Game Warden” stickers.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley investigated an illegal dumping incident that took place at Nauvoo State Park. The subject identified lived near the park, so CPO Wheatley traveled to the residence and made contact with the subject’s girlfriend. She explained it was her idea to get rid of the trash at the park as she and her boyfriend were cleaning out their garage. CPO Wheatley explained there were other options that she should have explored, but everyone makes mistakes. The female once again explained the whole thing was her idea and if anyone was going to be charged, she wanted it to be her. CPO Wheatley said that was fine and completed a citation to her. She thanked CPO Wheatley for being understanding and promised him it will never happen again. 

In Jersey County, CPO Michael Goetten came upon a vehicle stopped in the roadway. A passenger began making suspicious movements as he approached the vehicle. It was determined she was in unlawful possession of a small amount of cannabis. She also was wanted on three separate arrest warrants for traffic and drug offenses. A search of the vehicle revealed pills suspected of containing a controlled substance. She was arrested on the warrants. Additional charges for possession of a controlled substance are pending lab results.

In Jersey County, CPO Michael Goetten cited a subject for unlawful possession of a deer. During the investigation, it was determined the subject had a revoked driver’s license.

While on a general patrol in February, CPO Goetten observed the subject driving a motorcycle. Upon stopping the subject for driving while their license was revoked, CPO Goetten determined the motorcycle was stolen out of St. Louis. The subject was arrested.

In DeWitt County, CPO Z. Williams received a complaint of an individual shed hunting on the property without permission. CPO Williams waited for the suspect to exit the timber. Once confronted, the suspect admitted to shed hunting.

In DeWitt County, CPO Williams assisted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with processing evidence from a recent investigation where over 60 whitetail deer were seized from a group of non-resident hunters.

In DeWitt County, CPO Ausmus conducted sport fishing enforcement at Clinton Lake Spillway. CPO Ausmus encountered two anglers returning to their vehicle after fishing. The anglers had two coolers with 19 bighead carp and two channel catfish inside. The anglers each had one rod with large weighted snag hooks attached and had no other tackle or bait. When asked what they were using for bait, the anglers indicated they had snagged all the fish in their possession. The two Chicago men were issued citations for snagging in waters closed to snagging.

In Iroquois County, CPO Z. Williams interviewed a hunter regarding a possible tag issue. During the interview, the hunter admitted to harvesting an antlered deer without a required either-sex permit. The hunter realized the mistake when attempting to tag the harvested deer. Proper enforcement action was taken.

In Vermilion County, CPO Sanford conducted an investigation regarding the unlawful harvest of a white-tailed buck with no valid permit. The investigation stemmed from violations that occurred during the 2021-2022 archery deer season. CPO Sanford interviewed the suspect, who admitted to harvesting a buck, then subsequently purchasing an either-sex archery permit. The individual was issued a citation and multiple written warnings for the violation(s).

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Clinton County, CPO Macias received a phone call from an individual who found a seizure tag at a location where he had set up a tree stand last November. He was on his way to take it down and put it away for the season. The subject asked the CPO if he had permission to be on the privately owned land. The CPO asked the subject the name of the landowner, but the name given was not that of the landowner. Upon further interviews, it turned out the subject placed his treestand and hunted for several weeks in a location where he did not have permission. The investigation and outcome is pending.

In Montgomery County, CPO Wright along with CPO Matt Lentz have been investigating a trapping complaint at the Nokomis Quarry. CPO Wright was eventually able to make contact with the Montgomery County resident who was doing the trapping. Before making contact with CPO Wright observed the trapper place exposed bait (dead rabbit) next to the trap. 

When he eventually made contact, it was found that he had no trapping license and none of his traps were tagged. The trapper was also in possession of a .22 rifle with a revoked FOID card. CPO Wright asked for consent to search the vehicle and consent was given. During the search, a meth pipe with residue was found. 

The man was taken to Montgomery County jail and booked for the possession of a controlled substance. He was issued three citations and one written warning for the other offenses.

In Jefferson County, CPO Jourdan cited a Jefferson County man for deer hunting violations committed in November 2021. The man had fraudulently applied for landowner deer permits. He killed a buck with a bow last November and used the landowner permit to report the harvest. The man claimed he was the son of a landowner that was eligible for the permit and also stated he lived on that landowner’s property. Neither were true. He received two citations and faces a suspension of his hunting privileges.

In Saline County, CPO Knop completed several smaller investigations addressing: Unlawfully deer hunting without permits, Falsification of deer permits, Trespassing, Hunting in a restricted area, and unlawful take of white-tailed deer.

In Marion County, CPO Smith received information from CPO Swindle referencing a tip he received from a Marion County resident. The person stated he observed a red truck stop on the public roadway, two people exit with firearms, then shoot and kill geese. He was able to retrieve a license plate number. CPO Smith was able to find the owner of the truck. The owner stated that his son was driving the truck earlier.

 Upon speaking with the son, CPO Smith was able to gather information as to what happened. Two people were in the vehicle and decided to shoot at geese located on private property. The two individuals did not have permission to be on the property. The two individuals shot from, and on, the roadway, hunted from the roadway, and killed four Canada geese, which were out of season. CPO Smith cited the two individuals with four citations each, seized the two shotguns, and the four geese.

In Wabash County, CPO Roundcount was checking fishermen at Beall Woods State Park. Upon seeing CPO Roundcount, a fisherman packed up his gear and started walking to his vehicle. CPO Roundcount stopped the fisherman to check his license and bucket for fish. The fisherman was in possession of 6 trout (daily limit of 5). The fisherman was issued a citation. The trout were seized and released back into the lake.

In Wayne County, CPO Roundcount stopped a coyote hunter. CPO Roundcount performed a hunter compliance check on the coyote hunter. During the compliance check, the coyote hunter handed CPO Roundcount his cased rifle. Upon inspection, it was discovered the rifle was loaded with a bullet in the chamber. The hunter was issued a citation.

In Massac County, CPO Wolf cited two Missouri individuals fishing Mermet Lake. One subject was cited for fishing with more than two rods and reels and the other was cited for no valid nonresident fishing license, over the limit of crappie, and fishing with more than two rods and reels.

In Massac County, CPO Wilkinson assisted CPO Wolf in capturing an injured pelican. The pelican was captured and transported to Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation in Carterville. 

CPO Wilkinson performed a traffic stop on a vehicle for passing in a no-passing zone and no taillights. The stop also determined the vehicle’s registration was expired. Two written warnings and one citation were issued.

In Johnson County, CPO Wilkinson concluded a deer hunting investigation. A hunter was cited for failure to tag deer immediately upon harvest.

In Johnson County, CPO Teas closed a case in Johnson County involving a subject from Tennessee who was a felon in possession of a firearm and had placed bait for deer. The subject was found guilty, paid fines totaling $1,875, and his firearm was forfeited.

In Jackson County, CPO G. Anderson interviewed two hunters in regards to their 2021 deer harvests. CPO Anderson discovered one of the hunters reported a 9-point buck under an antlerless-only tag. A citation was issued for the offense and an additional four written warnings were issued to the hunters for failure to immediately tag deer harvest upon kill, failure to report harvest by 10 p.m. on the same calendar day, and hunting without licenses and permits in possession.

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