Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – September 17, 2021

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In LaSalle County, CPO Martin responded to a complaint regarding an out-of-state resident fishing from the LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station area of LaSalle Lake which is restricted. LaSalle Station security discovered the fishermen while doing perimeter checks. The individual said he was unaware he was fishing at a Nuclear Powerplant. He did not have a fishing license. The violations were addressed. 

In LaSalle County, CPO Martin responded to a call of a Monte Carlo that had been parked overnight at the Illini State Park boat launch with occupants. There is a camping area at Illini State Park, the remainder of the park, to include the boat launch, which closes at 10 PM. When CPO Martin approached the vehicle in the afternoon, she observed a female sleeping in the passenger seat and a male sleeping in the back seat with a small dog. The occupants of the vehicle stated they were just visiting for the day. They both were suspended drivers and stated they had a friend driving them around who was walking around the park. They were advised they could not stay overnight in that area of the park. Their “friend” was never found.

In Carroll County, while conducting boat safety inspections at a ramp along the Mississippi River, CPO Teas observed a subject having difficulty backing his trailer to the ramp. After getting his trailer in the water, the subject exited his vehicle and began talking to the CPOs. It was determined that the man was intoxicated, and he was arrested for DUI. The man refused to provide a breath sample.

In JoDaviess County, CPO Hoftender and CPOT Doescher conducted fishing compliance checks at Hanover Bluff. One fisherman was found to not have her fishing license on her person, even though she said she had purchased a license. CPOT Doescher checked the POS system and found that the woman’s fishing license was revoked for child support. She was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

In Ogle County, CPOT Hyatt and CPO Beltran arrested a Maple Park man for operating a boat under the influence and careless operation after he crashed his boat into a tree on the Rock River. The female passenger was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The operator refused to submit a breath sample. With the assistance of the Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office, CPOT Hyatt prepared a search warrant to obtain a blood sample. After the warrant was issued, a forced blood draw was performed at the hospital. The operator was booked into the Ogle County Jail on a Class 4 felony.

In Winnebago County, CPO Roesch, CPO Alvarez, and Sgt. Wire responded to a call at Rock Cut State Park about individuals shooting air guns. CPO Roesch located the individuals responsible. CPO Roesch located 2 paintball guns in the car and detected a smell of burnt cannabis coming from the car. CPO Roesch also observed a bottle of open alcohol on the floorboard of the car. CPO Roesch conducted a vehicle search and located marijuana and a loaded handgun in the center console. The gun was rand through LEADS and was not stolen. The individual who owned the handgun had a valid concealed carry out of Wisconsin. The handgun was taken apart and placed in the trunk of the car. CPO Roesch issued 3 citations (alcohol in a state park, civil cannabis violation, and shooting an air-powered gun in a state park). 

In Christian County, CPOs Macias and Wichern conducted a recreational boating and OUI patrol on Sangchris Lake. During the patrol, they issued citations for catching sunfish with a casting net, no PFD on a two-year-old child, no boat lanyard, and illegal transportation of an open alcoholic beverage in the launch parking lot. Several written warnings were issued for short crappie, no lanyard, no Type IV throwable, no boat lights, unnumbered motorboat, no fire extinguisher, and no sounding device.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Reid responded to a complaint in the campground of Illinois Beach State Park. A camper had open alcohol and was melting down extension cords and other rubber-coated wire to remove the copper for scrap. It was discovered the individual had an outstanding arrest warrant out of Lake Co on a $20,000 bond. The individual was arrested for the outstanding warrant and transported to the Lake County Jail.

In Kankakee County, while on patrol at the Kankakee River State Park, CPO Elliot located a vehicle that had driven down a horse/hiking trail and parked near a popular fishing area. Citations and warnings were issued to two fishermen for fishing without a valid 2021 Illinois fishing license, unlawful possession of alcohol in the park, and unlawful operation of a motor vehicle in the park. CPO Elliot continues fishing checks, many warnings have been issued for no valid 2021 Illinois fishing license.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland received complaints that an airboat operator was running an illegal, unlicensed business and giving airboat rides up and down the Fox River. The investigation conducted by CPO Bergland and Sgt. Wollgast revealed that the operator did not have the proper license to conduct this type of activity, and charges are pending for numerous violations.

In Will County, CPO Bergland and Sgt. Wollgast responded to an ongoing complaint of loud music coming from several different boats that were parked on an island on the Kankakee River. Several boat owners were advised of the possible ramifications if the situation continued.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell was on patrol in Worth when he located a fisherman in Worth Lake, a restricted area. CPO Farrell drove to the other side of the lake and walked into the timber where it was assumed the fisherman went in. CPO Farrell discovered a trail and a large cut in the chain-link fence and went to go make contact with the induvial. CPO Farrell saw that the individual approaching him, CPO Farrell hid behind a clump of trees to ensure a good location of initial contact. The individual walked past CPO Farrell and along the fence. CPO Farrell made contact and the individual stated he knew he wasn’t supposed to be in there but had been fishing here since he was a kid. He also informed that there were other places to get inside the fence and that many people fish there as well. The individual was issued one citation and one WW.

