Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – October 15, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Boone County, CPO Swanson completed a sportfish enforcement detail throughout Boone County. She issued no fishing license citations to two Belvidere men, a Rockford woman, and two Rockford men. The two Rockford men also had an over-limit of fish and undersized fish per the city’s regulations. A Garden Prairie man was issued a citation for not having a PFD while kayaking the Kishwaukee River. 

In Mercer County, CPO Priest stopped a boat on the Mississippi River Pool 18 Mercer County with CPO McKune. The boat operator displayed signs of impairment and admitted to drinking. CPO Priest asked the operator to put a life jacket on and step into his boat. CPO Priest ran the operator through fields. The operator was arrested for OUI. The operator was processed and released on the scene.

In Rock Island County, CPO Priest stopped a car at Sunset Marina for failing to signal. CPO Priest asked the female to step out of the vehicle and sit in the squad with him. The female admitted to driving while suspended. CPO Priest asked the driver if there was anything in the vehicle the K9 would alert to when it got here. The female admitted to having cannabis hidden under the cup holder in the center console. CPO Priest found approximately 5 grams of cannabis. The female was issued a citation for driving suspended and a civil citation for the cannabis.

In Stephenson County, CPO Hoftender received a complaint about an opossum in a live trap that had not been removed for a few days. CPO Hoftender located the opossum and released it. The landowner was educated about needing a removal permit and the living with wildlife website. CPO Hoftender issued the Freeport man written warnings for failure to tag trap and no license.

In DeKalb County, CPO Engledow received a call from Dekalb County of an individual shooting a high-powered rifle in the Kishwaukee SFWA towards a residential area. Upon arrival, CPO Engledow met with Kirkland PD Officers and Dekalb County Deputies who had the subject detained. CPO Engledow interviewed the subject and it was determined the subject received information from an online website that he believed he could be shooting a rifle in the park for target practice. CPO Engledow educated the subject to check with DNR sites before going off of another source. The subject was issued a citation for Unlawful Possession of a Rifle in a State Park.

Northeast Zone –
Capt. Eric Schreiber

In Will County, while patrolling state property in Will County, CPO Prasun observed a boat being operated on a river with two children under thirteen years old who were not wearing personal flotation devices (PFD). After conducting a boat safety check, the operator was issued a citation for the PFD violations and written warnings for having uncovered battery terminals and no boat registration.

In Will County, while patrolling department property in Southern Will County, CPO Prasun encountered a visitor who had possession of a live invasive species. Upon interviewing the subject, it was determined he had planned on transporting the species to another body of water several counties away the following day to use them as bait. The subject was issued a citation for Unlawful Possession of Live Injurious Species. 

In Cook County, CPO Gates was performing sport fish enforcement when he came across an inflatable pool raft on a body of water within Poplar Creek Forest Preserve in Cook County. That specific location does not allow any fishing or water usage.  CPO Gates contacted Cook County forest preserve PD who met with CPO Gates. Before CCFPPD arrived, the individual was able to retreat into the heavily wooded forests surrounding the water. CPO Gates and the CCFP officer attempted to locate the man but were unsuccessful. 

In Cook County, CPO Farrell and CPO Vik were on patrol at William Powers State Park and received a complaint that a group of fishermen had alcohol in the park. Once the CPOs approached the group no alcohol was initially found. One individual stated he lost his keys and was trying to leave. CPO Farrell walked around the possible area they were fishing and located half of case of cold Michelob Ultra beer. A citation was issued for unlawful possession of alcohol in the State Park.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell and CPO Longley conducted multiple interviews at a country club in Cook county regarding harassment of Canada Geese and raccoons. It was discovered that an employee had used his dog to harass Canada Geese on the golf course, and no raccoons were involved. Two citations were issued, and the employees were educated on how to handle issues like this in the future.

In Cook County, while on patrol CPO Kater received a call about an individual poaching deer out of a Cook County forest preserve. She met with Cook County Forest Preserve officers at the individual’s home and observed a dead fawn with three arrows in it. After speaking with the individual CPO Kater Seized the fawn and the individual’s crossbow. He received citations from the forest preserve officers as well as three citations and four written warnings from CPO Kater.

Central Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley responded to property damage only boat accident on Pool 20 of the Mississippi River. A WaveRunner hit another WaveRunner and the offender fled the scene.  CPO Wheatley went to a nearby beach and investigated a WaveRunner matching the description of the offender.  CPO Wheatley was met with some mildly aggravated people on the beach, but was able to calm the area and conduct his investigation; however, due to the nature of the crowd, he contacted officers in Missouri where the owner resided.  A Missouri Game Warden inspected the suspected WaveRunner and found it could not have been involved in the incident.  CPO Wheatley is still unable to find the offending WaveRunner but is happy to entertain information related to the incident.  

In Cass County, While patrolling Jim Edgar Panther Creek, CPO Wahlbrink discovered two teenagers fishing without licenses at Prairie Lake. After speaking with the individuals, it was evident they were new to the sport. They were educated on the importance of purchasing fishing licenses and issued written warnings. 

In DeWitt County, CPO Ausmus received a case disposition on four subjects that were cited for unlawful entry to a closed area and failure to immediately release short crappie. Each subject was issued two citations and appeared in court. The four Chicago area men plead guilty to failure to release short fish and were fined $232. The unlawful entry charge was dropped. 

