Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Orleans County (New York) Fishing Report – March 30, 2022

With all the high water we’ve had previously, you might not have predicted any low flows this spring. Then again, who would have guessed there’d be a few days in the end of March this cold! So for now, flows in the Oak have dropped back to low and clear. The in-between moderate or medium and slightly stained flows came and went pretty quick! Its unclear if these lower flows will hang on, more then likely with temps rebounding thru this mid week that flows will rebound some with a little more stain. At this point rain or precipitation could help bring flows back up too. Seasonable cold today and dropping back below freezing tonight then a nice warmup mid week with chance of rain showers.

Fishing pressure is real light again on the Oak so far today. Just prior to the lowering of flows, guys reported steelhead hook ups at the dam and overflow pools and scattered downstream thru the fast water gravel stretches for spawning fish. Suckers were more numerous too. This is kind of a reset (at least when it warms back up) and with a return to some more inviting flows and stained water there should be new migrations of spring fish. Other area smaller tribs are dropping back like the Oak to low but may be hanging on to a little more color. Look for a bit of a temp shock there and the fishing action back on the rebound as things warm back up.

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