Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – September 3, 2021


Spooner Team/July

Warden Dustin Gabrielson, of Webster, investigated an ATV and UTV crash. It was determined the crash occurred because the UTV operator had been operating carelessly and was cited for careless operation.

Wardens Gabrielson and Chris Spaight, of Grantsburg, responded to an ATV and pickup truck accident near Devils Lake in Burnett County. The ATV rider had failed to yield to the motor vehicle.

Warden Gabrielson received a call about a fawn being held in northern Burnett County. Gabrielson contacted the individual and discussed the rules related to possessing a fawn. The fawn was returned to the area from which it was taken.

Warden Pete Carlson, of Frederic, contacted a septic truck operator because there was no cap on a pipe on the rear of his septic truck. Septic waste was leaking out of the uncapped pipe and onto a business parking lot where the truck was parked.

Wardens Carlson and Jesse Ashton, of Luck, contacted three individuals fishing from a boat in Polk County. There were no life jackets in the boat.

Wardens Joshua Loining, of Rice Lake, and Pete Wetzel, of Amery, contacted a person operating a motorboat on Chetek Lake during hours of darkness with his boat’s docking lights activated. The operator was arrested for operating a motorboat while under the influence. Wardens Loining with Jon Hagen, of Spooner, stopped another boat operator on Long Lake for the same reason, and that boat operator was arrested for operating under the influence.

Warden Loining and a Barron County deputy contacted a man operating a jet ski at speeds greater than no-wake within 100 feet of another jet ski. The operator was arrested for boating OWI. 

Warden Loining got a call of two ATV riders and a dirt bike rider operating recklessly in the city of Barron. Loining located the group on an ATV trail, and saw one ATV rider doing reckless maneuvers. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Jon Hagen, of Spooner, was the first of several officers to arrive to a call of shots being fired near people tubing on the Namekagon River near Trego. Officers found some targets in the area and determined someone was target shooting without a backstop. Consequently, the bullets came close to striking the tubers on the river.

Warden Hagen followed-up on a self-inflicted gun shot incident. A man trapped a chipmunk and then used a .22 rifle loaded with bird shot to attempt to shoot the chipmunk. He accidently shot his own hand while holding onto the cage. The man was treated for the injury.

A Siren police officer stopped three UTVs operators on Hwys. 70 and 35 in Siren. Wardens Ashton and Gabrielson, along with a Burnett County Sheriff’s Department deputy, responded to assist. Ashton, the county deputy, and the Siren police officer each arrested an UTV operator for operating while under the influence of an intoxicant. 

Wardens Gabrielson, Spaight, and Ashton responded to a boat rage incident that occurred between two boaters on the Clam River near Siren. Gabrielson arrested the operator of a pontoon boat who had intentionally rammed another boat several times after the two boat operators had words with each other about a no-wake violation by the pontoon operator.

Warden Ashton took enforcement action against a woman for fishing without a license. A Polk County Sheriff’s Department deputy arrested the woman for possession of methamphetamine and for having two warrants. The deputy also cited her male companion for operating a motor vehicle while suspended.

Warden Spaight followed up on a deer registration violation. Spaight discovered two people had harvested three bucks and none were registered.

Warden Spaight stopped an aquatic vegetation harvester from continuing his operations on a Burnett County lake until he received a permit. 

Warden Spaight was patrolling ATV routes when he observed two people traveling on an ATV, and the youth was not wearing a helmet. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Gabrielson and Spaight stopped two ATV riders who were traveling 50 mph on Hwy. 35 in Danbury. The wardens discovered one of the operators was in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Gabrielson and Spaight responded to a truck and ATV crash near Webster. A juvenile passenger, who was wearing a helmet when the crash occurred, was thrown from the ATV and landed in the middle of a four-way intersection. Although the helmet sustained damage from the crash, the juvenile walked away with minor injuries. 

Wardens Mike Melgaard, of Spooner, and Ashton responded to an early morning fire that burned a historic shelter building at Interstate State Park in Polk County.

