Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 11, 2022


Dodgeville Team/January

Warden Mike Burns, of Iowa County, responded to a call of a captive deer that had been hit by a vehicle and was found injured in a ditch by a nearby homeowner. The homeowner took the deer into a shed where the deer eventually died.

Warden Burns responded to a rural Barneveld residence on a complaint of deer feeding. The homeowner had spread grain in a field and had bird feeders for feeding deer. The homeowner also had previously been cited for feeding deer.

Wardens Hans Walleser, of Grant County, investigated illegal turtle harvest on the Mississippi River. The two individuals caught 11 turtles, took pictures and returned the turtles to the water. Enforcement action was taken for license issues and closed season turtle harvest and possession.

Rock River Team/January

Warden Kyle Johnson, of Janesville, stopped by an ice shanty on Storrs lake for a license check. One fisherman was fishing with a total of nine lines.

Warden Johnson stopped at an ice shanty on Mud Lake for a license check. Upon opening the door, a billow of marijuana smoke came out of the shanty. Besides locating marijuana and drug paraphernalia, two of the three individuals were fishing without licenses. One of the three also had an active warrant. The Milton Police Department assisted, and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Johnson and Alex Brooks, of Jefferson, investigated several people who are related and are suspected of illegally using another person’s buck archery approvals during several hunting seasons. The wardens also discovered evidence of the violation, along with a deer registration violation. 

Wardens Brooks and Ryan Caputo, of Madison, investigated a possible illegal deer case. The person was found to have shot a deer and then failed to register it. The person also shot another deer for which he did not have an approval.

Wardens Brooks and Matt Koshollek, of Madison, investigated possible illegal trapping and ATV trespassing. The individual was found to have been operating their ATV illegally on private property while trapping.

Wardens Brooks and Jason Roberts provided a virtual ATV regulation presentation to officers from the Jefferson Police Department.

Warden Ryan Mannes, of Horicon, took  action against a person seen catching and keeping an undersized bass while on Fox Lake. The kept bass measured 15.5 inches and the size limit is 18 inches on that body of water. Mannes also found an angler on Fox Lake who was fishing without a license.

Warden Mannes contacted an angler on Fox Lake who was tending seven tip-ups. He said two friends had left the area, but did not remove their lines from the water. The two individuals were contacted and returned to the lake. Upon their arrival, they both admitted to leaving their tip-ups unattended.


Milwaukee/Ozaukee/Washington County Team/January 

Wardens Sam Haferkorn, of Milwaukee, and Adam Strehlow, of the marine enforcement unit for Milwaukee County, conducted traffic and park enforcement at Lakeshore State Park for complaints of hour violations and traffic violations. They conducted traffic stops for: imprudent speed, no tail lamps, suspended driver, park hour violations, and closed area operation. Enforcement action was taken for illegal possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Waukesha and Walworth Team/January

Warden Steve Sanidas assisted with an ice rescue on Delavan Lake where a snowmobile with two minor passengers broke through the ice. Both were able to self-rescue and were transported by the local fire department via air boat. No injuries were reported. The snowmobile and ice fishing equipment sank in 55 feet of water and were later recovered by a recovery company. This incident was the third in eight days on Delavan Lake. A large ice heave formed across the middle of lake causing unpredictable ice conditions.

Warden Sanidas took action against a person for fishing with unattended lines on a lake in the Elkhorn area. The individual was argumentative throughout the contact and did not agree that 30 minutes was too long to leave fishing lines unattended on the ice.

Wardens Sam Eagan and Chad Ziegler assisted area police officers attempting to apprehend a person who fled on foot from their vehicle during a traffic stop near Eagle. The wardens handled traffic control and the officers apprehended the individual.

Sheboygan, Fond du Lac Team/January

Warden Anthony Arndt contacted two individuals fishing without licenses on Crystal Lake. The individuals admitted to fishing on Lake Michigan throughout the summer without Great Lakes stamps. One person also mentioned firearm deer hunting during the interaction. A follow-up interview was conducted finding the man harvested a large 10-point buck in 2021 without a license and failed to register two harvests.

