Weird feeling hunting a Pennsylvania Sunday

11 29 Pa Sunday Hunting

I must admit that I never really had any true desire to hunt Sundays in Pennsylvania my entire hunting life. Not that I felt, nor feel now, that there is anything amiss, nor just plain not-right about doing so. It just really always came down to welcoming a Sunday morning sleep-in, followed by a day doing something else that wasn’t hunting related.

But when the statewide additional Sunday of archery hunting came along on Nov. 14, I happened to be at camp in Tioga County doing exactly that, bow hunting for whitetails.

I decided to take advantage of this added opportunity and rise early Sunday to hunt. I chose to hunt camp property, of which I am a member, and therefore part owner not in need of a document with signed permission by the owner to hunt on the property.

Add the fact that a couple of inches of fresh snow covered the ground, and the new experience of hunting a Pennsylvania Sunday was well underway when I closed the camp door in darkness, and headed for a favorite spot fully dressed in warm camo.

As legal shooting time came, I could make out the merging of three deer trails 50 yards below where I had climbed a ladder stand the camp has stationed for member hunting.

It surely caused a small rush of excitement as I was positive I would be sighting moving deer that morning while in the stand. It never happened.

Deer must have stayed put wherever they had bedded, as deer often do. Yet, the strange feeling of hunting these animals at this place on a Sunday would pop into my head at varied times, allowing me to experience something I’ve never felt in my entire life hunting deer in the northern reaches of Pennsylvania.

Now rifle season is near for hunting deer in Pennsylvania. There is an additional first Sunday after the Saturday opener statewide this gun season, one which I most likely will not hunt. That is my choice, and being able to hunt anytime I wish makes it all that much easier.

But for those who welcome the added chance, I say good luck, and enjoy the day. They should consider they owe a moment of thanks to state lawmakers who worked to ensure a few Sundays were added for hunting, and also give thanks to the Game Commission for choosing days that fit into busy schedules allowing for a chance at harvesting whatever game they are seeking.

I fully enjoyed that Sunday at camp, and I’m thankful that chance came along at the time it did.

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