Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – October 1, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In LaSalle County, CPO Filipiak was conducting sport fishing compliance checks at Starved Rock State Park. Upon approaching three individuals one male subject fled into the nature preserve. Upon backup arrival, the individual was tracked through the nature preserve, located, and arrested for obstruction by a police officer. The individual stated he ran because his fishing license was expired. 

In LaSalle County, CPO Filipiak conducted fishing compliance checks on water street in Peru and identified multiple individuals fishing on the docks at South Shore boat club. Multiple individuals were unlawfully fishing from the Consolidated Grain barge docks. Eight people were issued citations for the violations.

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn was informed of a truck stuck along the Illinois Riverbank.  The operator was a Manito resident and had been informed on several occasions not to trespass on the Spring Lake Bottom levees.  CPO Finn met with the operator and informed him he would be responsible for paying for the removal of the truck as well as would be receiving a citation for Trespassing.  The truck operator has a mandatory court date in Tazewell County. 

In McDonough County, CPO Elliott patrolled Spring Lake Park near Macomb, IL. During the patrol, CPO Elliott checked a fisherman who did not possess his fishing license. CPO Elliott agreed to follow the subject to his camper to retrieve his fishing license for inspection. A written warning was issued to the subject for not having his fishing license in possession while fishing.

In Peoria County, CPO Lazzell cited a fisherman at Banner Marsh SFWA for failing to release a slot limit Largemouth Bass and no valid boat registration. Multiple warnings were issued for boat safety equipment violations.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPOs Iaffaldano and Davis were notified of an injured swan on the Chain O’ Lakes.  With the help of a good Samaritan boater, the CPO Iaffaldano was able to gain control and transport it onto the boat and into a pet carrier.   The swan appeared to have extensive head injuries but was transported to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation.   

In Winnebago County, CPO Swanson assisted Michigan Conservation Police with a deer poaching case that occurred in November of 2020. CPO Swanson interviewed a 21-year old Machesney Park man who admitted to harvesting a 7-point buck in Michigan without a hunting license and tagging the deer with another’s tag, both of which are illegal. Charges and restitution are pending in the county the violations occurred.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland was called out early on a weekend morning for a hunting w/o permission complaint.  Three subjects were found to be pigeon-hunting w/o obtaining permission from the landowner.  Citations were issued.

In Winnebago County, CPO Engledow and CPO Alvarez conducting a Sport Fishing Enforcement detail on numerous locations along the Rock River from Rockford to South Beloit. While conducting the Sport Fish Enforcement multiple individuals were checked. A total of 9 WWs were issued. 8 WWs for No Valid Fishing Licenses and 1 WW for Failure to Tag additional Sport Fishing Device with name and address. Additionally, 1 citation was issued to an individual for Failure to Immediately Release Small Mouth Bass Under Legal Size Limit.

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano responded to a complaint of a Montgomery man unlawfully possessing an alligator in his residence. The alligator was seized as the subject did not have a Special Use Permit as required. The resident also returned wanted on a warrant out of DeKalb County for failure to appear on drug charges and was arrested.

In Will County, CPO Prasun encountered a vessel on a river that did not have its navigation lights illuminated between sunset and sunrise. As it drew closer, CPO Prasun noticed a four-year-old child was on board and was not wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) as required. A subsequent boat safety check revealed the operator had not been wearing a safety cut-off lanyard and there was no sounding device on board. The operator was cited for the PFD violation and given a written warning for the remaining violations.

In Will County, While patrolling a river in Will County, CPO Prasun made contact with two vessels. After a brief investigation, it was determined one fisherman on each vessel had chartered a company and paid them to use their guide and equipment to fish the river. The operators of the boat did not have the proper licensing through the department and were subsequently cited for Unlawfully Operating a Watercraft Carrying Passenger For Hire Without A License and given written warnings for Personal Flotation Device violations.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates received information that a farmers’ market vendor was selling game meat. CPO Gates walked local farmers’ markets in attempts to locate the unknown vendor. The meat vendors CPO Gates came across denied and did not advertise any selling of game meat. Future attempts will be made. The investigation is ongoing.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta arrested two subjects, issuing them 37 citations and 3 written warnings in total.  Both subjects violated multiple statutes in the Herptiles-Herp Act and the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act. Some of the violations included: propagation of native species, possession of Illinois threatened species without a permit, Commercialization of wild-caught Illinois species, etc. This investigation spanned over 2 years and involved multiple organizations, several herptiles were seized throughout this investigation.

Central Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Jersey County, CPO Gushleff was contacted by ISP late one night about a stranded boater in the Mississippi River. CPO Gushleff attached to his boat and headed to the river. CPO Gushleff was met by 2 Jersey County Deputies to assist on the water. A fishing boat came to the dock and also helped CPO Gushleff in locating the distressed boat. After finding the boat, it was learned the 23-foot boat broke down and attempted to paddle to shore but got stuck in shallow water and could not get free. The flat bottom fishing boat was able to get in and pull the boat out to CPO Gushleff’s boat. The distressed boat was then towed into Piasa Harbor. All passengers were unhurt but admitted they were stuck for hours before they called for help. The boat owner stated he just bought the boat and had limited boating experience. He was not impressed with boating after the incident.