Wardens Arndt and Madeleine Johansen, of Sheboygan, conducted a deer registration follow-up with a couple in Cleveland. The wardens discovered the pair harvested several deer the last two years without registering any of them. The two blamed it on lack of in-person registration requirements.

Wardens Arndt and Johansen stopped a group of ATV riders operating recklessly on Lake Winnebago near Pipe after dark. One rider was operating without a headlight and was doing doughnuts with two other ATVs in close proximity. Two riders did not possess ATV safety certificates in addition to the equipment violation.

Warden William Hankee, of Fond du Lac, followed up on information from a deer license investigation and interviewed a man suspected of deer hunting without a license for five years. The man initially denied this, but later admitted to only buying deer licenses after the successful harvest of a deer.

While on snowmobile patrol, warden Hankee saw an overturned GMC Yukon on the Fond du Lac River. Hankee saw a motionless adult male inside the vehicle. Hankee broke through the sunroof to extract the individual. Upon stabilizing and identifying the individual on the nearby roadside, Hankee turned the individual over to EMS and the Fond du Lac Police Department. The individual was arrested for suspected vehicle operation while under the influence of illegal drugs.

Racine, Kenosha Team/January

Wardens Brandon Smith, of Twin Lakes, and Taylor Meinholz, of Union Grove, interviewed a person regarding a trespass complaint resulting from the recovery of a deer. Two hunters were found to have trespassed to hunt during the 2021 season, hunted over illegal bait, and trespassed with an ATV while recovering a deer. The shooter also was found to have not been wearing proper blaze orange when the deer was harvested.

Racine/Kenosha team wardens assisted the Racine County Sheriff’s Department with potential civil unrest related to a charging decision in an officer-involved death of a county jail inmate.

Wardens Meinholz and Renee Bennet followed up on a call of ice fishermen trespassing to fish a pond in the business district. The wardens met with the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, contacted the anglers, and observed three individuals with a total of 16 tip-ups.

Wardens Meinholz and Smith were on ice fishing patrols at Silver Lake in Kenosha County when they came upon a portable shanty with two tip-ups in the ice approximately 20 yards away with the flags up. Meinholz attempted to contact the person in the shanty, but nobody was inside. The two tip ups were frozen into the ice. The wardens removed the tip-ups from the ice. Meinholz contacted the owner of the ice shanty and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Meinholz and Alex Basting, of Sturtevant, were on ice fishing patrol at Browns Lake in Racine County when they stopped at a permanent shanty with several tip-ups outside and snowmobile with a registration that had expired in 2010. They checked licenses and determined the owner of the snowmobile had several violations.


Green Bay Team/January

Wardens Marcus Medina and Gavin Brault, both of Green Bay, conducted waterfowl hunter checks at a boat launch. One group of hunters, did not have enough wearable PFDs and one hunter had a shotgun capable of holding three or more shells, which is illegal while waterfowl hunting.

Warden Amanda Kretschmer, of western Brown County, investigated two cases where hunters registered bucks during the antlerless-only holiday hunt. Both hunters shot bucks with a crossbow on private property.

Warden Kretschmer investigated a call of more than 2 gallons of bait on Green Bay West Shores Wildlife Area. Kretschmer found up to 5 gallons of corn, other feed and attractant. Kretschmer contacted the hunter, who admitted to harvesting two deer over the illegal bait with a crossbow.

In late January, wardens James Moore, of Kewaunee County, and Colin Sherod, of eastern Brown County, investigated a complaint about a bar/restaurant owner serving wild game to customers. The investigation revealed the wild game was served. A wild game serving permit had not been obtained. Warnings were issued and education regarding proper permitting was provided.

Wardens Medina and Jamin Leuzzo, of Lakewood, conducted sound enforcement on snowmobiles in the Lakewood area. Loud snowmobiles are a contributing factor in the closure of trails through private property. Enforcement action was taken on one snowmobile operator for too loud an exhaust and several “fix-it” warnings were issued during the patrol.

Peshtigo Team/December

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano County, located a person near Tigerton who illegally shot a deer over bait and then trespassed onto neighboring property to retrieve the deer.

