Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 25 2022


Waukesha and Walworth Team/February

Warden Dan Hodge investigated a UTV rollover accident that caused injury to a passenger and totalled the machine. The accident occurred on the frozen waters of Lac La Belle Lake in Oconomowoc. The investigation revealed the operator was driving in a careless manner and did not possess a safety certificate. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Steve Sanidas contacted an ice angler on Delavan Lake who was found to be fishing with two tip-ups and two jig poles for a total of four fishing lines. The angler stated that he was just testing lures with one of the jig poles. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sanidas contacted an angler on a small lake in Walworth County and found the individual to be in possession of an illegal sized northern pike. The individual admitted to catching and keeping the fish about 90 minutes earlier. The fish was completely frozen. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sanidas contacted an ice angler on Delavan while he was jigging for panfish inside a portable shelter. The individual stated that he also had two tip-ups placed. Sanidas noticed a third tip-up a distance away. The individual denied the extra tip-up was his, but other anglers in the area confirmed it was. The individual was found to be fishing with too many lines and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Sanidas, Chad Ziegler, and Brad Wilson patrolled ice fishing and recreational vehicle enforcement on Lake Geneva for the city’s annual Winter Fest celebration. Enforcement contacts were made for recreational vehicle violations.

Warden Chad Ziegler received information of ATV operators traveling on state land at the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit. Ziegler and a Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit ranger located the tracks and damage. Ziegler followed the tracks to a nearby private residence and contacted the operators who took the ATVs onto state land. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ziegler came upon a group of hunters running dogs for coyotes in the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit, and an individual sitting in a parked vehicle. The warden contacted the person in the vehicle and found he had two loaded firearms in the vehicle. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sam Eagan responded to a deer poaching complaint in the Kettle Moraine State Forest-Southern Unit. Eagan located the responsible person sitting in his vehicle. An out-of-season harvested doe was on the ground behind the vehicle. The responsible person was turned in by an individual who saw the violation. The deer was shot before sunrise. The responsible person also had a loaded hunting rifle in his vehicle upon contact. A total of eight violations were discovered from the contact, including an additional illegal deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Sheboygan, Fond du Lac Team/February

Wardens Anthony Arndt, of Sheboygan/Fond du Lac counties and Isaac Hackett, of Sheboygan County, followed up on a bear registration violation. The wardens found an Oostburg man had harvested a black bear and failed to register it. The man also failed to register several deer and turkeys over the previous decade. 

Warden Arndt contacted a man who was found to be spearing lake sturgeon approximately one hour after the season had closed while in possession of spears over an exposed sturgeon hole. The man was underage, drinking, and lied about his age. 

Warden Arndt observed four tip-ups frozen into Lake Winnebago next to an unoccupied fish shanty. Arndt found the tip-up owners did not return to the area for nearly two hours. One of the fishermen additionally did not have a valid license.

Warden William Hankee, of Fond du Lac, followed up with a deer registration investigation during which the person admitted to failing to register five deer in the last two years. When asked why he did not register his deer, the person replied he did not think it was important. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Gavin Keefauver, of Fond du Lac, responded to a manure runoff incident that involved a large amount of manure running off a field and into an individual’s yard and basement. The manure was improperly spread onto a frozen field. When the temperature changed, the manure ran off the field and pooled up around the house. Keefauver assisted in getting in contact with the farmer who spread the manure. He also assisted in getting the proper resources to stop the manure runoff. Resources were brought in to pump the pooled manure and to block the manure from continuing to come into the neighbor’s yard.

Wardens Josh Wiedenhoeft, of Sheboygan, and Gavin Keefauver, of Fond du Lac, investigated a “tagging” loan-and-borrow case in which an individual admitted to shooting a buck and registering it using another’s harvest authorization. The individual stated he just wanted to keep hunting with his friends and potentially shoot another buck. 

Racine, Kenosha Team/February

Wardens Brandon Smith, of Twin Lakes, and Bob Miller patrolled ice fishing activities on lakes in Racine and Kenosha counties. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license, fishing with too many lines, overbagging, and numerous snowmobile and ATV violations (expired registration, no safety certificate, and unsafe operation). 

Wardens Alex Basting, of Sturtevant, and Sam Haferkorn, of Milwaukee, followed up on a hunting-over-bait complaint in the city of Racine. The person was actively feeding deer and other small mammals on a neighboring property and was found to have shot an archery buck during the fall over the bait. The person was also actively hunting coyotes over the remains of a previously harvested deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Bennett, of Kenosha County, and Mike Hirschboeck, of Racine, patrolled Wind Lake for ice fishing activities. During one of the contacts the individual was found to have four lines capable of catching a fish. Law enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Bennett, Webster, and Johansen observed one snowmobile rider going off trail while attempting to reach a county road. The wardens took enforcement action against the operator for illegal operation of a snowmobile on a snowmobile trespass.

