Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 8, 2022


Rock River Team/February

While working on Rock Lake for a fishing tournament, warden Ryan Mannes, of Horicon, stopped a snowmobiler for expired registration. Upon contact, the rider said he did not think he needed current registration to operate on a frozen lake. Mannes educated the individual and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Mannes, while on Fox Lake, contacted a group of three people fishing who had 10 tip-ups in the water. One member of the group admitted to illegally fishing with four lines.

Wardens Zach Feest, of Washington County, and Mannes were working with other wardens at a large fishing tournament on Fox Lake. Feest and Mannes contacted three groups for unattended line issues. The wardens found the anglers were all sleeping and not tending to their lines, as required. Five citations and three warnings were issued.

Wardens Mannes and Lore Vang investigated two people for possible deer hunting violations. One of the two admitted to harvesting a small buck during the archery season and using a relative’s authorization to register it. Wardens also found the person was in possession of an illegal deer head. 

While working the Lazy Lake radar run in Fall River, wardens Mannes and Vang took enforcement action against the driver of a UTV for operating on the roadway without registration and with a minor in the UTV without a helmet.

Wardens Brad Burton, of Beaver Dam, and Austin Schumacher, took enforcement action against an operator of a UTV for driving recklessly and for having a child, age 8, without a helmet as a passenger

Warden Burton responded to a report of an owl hung up in a tree by a fishing line. Burton cut the fishing line and was able to get the injured owl into a box. He then transported the owl to the Dane County Humane Society for rehabilitation.

Warden Alex Brooks, of Jefferson, conducted an investigation on a deer hunting case that involved an individual who had shot a deer during the gun-deer season and then failed to register it, as required.

Warden Brooks assisted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department concerning a traffic stop of two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed.

Warden Kyle Johnson, of Janesville, made contact with a fisherman on Gibbs Lake for a fishing license check. Johnson found the fisherman had three tip-ups near the single person shanty and a fourth hook hear the ice shack.

Warden Johnson contacted a fisherman on Lake Leota who had caught and kept more than the daily bag limit of panfish.

Warden Johnson was on fishing patrol on Clear Lake when he came upon a person fishing without a license and fishing with a total of four hooks. Johnson also located marijuana, along with drug paraphernalia, in the vehicle.

Warden Johnson observed a juvenile intentionally litter a fast-food cup on DNR property. Johnson provided the juvenile with an option of going back and retrieving the cup or to receiving a citation. The juvenile chose to retrieve the cup.

Warden Austin Schumacher contacted a group of ice fishermen on Rock Lake in Jefferson County and found the group was fishing with five lines, but only one individual had a valid fishing license.

Warden Schumacher assisted a local Avon Bottoms resident who reported his dog had run away onto DNR property. After about an hour, Dudley, the dog, was found safe. The owner was grateful for the warden’s help.


Milwaukee/Ozaukee/Washington County Team/February 

Warden Erik Anderson, of Milwaukee County, investigated an illegal dumping complaint passed on by the Milwaukee Police Department after a community meeting. Citizens in the area were upset with the ongoing issue of illegal dumping. Anderson’s investigation led to a contractor hired to clear items left behind at a private residence.

Enforcement action was taken for the illegal deposit of furniture, tires, and other household items on public property. 


Marine Enforcement Team/February

Wardens Travis Sindles and Taylor Meinholz, both of Kenosha, received an aquatic invasive species (AIS) complaint regarding a local Racine pet store. The store was selling dwarf Mexican orange crayfish, a non-native invasive species. Store personnel said they were unaware of the violations, but were provided AIS information by DNR staff in the past. Enforcement action was taken.

The marine team and the Green Bay team patrolled ice fishing on Green Bay in Door County and contacted about 950 ice anglers. The wardens issued 15 citations and 320 warnings. The 15 citations were for fishing without a license, fishing while revoked, whitefish overbagging, unidentified ice shanty, fail to carry paper fishing license, fail to register deer, and multiple ATV/UTV issues.

Wardens Jordan Resop, of Sturgeon Bay, and Nick Hefter, of Fish Creek, found that passengers of a vehicle had thrown a garbage bag full of beer cans out the window. Upon contact, the wardens found several violations, including littering, fishing without a license, underage drinking, purchase of alcohol by a minor and absolute sobriety. 


Lower Chippewa Team/February

Wardens Clayton Peters, of Chippewa County, and Kevin Christorf, of Clark County, took enforcement action against a person who caught and kept a walleye that was an illegal size while fishing in Chippewa County.