Warden Schraufnagel responded to a call of an ice shanty partially submerged on Lower Red Lake. He located the shanty which was half submerged and had been burned. Schraufnagel located the owner and ensured the shanty was removed from the lake.

Wardens Paul Hartrick, of Oconto Falls, and Jeff Lautenslager, of the marine team, investigated a call of an individual shooting a buck during the antlerless-only season. Hartrick tracked the blood trail through multiple wooded parcels to a deer stand and contacted the person at the stand. The man also had failed to register two other deer from the gun-deer season. Another person in the stand was found to have an active arrest warrant and was taken into custody by the local police department. The investigation also uncovered another person who had harvested two bucks during the gun-deer season and had another person register the second buck illegally. Two additional deer were found to have not been registered that were shot by another hunter.

Peshtigo Team/January

Wardens Schraufnagel and Kaitlin Kernosky, of New London, worked on a case involving an unlicensed hunter who shot a 9-point buck during the gun season in the Tigerton area. A relative of the person later bought a license to register the animal and also completed the registration.

Marine Enforcement Team/December

Warden Jordan Resop, of Sturgeon Bay, contacted a turkey hunter on state land during the holiday hunt gun-deer season. The turkey hunter was found to not have a fall license and was not abiding by blaze orange requirements.

Marine Enforcement Team/January

Warden Jordan Resop, of Sturgeon Bay, contacted two anglers who were fishing for whitefish on Green Bay. One angler was at the bag limit and the other angler was over the bag limit for whitefish.

Wardens Adam Strehlow and Sam Haferkorn, of Milwaukee, conducted traffic stops at Lakeshore State Park for driving offenses and park-hour violations, including possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.

Several wardens from the marine team assisted fire and law enforcement agencies with various ice rescues on Green Bay. Anglers are reminded to check with local bait/tackle shops and watch marine weather forecasts before venturing onto the ice.

Lake Winnebago Team/December

Warden Zack Seitz, of Shiocton, located multiple setlines/bank poles on the Wolf River that were left in after the season. He also located an individual who was responsible for dumping three large garbage bags on a piece of state property in Outagamie County.

Warden Seitz responded to a school bus crash near New London. It was foggy at the time and Seitz assisted the Wisconsin State Patrol with traffic control while the students were safely removed from the bus. Minor injuries were reported.

Warden Mary Bisch, of Appleton, received calls regarding multiple piles of deer carcasses and garbage dumped along roadways in Outagamie County. Bisch was able to track where some of the items were bought and the responsible parties were located.

Warden Bisch received a call of an individual who had harvested multiple bucks during the gun-deer season. Bisch found one of the bucks had been harvested with a firearm and registered as an archery buck. Another buck had been harvested by an individual in the party without a valid harvest authorization and registered to a party member who was not hunting. There were also multiple registration issues between members of the hunting party.

Lake Winnebago Team/January

Warden Jason Swaney, of Winneconne, responded to the frozen Lake Poygan in Winnebago County for a report of a person shooting a firearm from his vehicle at a coyote. Swaney located the vehicle and found the man to have transported a loaded a shotgun and discharged the shotgun from the motor vehicle.

Wardens Seitz, of Shiocton, and Josh Voelker, of Neenah, interviewed an individual in the Greenville area for various hunting and trapping issues. Voelker received information regarding illegal feeding of deer and littering gut piles at a neighboring property. The wardens found the individual had harvested multiple deer over several years and dumped the gut piles on the neighboring property without permission, killed a turkey in a body-grip trap, failed to report the incidental trapping, and was involved in other baiting violations.

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, was on patrol on frozen Lake Winnebago when he checked an ice angler sitting in his vehicle. When asked, the angler displayed an expired 2020 fishing license. The angler then said he had a fishing license because he had purchased a sturgeon spearing license. Disher found the angler also fished at another location in recent weeks. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license.

Wardens Seitz and Kernosky responded to the location of a shot heard on private land north of Shiocton. The wardens determined a deer had been illegally harvested with a rifle. Two individuals were interviewed and admitted to shooting a doe with a rifle. The two individuals then used an agricultural deer damage tag out of Kewaunee County to register the deer and make it appear to be legally harvested. 