Warden Hirschboeck responded to a report of a snowmobile crash on Browns Lake. Upon arrival, the operator was transported to the hospital by a friend. Hirschboeck went to the hospital and contacted the operator, who stated he had a drinking problem and was intoxicated. The individual was later placed under arrest for operating under the influence.

Wardens Hirschboeck and Miller report court action in their cases. A Racine County judge ordered license revocations; two were for fall fish-run violations. A third was against a deer hunter who received 18 citations and was revoked for five years.


Peshtigo Team/February

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of western Shawano County, issued asbestos citations for a case involving the demolition of numerous mobile homes without any inspections and failure to comply with notification requirements.

Warden Paul Hartrick, of Oconto Falls, reports one of his cases concluded with the circuit court finding the defendant guilty of a criminal misdemeanor charge for operating a UTV illegally and failing to stop during an attempted traffic stop.

Lake Winnebago Team/February

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, was on patrol on Lake Winnebago during the sturgeon spearing season and observed an occupied shack with the door still closed 10 minutes after legal spearing hours. An investigation revealed a spearer inside the shack with a spear still hanging over an open hole during closed hours. Enforcement action was taken for the violation.

Wardens Josh Voelker, of Neenah, and Michael Disher investigated a successful sturgeon spearer who arrived more than 30 minutes late to a registration station on the last day of sturgeon season. DNR fisheries staff had already packed up and left the station. An investigation revealed the spearer harvested his fish around 10 a.m. that day, but he decided to stay out on the ice with two friends who were still spearing. The spearer then decided to remove his shack at the close of spearing hours instead of getting to the registration station by the
2 p.m. deadline. Enforcement action was taken for the violation. 

Warden Logan Woods, of High Cliff, while working sturgeon spearing enforcement on Lake Winnebago, contacted four individuals spearing outside of the season hours. Woods found one individual fishing without a license and one individual fishing with more than three lines. Enforcement action was taken.

Wautoma Team/February

Wardens Benjamin Nadolski, of Montello, and Jonathan Kaiser, of Waupaca, assisted with fishing enforcement on Lake Poygan during the Battle on ’Bago fishing event. Just before sunrise, Nadolski observed tip-ups near a small group of shanties. Several of the tip-ups had raised flags and flashing lights, indicating fish strikes. No one tended the tip-ups. Citations were issued for fishing with unattended lines to the people responsible for those tip-ups. Citations were issued to others on the lake for fishing with more than three lines.

Warden Kaiser worked in cooperation with wardens Ryan Caputo, of Dane County, and Chris Hagen on an investigation involving an individual fishing without a license in addition to having harvested an antlerless deer during the 2021 archery deer season without the appropriate antlerless approval and failing to register the deer.

Warden Kaiser worked with multiple other wardens during the sturgeon spearing season on the Winnebago system with multiple contacts made and enforcement action taken for spearing before hours, failing to possess a carcass tag, fishing without a license, unattended lines, and failing to visibly transport harvested sturgeon.

Warden Kaiser followed up on a Waupaca County deer license purchase to registration investigation with violations related to hunting without a deer license, loan/borrow authorizations, and harvest an overlimit of bucks. Enforcement action taken.

Warden Kaiser worked with wardens Ted Dremel, of Wautoma, Kaitlin Kernosky, of New London, and Nick Al-Moghrabi to follow up on an investigation involving a repeat offender who was found to have possessed a firearm as a felon, and gone gun and archery deer hunting without a license. The investigation also found the person gun-deer hunted during the closed season and during a period of revocation, and unlawfully placed bait/feed for deer hunting. Enforcement action was taken in cooperation with the Waupaca County District Attorney’s office.

Wardens Kaitlin Kernosky, Zachary Seitz, of Shiocton, and Jon Kaiser patrolled the Wolf River with multiple ATV/UTV, snowmobile, and angler contacts made. Enforcement action was taken for an individual fishing without a license, operating a snowmobile and UTV with expired registration, and operating a UTV with a juvenile not wearing a helmet, as required.


Park Falls Team/February

Wardens Dylan Belisle, of Ladysmith, and Aaron Koshatka, of Hayward, responded to an incidentally trapped wolf along the Tuscobia State Trail in Sawyer County. They assisted DNR Wildlife Management and U.S. Department of Agriculture in collaring and releasing the wolf. The wardens contacted the trapper and explained the laws about trapping near the Tuscobia.

Warden Belisle responded to a call of a lost snowmobiler in the Rusk County Forest. Dispatch used the GPS location provided with the 911 call. Belisle located the snowmobiler and reunite him with his group. 

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