Wardens Peters and Ryan Lowry, of Eau Claire County, assisted wardens Adam Hanna and Kevin Christorf, along with Clark County Sheriff’s Department deputies, with a coyote hunting complaint in rural Clark County regarding recent altercations between hunters and landowners. The wardens came upon a large group of coyote hunters in the field while hunting with hounds. Separate members of the group were found to be in possession of loaded firearms in their vehicles. 

Wardens Clayton Peters and Jake Holsclaw assisted the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department during a snowstorm emergency with whiteout conditions surrounding the Chippewa Falls area. There were several rollover crashes and two pile-ups on major highways as vehicles slid into ditches – all at the same time.

Lower St. Croix Team/February

Warden Madison Bryan, of St. Croix County, responded to a spill of about 1,500 gallons of used motor oil. The oil was spilled after a flatbed tow truck hauling the oil was rear-ended by a semi-truck on Hwy. 63 in
St. Croix County. The oil was spilled into a ditch and small, frozen creek. Clean-up efforts are ongoing.

Wardens J.J. Redemann and Jaime McDermid, of Dunn County, investigated a complaint of two dead deer hanging in a person’s milk house in February. DNR records showed no deer registrations for the individual. The wardens learned the hunter shot the two does on Thanksgiving afternoon with his rifle and never registered either deer.

Warden Redemann responded to a call from a coyote hunter who reported shooting a bear in self-defense in Dunn County. The hound group was hunting a small patch of cattail marsh near Menomonie when one of their dogs found a denned-up bear. After hearing a tussle in the swamp, the hunter ran up to find the bear biting his dog. The hunter tried getting the bear off the dog by kicking it and firing a warning shot but the bear reared up towards him. The hound had some serious injuries, but will survive. The bear was recovered and the carcass will be used by an area resident.

Wardens Redemann and McDermid investigated a hunter who harvested a large buck during the archery season and purchased a license afterwards.

Warden Redemann found garbage dumped at a dead-end road on state property and was able to identify a person with the assistance of warden Chris Spaight, of Burnett County. The person said he was supposed to properly dispose of a family member’s garbage, but tired of having it in his vehicle. So, the person dumped it at the Lower Chippewa River State Natural Area instead.

Black River Falls Team/February

Warden Michael Weber, of Mauston, contacted an individual near Lyndon Station regarding a suspicious crossbow buck registration on the last day of the 2021 archery season in Juneau County. Weber determined the individual had shot the buck and an antlerless deer over bait. The investigation revealed additional violations, which included failure to register deer, shooting after hours and hunting deer with aid of a light.

Warden Weber contacted an individual who harvested an 8-point buck while hunting without a required deer license near Kendall in Monroe County during the 2021 deer archery season. Weber also learned the individual had harvested two bucks (10- and 8-pointers) during the 2019 deer gun season without having a gun-deer license, as required. In addition, neither of the bucks were registered.


Ashland Team/February

Several wardens worked with the Superior Police Department, UW-Superior Police Department, U.S. Secret Service, and the Wisconsin State Patrol to provide security for a presidential visit to UW-Superior.

Warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, worked with the Bad River tribal chief warden, who took enforcement action against a fisherman regarding a commercial ice net where herring and burbot had been dumped next to the hole after being checked that day. 

Warden Egstad helped at the Iron River sled dog races where the Tri County Corridor was shut down for a few hours to snowmobiles and had a detour/reroute. 

Wardens from the Ashland, Park Falls, and Spooner teams helped other agencies with security at the American Birkebeiner ski race between Cable and Hayward. The race brings approximately 15,500 skiers and 40,000 visitors to the area for race week. Wardens provided snowmobile patrol at trail crossings, helped with race sweep duties, and helped staff the race start in downtown Hayward.

Spooner Team/February

Warden Joshua Loining, of Rice Lake, received a complaint of two ATVs being operated illegally on a county road in New Auburn. Loining located the ATVs that were being operated by two juveniles. Enforcement action was taken against the youths’ guardian for allowing underage operation of the ATVs on a roadway. 

Warden Loining took enforcement action against two snowmobilers for failing to stop at stop signs near Cameron.

Warden Loining assisted the Barron County Sheriff’s Department with a 10-vehicle crash on a county road during a severe snowstorm with near whiteout conditions. Loining assisted with traffic control.

