Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Orleans County (New York) Fishing Report – March 22, 2022

Flows in the Oak are on the drop slightly after a bump up from the past weekend’s rain. Flows for now are slightly high or maybe one click less consisting of all turbine water at 2+ feet of visibility. You might expect the water color to be dirtier for the height it is. Look for flows to hang in or drop back another notch toward medium in the near term. Decent, fair weather days are forecast thru the beginning part of the week, then seasonably cool for mid and end of the week. Forecast is for precipitation again Wednesday and a chance of showers thru the end of the week. Any significant precipitation could bring flows quickly back up and off color. So, flows, weather and fishing action are somewhat up and down. Nothing new about that for steelhead angling.

Last week, on good flows, there was good action, then tougher again thru the past weekend on higher flows and now this week before another potential rise in flows there are a few more guys out there getting scattered hook ups. Looks like, just today, guys are paying more attention to the gravel spawning spots so they are finding those spread-out fish that were somewhat cloaked in the previous higher water. Those fish committed to spawn are pretty much going to continue to spawn with only minor stalling due to cold water. Water temps had bumped up into the 40’s°F and the ice on Lake Alice is gone.

There should be a mix of spawning and staged fish in the holes with fresh fish trickling in anytime. Then there are those fish more or less landlocked in the overflow pools. Anglers might consider re-releasing those fish in the turbine channel. Without access back to Lake Ontario, those overflow fish are likely goners unless there’s a perfectly timed spate of water later this spring. Fishing pressure is moderate right now and generally guys are moving around – offering chances to fish different spots between the swingers and the drifters be it fly, float or spin.

Other area smaller waterways are at about medium level and back on the clearing to slightly stained from the past weekend rain. Any new precipitation could likewise bring those flows back up and dirty. For now, cool weather and cool water action is hanging on and there’s no serious warmup forecast in the near future. So come get in on the cold water action before the inevitable warmup. Only a sucker here and there reported. A few civilian small boat trollers noted in the near shore/good looking/semi stained waters off Point Breeze. Private launches are available while public launches wait to reopen. Good casting chances for light/med spinning spoon or plug chuckers from the foot brigade.

Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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