Warden Adam Stennett, of Spooner, stopped a UTV operator in Barnes for having a juvenile in the UTV who was not wearing a helmet. Stennett found the child was 5 years old and the adult guardian had a helmet for the child at the cabin. 

Warden Stennett stopped a UTV operator in Iron River for allowing children to ride in the UTV without helmets. Stennett found the operator’s two 3-year-old passengers were in “car seats” in the backseat of the UTV. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Stennett stopped a UTV rider for traveling over the posted 25 mph Douglas County highway ATV/UTV speed limit on Hwy T. Stennett found the operator had not taken a UTV safety course, as required.

Antigo Team/July

Warden Alek Henseler, of Forest County, responded to a call from the Forest County Sheriff’s Department regarding a UTV rollover near Pickerel. Henseler assisted with patient care and scene security.

Warden Kelly Crotty, of Florence County, taught archery skills to 40 middle school students in the Florence County Outdoor Adventures summer school program.

Woodruff Team/July

Warden Tim Ebert, of Minocqua, responded to a call from an apartment caretaker who had trapped a raccoon that had been getting into the garbage. The caretaker had not planned on what to do with a captured animal. Ebert assisted the caretaker.

Warden Matt Meade, of Boulder Junction, responded to a call of a boat crash on a Vilas County lake. Meade determined the operator had operated negligently, including at faster than no-wake speeds within 100 feet of shore, resulting in the boat crashing into the dock and shoreline. Multiple citations were issued.

Wardens Tim Otto, of Rhinelander, and Curt Butler, of Merrill, patrolled an Oneida County lake during Fourth of July festivities. Upon contact with one boater for a navigation light violation, the wardens found the operator to be intoxicated. Upon arrest, the operator stated he was likely the most sober of the group. The wardens were able to safely return the boat and the remainder of the occupants to shore.

Wardens Justin Bender, of Three Lakes, and Bob Kneeland were patrolling the Manitowish Waters chain when they observed a pontoon boat traveling faster than no-wake speeds in a restricted area. Upon contact, they noticed the operator showed signs of impairment. Field sobriety testing indicated impairment and the boater was arrested for operating while intoxicated. Enforcement action for boating OWI second offense was taken.


Peshtigo Team/July

Warden Clark Delzer, of Shawano, investigated a boating accident where the operator lost her balance and fell into the middle of the boat. She was unable to reach the throttle or key before hitting a large tree.

Warden Delzer responded to a call of a trapped owl at a farm. Delzer arrived to find a great horned owl trapped inside a silo. He climbed the silo, captured the owl and returned with it to ground. The owl was uninjured and flew away.

Warden Paul Hartrick, of Oconto Falls, was on Oconto River patrol when he saw a boat with too many people aboard. The warden contacted the vessel that had eight passengers in the six-capacity boat – and equipped with only four PFDs. During the safety check Hartrick found a glass pipe used to smoke marijuana. Hartrick checked the operator for impairment and found him to be impaired due to drinking alcohol. Enforcement action was taken against the operator for OWI.

Warden Tim Werner, of Crivitz, reports his bear poaching investigation from 2020 was adjudicated in Marinette County Circuit Court in July. The defendant had harvested several bears intentionally in the wrong zone over numerous years. The defendant was found guilty and fined $3,573, revoked of all DNR licenses for three years, and forfeited a black bear mount and skull. 

Wardens Tim Werner and Dale Romback, of Wausaukee, investigated a call of illegal camping on the Peshtigo River State Forest in Marinette County. The wardens determined the person was camping on the Peshtigo River State Forest because of a previous domestic incident. Upon contact, he was found to have numerous DNR, drug and vehicle violations. Enforcement action was taken for all the violations and the person was turned over to Marinette County Sheriff’s Department for domestic charges. 

Warden Werner investigated the littering of furniture and household items on DNR property in Marinette County. Werner determined several individuals had deposited the garbage on state property. Enforcement action was taken on all individuals involved. 