Warden Dustin Gabrielson, of Webster, and a Burnett County recreation deputy were patrolling at the Clear Lake Ice Fishing Contest in Siren when they contacted a male in an ice shack who was smoking marijuana. The male was arrested for felony possession of THC and possession of paraphernalia. 

Warden Jesse Ashton, of Luck, assisted the St. Croix Falls Police Department with the handling of one individual who had a warrant out for his arrest. Ashton also saw the individual was fishing without a fishing license at Little Butternut Lake. The individual’s fishing partner also was fishing without a license.

Warden Ashton responded to a diesel fuel spill in southern Polk County that occurred after a milk truck crashed and released approximately 250 gallons of diesel fuel, some of which went into a creek. Ashton worked with DNR spill program staff, and the responsible party cleaned up the area.

Wardens Jon Hagen, of Spooner, and Evan Fox followed up on a diesel fuel spill complaint at a facility in Shell Lake. The wardens ascertained the diesel fuel had leaked from a punctured skid steer fuel tank, and they worked with maintenance staff at the school to clean up diesel laden snow and properly dispose of it. A warning was issued for failing to report the spill.

Wardens Hagen and Fox observed a portable ice shanty near a hard-sided shanty with no name on it while patrolling Long Lake. They contacted a person fishing inside a portable shanty to see if he had any knowledge of the owner of the hard-sided shanty. The wardens also discovered the person in the portable shelter was fishing with four lines and had a fifth line reeled up near the ice hole.

Wardens Hagen and Fox were on ice fishing patrol on Long Lake when they approached a group of ice shanties and observed two blinking lights from tip-ups that had flags up. The wardens waited for someone to check the tip-ups. The wardens learned there were two individuals sleeping inside the shanty and had no idea tip-ups had been triggered. Enforcement action was taken for the unattended lines.

Wardens Hagen and Fox took enforcement action against the operator of a snowmobile on the Spooner trail for expired registration. The rider was warned for also not having a trail pass.

Warden Pete Carlson, of Frederic, took enforcement action against an individual for catching and keeping a short bass and for fishing with unattended lines. 

Warden Carlson contacted an individual who appeared to be hunting coyotes and was parked next to the road. The individual was found to have two loaded firearms inside his vehicle.

Woodruff Team/February

Wardens Matt Meade, of Boulder Junction, and Nick Al-Moghrabi visited a property in Vilas County where approximately 50 deer were feeding and bedded down around the home. There also were about two dozen turkeys in the yard. Upon contact, the homeowner told of placing four types of feed for the wild animals twice a day. Vilas County has been under a deer baiting and feeding ban since 2016 due to positive cases of chronic wasting disease in the area. In addition to taking enforcement action, information was given to the landowner regarding CWD and the negative impacts of supplemental feeding.

Warden Justin Bender, of Woodruff, worked with a Vilas County recreation deputy to investigate a snowmobile rental dealer who had not registered a large rental snowmobile fleet prior to renting the snowmobiles to the public. A total of 51 snowmobiles were not registered. Enforcement action was taken, and all snowmobiles have been submitted to the DNR for registration.

Antigo Team/February

Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Antigo, took enforcement action against an individual who was ice fishing without a valid license, as well as fishing during a period of revocation, and in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. 


Madison Team/February

Warden Jake Donar, of Dane County, contacted a group of coyote hunters. It was discovered that two of the hunters did not have valid small game licenses and also had not taken hunter safety.

Warden Donar received a complaint about an individual possibly snagging below the Tenney Park lock and dam. Donar located the individual reported for snagging and confirmed the complaint. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Nick King, of Green County, investigated multiple individuals suspected of illegal deer hunting violations. King issued six citations to multiple individuals for violations, including hunting without a license, illegal loan/borrow of a license, and overbagging on deer. Several warnings also were given.

Wardens Ryan Caputo and Chris Hagen, both of Dane County, contacted a person who had shot a buck while hunting without a license. The same person also registered an illegal deer for a friend, who was also found to have hunted deer without a license. 

Warden Caputo issued a citation against a person who set off a trapper’s foot-hold trap because the person felt it was causing a danger to others. The trap was legally set and would not have been able to hurt a person who may have stepped on it.

Warden Caputo issued a citation to a coyote hunter for having two loaded firearms in the front seat of his vehicle.

Warden Paul Nadolski, of Portage, assisted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department with a person who fled a domestic altercation. The person was eventually located on an adjoining property attempting to hide 20 feet up in a pine tree. The person also had a valid arrest warrant.

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