Thursday, February 9th, 2023
Thursday, February 9th, 2023

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Orleans County (New York) Fishing Report – February 15, 2022

Thanks to a return to cold temps and snowy weather, trib flows retreated for the beginning part of this week. This up and down would be mostly unnoticed under ice cover anyway, except for on the Oak. There was a few more inches of snow and more Lake Effect Snow showers are expected today here on the immediate Lake Plain. Forecast is for a warmup with temps around 50°F (and wind) for the mid week and chance of rain on Thursday. If the forecast is realized, with especially significant rain, there is the chance for high or blown trib flows. It is unknown for now if it will be enough to completely open up all the waterways.

The forecast after the warmup for the end of week/beginning part of the weekend is back to cold temps with snow on the backside of the rain – so the up and down, 2 – 3 day cycle will continue. Flows in the Oak are about medium and barely stained with about 2 feet of visibility for now. All the water is open to fish with some bank ice here and there in slack water areas. Bankside movement may be hard in spots if no trail is broken already.

Fishing pressure is real light, with one or two guys reporting a few fresher-looking steelhead hooked up. New migrations of fresh fish could come anytime during this part of the season with good flows or especially with any bump up in trib flows. More then likely flows will be on the rise in the near future and hydro managers could bump flows up beforehand in anticipation of higher run of the river flows to come. We had higher then average Fall water flows previously and there’s good likelihood we’ll have higher then average late Winter water flows in the near future or even thru the Spring. High water drifting as long as its not blown might be the name of the game!

— Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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