In DeWitt County, CPO Ausmus received a case disposition from late winter where a poacher was charged with two counts of criminal trespassing and two counts of hunting without permission of the landowner. The subject was caught two days in a row on the property without permission. The subject plead guilty to one count of Hunting Without Permission and was sentenced to 12 months of supervision and ordered to pay $689 in fines and fees. 

In Vermilion County, CPO Sanford investigated the theft of multiple catalytic converters from State lands in Vermilion County.  The investigation is still ongoing.

In Vermilion County, while on patrol, CPO Sanford located four individuals in possession of alcohol where prohibited on State lands.  The individuals were educated as to the regulations and proper enforcement action was taken.

In Vermilion County, CPO Vaughan, CPO Sanford, and CPO Ausmus investigated a fatal boat accident involving a kayak in Vermilion County.  CPOs assisted the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office dive team with rescue and recovery operations.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Clinton County, CPO Macias was contacted by the IDNR watercraft division concerning a subject living in Northern Illinois who needed help registering a boat he wanted to buy. The issue was the individual was from Honduras and only spoke Spanish.  Working together with the CPO, the individual, and the DNR watercraft division assisted with the proper procedures for purchasing a boat that had not been registered since 2005.

In Jefferson County, CPO Teas utilized sonar to assist District 14 CPOs in locating a missing person in Jefferson County.  CPO Tapley & CPO Williams assisted in the location of a vehicle in rural Jefferson County which had been swept off the roadway during recent flash flooding. The victim and occupant of the vehicle were recovered the following day when waters receded and conditions were safe to make a recovery.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis was patrolling Pyramid State Recreation Area when he recognized a subject he knew to be on parole and a registered violent child sexual predator.  Additionally, he was speaking with a group of kids, all under the age of 10.  CPO Lewis arrested the subject for being present in a public park.  Felony charges for his approaching the juveniles are pending with the Perry County State’s Attorney.

In Effingham County, While on boat patrol at Lake Sara with Sergeant Buhnerkempe, CPO Roper observed a watercraft traveling across the lake with a white all-around light that wasn’t visible from every direction. CPO Roper and SGT Buhnerkempe initiated a boat stop on the watercraft to conduct a boat safety inspection, and address the lighting violation. While conducting the safety check, CPO Roper observed multiple containers of open alcoholic beverages onboard the boat. CPO Roper became concerned with the boat operator’s level of impairment and began field sobriety testing. Upon completion of Field Sobriety Testing, it was determined the operator was under the influence of alcohol and was arrested for Operation of a Watercraft Under The Influence of Alcohol. CPO Roper also issued a written warning for the lighting violation. The individual was released and given a mandatory court date in Effingham County Court.

In Fayette County, While on patrol at Vandalia Lake CPO Roper observed two individuals fishing from the bank. CPO Roper initiated a fishing compliance check on the individuals. It was discovered one of the individuals did not possess a valid fishing license. CPO Roper issued the individual a citation for fishing with no valid fishing license.

In Fayette County, CPO Smith and CPO Roper were working in Vandalia Lake. Both officers observed two fishermen fishing at the ski area. CPO Smith issued one of the fishermen a citation for fishing without a sportfishing license.

In Jasper County, CPO Smith observed a side-by-side ATV traveling on a township road near Newton Lake. CPO Smith activated his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop. CPO Smith approached the vehicle and spoke to the driver and passenger. CPO Smith inquired about alcohol and both pointed to something underneath some items in between them. They removed the items and CPO Smith observed two open containers of an alcoholic beverage. CPO Smith issued one citation each for unlawful transportation of open alcohol in a vehicle and one written warning for operating an ATV on the roadway.

In Jackson County, CPO Wilkinson and CPO Wolf were requested to respond to Kincaid Lake for a boat accident that had occurred. Wilkinson and Wolf arrived on the scene. The boat had wrecked into the levy of the Kincaid Spillway. The investigation leads to the operator being charged with the careless operation and written warnings for various other violations.

In Jackson County, CPO Wolf and Wilkinson along with SGT. Taylor responded to a late-night boat accident on Kinkaid Lake. The operator of the boat hit the rock spillway at speeds greater than 20 MPH. The accident was caused due to operator inattention. All occupants of the boat stated they were using a spotlight along the bank looking for “BigFoot”. The operator was cited for careless operation and also warned for boating equipment violations.

In Pope County, While on patrol, CPO Wilkinson heard State Fire Marshals and Pope County Sheriff’s Office were investigating an arson. A house and detached garage were caught on fire and the suspect fled the scene. The incident occurred around 0900 hours. At approximately 1300 hours, CPO Wilkinson was traveling southbound on Bay City Road when he passed a pedestrian walking on the side of the road. Considering the earlier incident in Pope County, CPO Wilkinson contacted the Sheriff and determined the Arson suspect was still at large and was given a description. The pedestrian matched the description. CPO Wilkinson performed a pedestrian stop and confirmed the subject to be the suspect. An arrest was made, and the suspect was transported to the Pope County Sheriff’s Office. State Fire Marshals took over custody and are conducting the investigation. 

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