Wautoma Team/December

Warden Jonathan Kaiser, of Waupaca, followed up on a call of an individual unlawfully baiting/feeding deer, along with failing to check live traps.

Wardens Kernosky and Kaiser followed up on deer hunting complaint involving an individual who was found to have night-deer hunted. They found the individual shot a buck with a crossbow after legal shooting hours while the buck was in an unlawfully baited area. The baited area was found to be behind the individual’s residence. The wardens also found the individual used a light to illuminate the deer and baited area. The wardens also found the deer was unlawfully registered several months late, and with incorrect information. 

Warden Molly Detjens, of Wautoma, spotted an individual in a vehicle at a boat launch. The person appeared to be watching nine tip-ups, but the person claimed ownership of just three of the tip-ups, adding the other six belonged to a friend who had left the area. Detjens asked the person to contact the friend, who came to the site. 

Warden Detjens followed up on a hunter who shot a 10-point buck, but failed to register it. The hunter had shot an antlerless deer in Waushara County and registered it as an Adams County antlerless deer. The hunter did not have any antlerless tags for Waushara County and had not registered his buck, as required.

Wautoma Team/January

Wardens Ben Mott, of Wautoma, and Wade Romberg took action against an individual for an illegal harvest of a 14-point buck initially reported as a road-killed deer. The man’s story of getting the deer from a neighbor’s land proved false. Instead, the investigation found the man shot the deer with a rifle in his backyard as the deer was feeding on illegal bait.

Warden Mott followed up on an individual’s self-report of shooting a small spike buck in the last few minutes of the antlerless-only season. Mott met the individual on state property to work through getting the deer out as the individual was not capable of hauling himself. Follow-up on the individual determined there was no gun-deer license purchased.

Warden Jeff Nieling, of Fremont, received an anonymous call regarding a deer being held in a barn in Readfield. After contacting the owner, consent was given to enter the barn and take the deer.

Wardens Kernosky and Schraufnagel contacted an individual who shot a 9-point buck without having a license in Shawano County during the gun season. The man’s relative bought a license and allowed the man to use the licenses/buck tag to register the deer.

Warden Jon Kaiser, of Waupaca, worked with wardens Nick Al-Moghrabi, Bryan Lockman, and Kyle Ziembo on a deer hunting case related to multiple individuals who shot a buck during the antlerless-only holiday hunt, along with other related-deer hunting violations.

Wardens Al-Moghrabi and Kaiser contacted an ice angler who was found to be fishing without a license and with too many lines. The man was found to have harvested and failed to register an antlerless deer during the 2021 archery season without a license.

Wardens Al-Moghrabi and Kaiser patrolled lakes Poygan and Winneconne for angler and recreational vehicle activity with enforcement action taken for individuals fishing with unattended lines, possessing marijuana and paraphernalia, underaged drinking, operating unregistered ATVs, and operating without ATV safety certification when required.

Wardens Al-Moghrabi and Kaiser followed up on a Waupaca County deer license purchase to harvest registration investigation involving two individual who were found to have unlawfully loan/borrowed a deer approval for an archery season antlerless deer harvested in 2021.

Wardens Al-Moghrabi and Kaiser patrolled for snowmobile and fishing enforcement during the Operation Sled Safe weekend with enforcement action taken for an individual operating a snowmobile with expired registration that had not been transferred after purchase, along with failing to have snowmobile safety certification as required.

Wardens Al-Moghrabi and Kaiser worked with wardens Nadolski and Mott on a case involving a repeat offender suspected of violation aquatic invasive species (AIS) and captive turtle possession violations. Upon contact, it was found the AIS and turtle violations had been previously resolved, but the individual was found to have gun-deer hunted in 2021 without a license.

Wardens Al-Moghrabi and Kaiser followed up on a fishing complaint from a concerned citizen related to one particular individual overbagging on walleyes on Lake Poygan. The wardens worked in cooperation with wardens Jason Swaney, Jeff Nieling and Kaitlin Kernosky. Upon contact, the individual was found to have previously kept more than a daily limit of walleyes, as well as also being found to have unlawfully “group bagged” on walleyes that day. In addition, the individual was identified as being a repeat offender related to possessing marijuana and paraphernalia.

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