Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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New York/Orleans County Fishing Report – December 8, 2021

So much for the hope of drying out some. A little more precipitation from the end of the past weekend and beginning part of this week has bumped up the trib flows slightly. Seasonably cold is forecast thru about mid week so those bumped up flows are already on the retreat though. Tough time of the year for any serious drying out since everything will wind up essentially as runoff. Forecast ahead is for snow showers today, chance of area wide snow tomorrow and then another warmup for the end of week. Less then 1 inch of snow accumulations are expected here on the WNY’s Lake Ontario Plain.

Fishing pressure is light all around and no significant icing conditions are hindering drifting chances. Any below freezing night could make for some skim ice or chunky flows in an exposed waterway like Sandy. Flows in the Oak are still humming along at slightly high consisting of a good head of turbine water. Anglers are toughing it out for a few bites daily on browns or steelhead. There is some downstream frog water action. It might take lots of bobber watching or a few cast and retrieve/swing presentations to hook up on a post spawn brown or staging steelhead. The other area smaller tribs have medium+ and slightly stained flows. Best chance at hookups is going to be covering different spots on the same trib and/or moving around to different tribs. A few guys report their hookups include at least one real good big fish. Keep in mind that any good or better action that might come on will be tough to know about with such light fishing pressure. The only sure way to know is to get out there and make a few drifts.

Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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