Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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2022 motors to get your boat motivated

By Dan Durbin
Contributing Writer

From new motors to new devices that help charge your motor to easier rigging options, 2022 has a variety of power solutions to help you get – and stay – on the water. While there will be motors to be had this year, keep in mind that the bulk of the motors available are being allocated to drop on new boats, so repowering your older boat might be a bit
more tricky.


Suzuki is providing simplified rigging for a wide range of boat builders, along with silky-smooth shifting, instant throttle response, with its drive-by-wire technology in its new DF115BG and DF140BG four-stroke outboards. It’s the first in its class to offer the benefits of this technology in the 115HP and 140HP inline four-cylinder models. 

Enhancements to Suzuki’s new DF115BG/DF140BG go far beyond the integration of drive-by-wire technology. An upgraded compression ratio of 10.6:1 helps these new 2.0-liter displacement outboards achieve better top speed and acceleration by improving thermal efficiency. Fuel efficiency also has been increased as compared with Suzuki’s existing models – as much as 5% to 7% better fuel efficiency.

Other improvements include a 40-amp alternator on both models that delivers improved output and battery-charging performance at low idle speeds – ideal for today’s power-hungry fishing boats and those who spend a lot of time trolling.


The newly upgraded 4.2L V MAX SHO is designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for charging amperage while maintaining that same raw power and reliability you’ve come to expect from Yamaha. There are 200, 225, or 250 prop-shaft horsepower models. They feature a bold and aggressive new look and produce up to 70 gross charging amps, a full 40% more than before. In addition, they can be equipped with an optional isolator lead to better charge hours for trolling batteries.

Also new is the exclusive TotalTilt feature. With a double tap of the trim button, the Next Gen 4.2L V MAX SHO will tilt from its current position to full tilt up (or to tilt limit setting, whichever is lowest), or down to the engagement of the trim rams without further interaction by the operator. Movement can be stopped anywhere in between by pressing the tilt button again during this operation, so there’s no more having to hold the trim button, making for easier trailering and storage.


Mercury’s 7.6‑liter V12 600hp Verado outboard is the world’s first V12 outboard and features a naturally aspirated, large‑displacement, quad‑cam powerhead that generates impressive torque to get heavy boats out of the hole and on plane quickly.

It’s also the industry’s first two‑speed automatic transmission that optimizes engine rpm according to workload, facilitating powerful acceleration and highly efficient performance at cruise.

It’s also the first steerable gearcase on an outboard that pivots independently underwater while the engine’s powerhead remains in a space‑saving fixed position. This provides more room for multi‑engine configurations and a wider steering angle for agile handling. With help from contra‑rotating propellers, it also has better “bite” in the water for docking and other close‑quarters maneuvering.


The Honda BF115, BF140, and BF150 high-power outboards mark the newest evolution in the company’s product line, integrating a host of class-leading features and benefits.

All three models are available in either mechanical or drive-by-wire operation and can fully interface with the newly introduced HondaLink Marine, a smartphone app that connects consumers to their boats 24/7, no matter where they are. 

Minn Kota

Lithium batteries bring numerous advantages over more traditional marine power options, including reduced weight and longer run times. But these advantages come with the possibility of damaging batteries through over-or under-charging. Minn Kota’s new line of Precision On-Board Chargers takes the guesswork out running lithium power and maximizes the life of 12-volt (LiFePO4) marine lithium batteries.

Enhancements to the line, optimized for 12-volt lithium (LiFePO4) batteries, include charge profiles specifically formulated for the high demands of lithium batteries. The new chargers can even wake lithium batteries from standby mode unlike traditional charging methods, which can require a more manual process.

Motor Guide

The MotorGuide Tour Pro is the only true cable steer with Pinpoint GPS anchoring, meaning you can stay on structure and fish, even in currents and wind. Features like Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock, and Cruise Control are fishing-friendly, and with a 360-degree breakaway mount, the Tour Pro is built for tough conditions and surprise rocks and stumps.

A rugged two-piece shaft features an oversized stainless-steel outer column and an unbreakable inner composite shaft with lifetime warranty.

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