Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – February 25, 2022

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Boone County, CPO Stanbary cited a Bureau County deer hunter for hunting without any valid resident archery tags. During a compliance check of the hunter, he was found to be in possession of landowner permits and hunting on property that he did not own or have an interest in.

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner, while checking hunters, found the individual to have taken two deer with only one valid permit. An individual was cited for unlawful take and given a mandatory court date in Bureau County. An 8-point buck was seized and donated to the local food pantry.

In Bureau County, while following up on the permit violation complaint, CPO Wagner found the individual had harvested two deer with only one valid permit. Based on circumstances, the individual was cited for hunting w/out a valid permit and no further action was taken.

In Bureau County, after a month-long investigation into a road hunter who was caught shooting a doe with a crossbow out the window of a vehicle, CPO’s Wagner and Engledow issued the following citations to the violator. Hunting by aid or use of conveyance, hunt between one-half hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise, unlawful take of white-tailed deer, transporting uncased crossbow in the motor vehicle, and shooting along, across, or upon a highway. The individual was issued an additional nine warnings in relation to the event. A Killer Instinct crossbow w/scope, adult doe deer, 6-point buck rack, and either sex archery permit were seized as part of the investigation.

In LaSalle County, CPO Murry spoke to two young hunters regarding hunting violations during the firearm deer seasons. One hunter had harvested a deer and while attempting to check the deer in, discovered he did not have the correct tags when the check-in would not allow him to report the harvest. Upon looking at his tags, and his brothers, they discovered they both had the incorrect tags. The hunters purchased new tags and reported the harvest. While speaking with the boys and their father, it was discussed about always checking your tags before you leave the counter and verifying you have in your possession the correct tags for the season you are hunting. The second young hunter, a 15-year-old, CPO Murry spoke to, had harvested a deer during the first shotgun season with his bow. While attempting to check in the deer, the stepfather observed he only had archery tags and did not have firearm season tags as required during the firearm season. The young hunter thought that since he was using his bow, he did not need a firearm tag. CPO Murry educated the young hunter and his father on the requirements for hunting during the firearm season, even if using a bow and arrow device. Written warnings were issued to both young hunters on their violations.

In Warren County, CPO Thompson received a complaint from a landowner alleging a young male had trespassed during the unlawful take of a whitetail buck. CPO Thompson and CPO Elliott interviewed the suspect and received a confession to trespass, unlawful take, and hunting without permission. The man was issued a citation for hunting without permission and written warnings for additional violations.

In Winnebago County, CPO Swanson was conducting wildlife enforcement when she encountered a bow hunter at Rockton Bog Nature Preserve. The hunter failed to wear blaze orange as required as CWD season was occurring at the same time. The new hunter received a written warning, was educated on when to wear blaze orange, and was given a copy of DNR’s hunting digest.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Cook County, CPO Kusta conducted wildlife enforcement by following up on a complaint regarding a hunter harvesting a white-tailed deer without the proper deer permits, hunting license, and habitat stamp. CPO Kusta made contact with the hunter who admitted at the time the deer was harvested he did not have a valid deer permit, hunting license, or habitat stamp. CPO Kusta issued the hunter three citations: unlawfully hunting without a valid deer permit, unlawfully hunting without a valid hunting license, and unlawful take of white-tailed deer. CPO Kusta issued three written warnings: hunting with no habitat stamp, failing to immediately tag the deer upon kill, and failing to report the deer by 10 p.m..

In Cook County, CPO Vik was checking perch fishermen at the 87th Street slip when he came across a fisherman without his fishing license on his person. CPO Vik looked up the fishermen’s information and discovered the fishermen had made a duplicate account to circumvent his child support suspension and buy a fishing license. After confirming with health and family services that the child support revocation was current, CPO Vik issued the fisherman a citation for falsifying information to obtain a fishing license.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell assisted CPO Elliot in an unlawful dove hunting incident that occurred in Will County. CPO Farrell met one individual at their residence and issued a citation for unlawful hunting without first obtaining permission from the landowner. CPO Farrell met the second individual at their residence and issued a citation for unlawful hunting without first obtaining permission for the landowner and a written warning for unlawful hunting without obtaining Harvest Information Program Registration.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates received numerous complaints throughout DuPage County regarding sick or sick-looking coyotes.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates received a call from a DuPage woman regarding a great horned owl nest in a tree that was marked for removal. CPO Gates reached out to local police for their assistance with a drone to verify the presence of an active nest. The investigation is ongoing.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff conducted a deer permit investigation on a subject in Carlinville. The subject was interviewed about discrepancies in the point of sale system and admitted to giving his deer permit to his brother-in-law. The brother-in-law shot a deer and left it untagged in his truck. He then tagged the deer with a permit just purchased. A citation was issued to the subject.