In Cook County, CPOT Prasun conducted fishing compliance checks at Powder Horn Lake. One fisherman was issued a written warning for no fishing license. In a separate incidence, several fishermen were checked at a different location. One was found to be fishing with too many fishing poles, and appropriate enforcement action was taken. A second individual was found to have alcohol in a restricted area, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, CPO Gates was on boat patrol on the Chicago River over the weekend along with CPO’s Kater and Waigand. During the patrol, CPOs performed over 20 boat inspections. Minor infractions were corrected with verbal and written warnings ranging from: No sounding device, battery terminals not covered, battery not secured, no throwable PFD, improver display of registration, and improper passenger location while the vessel is underway. Citations were issued for no valid registration, not enough life jackets on board, improper life vest for a child, and “no wake” zone violations.

Central Zone – Capt. John Williamson

In Hancock County, CPO Blazinic responded to the Mississippi River near Hamilton, IL. to assist CPO Wheatley with a boat accident. Two (2) individuals catfishing near the Keokuk Dam took several large waves over the stern of their boat. The boat swamped in approximately (3) three to (4) four feet of water. The occupants were able to call 911 and were rescued by Keokuk Fire. CPO Wheatley is handling the investigation.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley completed his investigation on a dumping case in Panther Creek in Bowen. Through a lot of legwork, computer work, and speaking with neighbors, CPO Wheatley was able to identify possible suspects that lived near the dumping area. CPO Wheatley conducted a short interview with the suspects and was able to gain a confession. CPO Wheatley issued a citation for the unlawful dumping and the subject will have his day in court. 

In Jersey County, CPO Michael Goetten stopped a truck with no registration at PMSP. The driver unlawfully possessed cannabis in the vehicle. The passenger was wanted on a Jersey County arrest warrant. A search of the vehicle revealed a container with crystal methamphetamine and three containers with liquid methamphetamine. The total weight of the methamphetamine was 90 grams. The driver was cited and release. The passenger was arrested on the warrant and possession of 15-100 grams of methamphetamine.

In Coles County, CPO Moody cited an Arthur man in Humboldt for hunting rabbits out of season. The man received written warnings for hunting with no license or habitat stamp and hunting within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling.

In Cumberland County, CPO Hyatt assisted an elderly resident with contacting a nuisance trapper and local hunters with a coyote problem she has been having recently. The resident has lost several chickens and has had her dog attacked within several days of each other.

In Moultrie County, CPO Moody responded to the Kaskaskia River after a man backing his boat into the river ended up with the truck in the river as well. The truck came out of gear and the current carried the truck downstream about 50 yards until it was fully submerged. The dive team assisted in hooking up the tow line and removing the truck, trailer, and boat from the river. The man was uninjured.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner and CPO G. Anderson investigated a complaint of a possible over the limit of crappie that occurred in Jackson County. Multiple interviews were conducted and no fishing violations were discovered. Instead, the CPOs received a confession about a violation of not reporting harvest during turkey season. The hunter was cited for the offense. 

In Hamilton County, CPO Jourdan cited a former Hamilton County resident for killing a deer in December of 2020 without a deer permit. The case stemmed from a complaint. The man had recently moved out of state. CPO Jourdan spoke with the man over the phone and he admitted killing the deer without a permit and driving to town to get a permit. In Coles County, CPO Mieure observed subjects checking bank poles on the Embarras River. A fishing compliance check was conducted, and one man was found to be wanted on a Coles County warrant. The man was arrested and transported to the Coles County Jail.

In Clay County, CPO Smith received a complaint from the site superintendent of Flag Pond S.N.A., regarding damage to the boundary signs defining the park property and private property. Apparently, the farmer of the private property knocked down several signs with his farm implement and crossed over and tilled park property. This situation is ongoing since last year where CPO Smith spoke to him about farming too close and damaging signs. CPO Smith issued a citation for tilling up flora-fauna and a warning for damaging the signs. 

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers had an abandoned vehicle towed from the boat ramp parking lot at Kaskaskia River State Fish and Wildlife Area. The vehicle’s owner was identified, and a citation was issued.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers was contacted by site technician at Baldwin Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area regarding a boat that had not returned to the ramp, and the park had closed. While CPO Sievers was at the boat ramp, the boat returned to the ramp. The couple in the boat had been fishing and did not know the park hours. One citation and seven written warnings were issued for the park, fishing, and boating violations.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers is investigating a case involving a pistol that was found by a contractor who was working at the Randolph County State Recreational Area.

In St. Clair, CPO Ray arrested two subjects at Frank Holten State Recreation Area for fishing without a valid license. One subject was wanted on six warrants out of St. Clair County. The subjects were taken to jail and charged with resisting arrest and fishing without a valid license.

In St. Clair, while patrolling Frank Holten State Recreation Area, CPO Schachner checked a fisherman who did not have a fishing license. The subject was also wanted on warrant, possessed alcohol in a closed area, and possessed drug paraphernalia. He was arrested and transported to jail.

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