Thursday, February 9th, 2023
Thursday, February 9th, 2023

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Orleans County (New York) Fishing Report – April 5, 2022

Here we go on a nice warm up again for more seasonal spring like temps this week. Then the forecast is cooler again in the 40’s° for the upcoming weekend. Warmer temps are tempered some by cooling lake breezes. Chance of rain showers are hit and miss thru the end part of the week. Some rain now on the frontside of this latest warm up wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring the trib flows back up and add some color to the water. The next spate of water could bring in the fresh spring steelhead looking for warmer water. One warm water 40-50°F hook-up is worth a half dozen 32 point something F hook-ups!

For now flows in the Oak are something like a notch less then medium and going clear. No big concentration of fish in any one spot that we know of, except for the stranded for now overflow fish. Those fish deserve a chance to immigrate back out to the Lake if caught and released back into the turbine channel. Through the past weekend and beginning part of this week, guys reported a few hook-ups by either working the holes, the dam, or swinging spawning staging spots. Look for more fish going to gravel on the no doubt water temp warm up this week. Look for some hook-ups by covering that different water and putting in a few hours. A brown or two mixed in.

Other area smaller tribs are dropping back toward low and clear and warming thru this week. A spate of water there too might drop back fish to downstream spots where guys are drifting and also bring on the last of the fresh run fish. Suckers here and there will entertain you, depending upon your pouty lips perspective and more and more bass will be in the mix too. Look for calmer winds on the backside of choppy Lakeshore conditions that leave that semi stained water in range of the pier head and land lubber caster. Small boat civilian trollers can now launch at the open NYS launch on the west side of the rivermouth

Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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