In Morgan County, while conducting a coyote hunting enforcement detail near Meredosia, CPO Gerdes came upon a large group of trucks along the roadway actively engaged in coyote hunting. CPO Gerdes approached one of the vehicles and heard the distinct sound of rounds being ejected from a pump-action shotgun coming from inside the vehicle. It was then found the driver had been driving around with a loaded and uncased shotgun. The hunter was cited for the violation. The other hunters in the group were in compliance with the rules and regulations associated with coyote hunting.

In Sangamon County, CPO Filipiak responded to a landowner who stated they observed an individual field dressing a deer on the City of Springfield property near Riverton. The individual identified the license plate. With the assistance of the Riverton Police Department, the driver of the vehicle was identified. A confirmation with the complainant was made that the individual in the picture provided was the individual field dressing the deer. After a short investigation, the vehicle and the suspected individual were located and interviewed. The individual did not have a hunting license and eventually admitted to shooting the deer at 10 p.m. the night before. The individual trespassed on multiple properties, including the City of Springfield property, to locate the deer the following day. Multiple violations were identified and addressed as followed: Unlawful take of whitetail deer outside of legal hunting hours, unlawfully hunting with no valid hunting license, unlawful take of white-tailed deer, unlawfully hunting without permission, failure to immediately tag white-tailed deer upon kill, unlawful transportation of an uncased bow and arrow, unlawful use of field tip arrows while hunting white-tailed deer, failure to report harvested white-tailed deer by 10 p.m., trespass to real property, unlawful operation of a motor vehicle while license suspended.

In Clark County, CPO Hyatt received information from a Clark County resident who found a pile of mallard ducks that have been breasted out and dumped. The landowner did not have a time frame of when the ducks could have been dumped but offered to place a trail cam on the field lane to get possible pictures if subjects return.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Clinton County, CPO Macias was contacted about a possible deer baiting incident from a landowner who was hunting a parcel of land next to the alleged subject. Pictures were taken after the baited harvest and were shared with the CPO. The CPO went out to the area of the crime and a pile of corn was seen next to the stand that was allegedly used. An investigation is pending.

In Jefferson County, CPO Williams responded to the Rend Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area for the report of a waterfowl hunter who had experienced the symptoms of a heart attack. The hunter had been transported by ambulance to the emergency room where they were treated and later released.

In Effingham County, CPO Smith confiscated a leg-hold and conibear 220 trap. The traps were untagged and in an area where the person did not receive permission to trap them.

In Marion County, CPO Smith issued a written warning to a deer hunter for parental responsibility. The person’s child mistakenly killed a basket-rack buck deer during the late-winter antlerless season. The deer was taken by CPO Smith to a meat processor where it was donated.

In Jackson County, CPO G. Anderson and CPO Johnson responded to a waterfowl complaint near the Jackson/Perry County line. CPO Anderson heard a gunshot approximately 15 minutes after the legal shooting light very close to his location. A group of four waterfowl hunters were contacted very soon after the gunshot. After thoroughly interviewing the hunters, it was determined the late gunshot was one of the hunters attempting to shoot a beaver from a boat. A total of four citations and nine written warnings were issued for wildlife offenses.

In Jackson County, CPO Johnson and CPO Anderson were patrolling the Campbell pond area. They heard late shots and waited for the subject to return to the cabin. The subject returned by boat and was in possession of 15 ducks. The ducks were in a large pile and not separated. A further check revealed the following violation. No hunting license, no hip, no federal stamp, no state stamp, unplugged shotgun and loaded with 4 shells more than 1⁄2 hour after sunset, multiple boating violations, hunting from a conveyance, and unlawful take of beaver. The subjects were issued four citations.

In Johnson County, CPO Prasun has been working on an extensive investigation where numerous deer were killed illegally over a four-year period. This investigation involved at least four offenders and occurred in Johnson County along with another county in northern Illinois. CPO Prasun recently obtained charges in Johnson County for the main offender in this case. The charges consisted of nine counts of unlawful take of white-tailed deer along with one count of a violation of the firearm owner’s identification act. Charges are pending for the remaining offenders in this case.

In Pulaski County, CPO Vasicek arrested two subjects from Georgia spotlighting in Pulaski County during November 2021. Lights were being shined from a vehicle onto both private and Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge property. Subjects were transporting uncased weapons as well. This case was adjudicated in January 2022. 

In Crawford County, CPO Willand received information of a deer harvested without valid archery permits in November. CPO Willand made contact with the suspect and through an interview, received a complete voluntary confession. The individual was cited and the unlawfully harvested white-tailed buck was seized as evidence.

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