Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Pro tip of the Week: Find current, find catfish

By Brad Durick

Years of guiding experience: 14

Favorite waterbody: Red River of the North

It should be “go” time up here on the Red River of the North for us catfish guys, but the low water has fish pretty spread out and those fish are not feeding too much.

We did get some rain in recent weeks, and that should improve fishing a little. I have been fishing above dams as far south as South Dakota.

But the key, right now, is finding current. If you can find some current, you will find some fish. Days are getting shorter and water is getting colder. All this adds up to is a stretched out winding-down period.

But there is still some time to get into some catfish. Live leopard frogs or cut-bait has been the ticket. Use imaging software to position yourself right where the cats are sitting, and have fun with what is left of the season.

Durick is a fishing guide on the Red River of the North. Call him at (701) 739-5808.

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