In DeWitt County, CPO Noah Workman #580 was checking fishermen at the Clinton Lake Spillway and observed 2 males fishing.  When CPO Workman asked for a fishing license both men said they did not have them.  CPO Workman ran both males and found one to be a violent sexual predator and the other wanted on a warrant for battery.  CPO Workman referred one subject for charges of being in a park as a violent sexual predator and arrested the other for a warrant.  

In McLean County, CPO Z. Williams responded to a battery complaint at Moraine View State Park. A female was fishing late at night all alone when an unknown male walked up behind her and grabbed her arm. The female pulled away and the unknown male fled to his vehicle and drove away at a high rate of speed. CPO Z. Williams arrived and took a statement. The female was picked up by her husband shortly after.

In Mason County, Sgt. Gilmer and CPOs, Gerdes, Snodgrass, and Wahlbrink patrolled the Illinois River during the annual Redneck Fishing Tournament held in Bath. CPOs Wahlbrink and Gerdes investigated a boat accident that occurred on the last day of the tournament. No injuries resulted from the accident, but significant damage occurred to one watercraft.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Randolph County, CPO Williams patrolled the ATA Grand trapshooting event at the World Shooting Complex. While patrolling a subject was observed sitting in the parking lot observing the shooting line. It was discovered the subject had a prior felony conviction, Order of Protection, and driver’s license suspended. The subject was later observed driving a vehicle and stopped. No firearms were found in the vehicle and the reason they were present at the event was determined. The vehicle was towed and the subject was released on a Notice to Appear for driving on a suspended license and no insurance. 

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner issued a citation to a fisherman for illegally stocking fish into a lake without the landowner’s permission. The pond is part of a local 4-H property that spent several thousand dollars on removing invasive/damaging fish and restocking it according to the Illinois DNR Fisheries Biologist recommendations, (which did not include crappie). The subject dumped a cooler of live crappie from a different body of water into a 4-acre lake owned by the 4-H organization without their permission. Crappie can overpopulate very quickly and are not recommended for stocking in waters less than 25 acres.

In St. Clair County, CPO Reeves and CPO Viverito conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in Frank Holten State Park.  During the stop, open alcohol was observed in the vehicle.  A further search of the vehicle revealed firearm ammunition in the center console.  The male driver who had a suspended driver’s license did not have a FOID card to possess the ammunition.  The man was issued a citation for the unlawful transportation of alcohol.  Addition charges are pending review of the investigation by the State’s Attorney.

In Hardin County, CPO Wilkinson conducted a joint investigation with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife regarding an illegally taken bobcat. The investigation concluded a subject unlawfully took a bobcat in Illinois and transported it to a taxidermist in Kentucky. The bobcat was seized and citations were issued.

In Marion County, CPO Swindle and CPO Gushleff inspected two pedestrians fishing Gran Marias boat ramp.  The male subject did not have a fishing license.  A LEADS inquiry revealed a warrant and identified the male as a sexual predator. A search of the vehicle discovered paraphernalia with fentanyl residue. The bag containing the paraphernalia belonged to the female subject.  She was advised of her rights and confirmed the paraphernalia belonged to her.  Further search provided credit cards with various names.  The warrant was valid, St. Clair declined to extradite.  The male was issued an NTA for being in the state park in violation and written warnings for no fishing license, no valid insurance, and open container.  CPO Swindle and CPO Gushleff stood by until transportation arrived to transport both subjects. 

In Jackson County, CPO G. Anderson and CPO Spinka conducted a boat patrol at Kinkaid Lake.  A boat stop was conducted on a boat with 4 young males fishing.  The CPOs contacted the vessel and discovered only 1 occupant had a fishing license.  While going through the boat safety inspection, cannabis and alcohol were discovered as well as a shortage of life jackets.  All 4 males were under the age of 21 and each of them received citations. 

In Pulaski County, CPO Spinka received a call about an unknown bird of prey that was injured. CPO Spinka arrived and identified the bird as a Mississippi Kite. The Kite was transported to Carterville to be rehabbed.

In Clay Coounty, CPO Smith is investigating a minor timber theft about two neighbors who are in dispute with one another over a tree that was cut down. One neighbor is alleging that the other falsely reported the tree belonged to him and had the power company cut it down. Investigation pending.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis assisted the Du Quoin Police Department with a stolen bicycle investigation.  A Du Quoin officer spoke with a suspect he found in possession of a stolen bike when he observed several IDs and credit cards in a storm drain.  When questioned by the officer, the subject confessed he found the wallet and dumped its contents into the storm drain because he wanted to keep the wallet.  Neither the victim of the bicycle theft nor the wallet owner wished to sign a theft complaint.  However, CPO Lewis cited the subject for pollution of waterways and littering for his dumping the wallet contents into the storm drain.

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