Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Pro Tip of the Week: Silk jig trailer latest ice fishing innovation

(Photo courtesy of Clam/Ice Team)

By Dave Genz

A friend of mine and I recently came up with the latest twist to the ice fishing tackle world, the Silkie Jig Trailer. These strands of silk held together by a silicone bead can be attached to your jig hook to mimic the natural actions of aquatic bugs that fish like to eat.

The silk strands don’t look like much until you put them in the water. Then it absorbs the water and adds like-like action to your jig. It will also hold scent. They pulsate in the water no matter how still you are holding your jig.

I like the lighter colors early in the ice season such as white, yellow and chartreuse. We will get into spring before the darker colors like brown and black become more effective.

Another tip, avoid running a hook through the part of the silicone bead housing the silk strands. You don’t want to hook it through the silk or it won’t work properly.

If you put three of those silk beads together on a hook, it kind of looks like the body of a bug. And don’t be afraid to trim those strands to your taste with a pair of scissors.

Dave Genz invented the Clam Trap and continues to get on the ice as much as he can. He’s planning on being at the Clam booth on Saturday, Dec. 4 of the St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show.

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