Warden Werner participated in the national campaign, Operation Dry Water, that focuses on boating under the influence enforcement. Werner had numerous contacts and arrested one individual for boating OWI on High Falls Flowage.

Green Bay Team/July

While patrolling the Fox River the Fourth of July weekend in Green Bay, wardens Amanda Kretschmer, of Green Bay, and Jeff Lautenslager, of Peshtigo, observed a boater running at a speed greater than no-wake. The operator was found to be operating while intoxicated.

While patrolling the Fox River the Fourth of July weekend in Green Bay, wardens Amanda Kretschmer and Marcus Medina, of Green Bay, observed a boat being operating without displayed registration. The boat operator was found to be operating while intoxicated and was arrested.

Warden Kretschmer investigated a complaint of a person harvesting a turkey without having a license this past spring. The hunter had harvested a turkey in Dane County using a relative’s spring turkey authorization. The hunter did not have a turkey license, turkey stamp or spring turkey harvest authorization. The hunter’s relative gave the hunter permission to use his spring turkey harvest authorization, turkey license and turkey stamp. The turkey was also not registered.

Marine Enforcement Team/July

Warden Mike Neal, of Bailey’s Harbor, responded to two boating-related rescue calls for individuals in distress and involving two other vessels that ran ashore.

Wardens Adam Strehlow, of Milwaukee, and Ryan Propson, of Green Bay, responded to a water rescue call for two women stranded on paddleboards north of Milwaukee. The Glendale Police Department located the women one-half mile away from shore by using a drone. The wardens were able to get them in a boat and back to shore.

While working patrol on the Milwaukee River associated with the Milwaukee Bucks playoff games, wardens Adam Strehlow and Sam Haferkorn rescued a person from the Milwaukee River who was drowning. Quick action saved a life.

While traveling on I-43, warden Isaac Hackett, of Sheboygan, observed a car pass him with no tail lights illuminated. Hackett obtained permission from the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department to stop the vehicle. Hackett detected the odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle. The deputies took over the investigation and took enforcement action for marijuana and open intoxicants in the vehicle.

Warden Hackett located a vehicle stopped in the middle of the on-ramp lane on I-43 in Ozaukee County. The operator was passed out in the vehicle and was unresponsive. Hackett used his baton to attempt to break the window. The individual regained consciousness, but was disoriented and lethargic. Medical staff determined the individual was dehydrated and sleep deprived.

The Marine Warden Unit participated in a patrol for intoxicated boaters called Operation Dry Water. They were involved in several boating OWI arrests and issued more than two dozen citations for boating violations, such as failure to complete boating safety, operating faster than no wake, operating too fast near shore, operating without navigation lights, or having inadequate or no PFDs.


Warden Jonathan Kaiser, of Waupaca, worked with warden Jeff Nieling, of Fremont, on a case involving an individual found to have hunted waterfowl without a license. The same individual also used an unlawful trap for nuisance trapping with another individual who shot a deer with a handgun during closed season and without having a license.

Wardens Jonathan Kaiser and Zachary Seitz, of Shiocton, and the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department patrolled the Wolf River in Fremont during the Fourth of July. In addition to enforcement action for boat registration and safety violations, two individuals were arrested for operating a motorboat while intoxicated.

Wardens Mary Bisch, of Appleton, Seitz and Kaiser were asked to assist multiple Appleton-area law enforcement agencies with a search for individuals who had committed an armed robbery.

After working with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and DNR enforcement staff, warden Kaiser closed a case involving a multi-state retailer unlawfully selling a prohibited invasive species with an agreed-upon resolution reached by all parties.

Warden Kaitlin Kernosky, of New London, and a Waupaca County deputy contacted a boater on the Wolf River near Fremont for having expired registration. The operator was arrested for boating OWI. The person also was charged with resisting or obstructing an officer.

Wardens Kernosky, Seitz and Nieling participated in Waupaca County Meet the Fleet event in Weyauwega.

Warden Brad Latza, of Berlin, attended National Night Out in Princeton with warden Molly Detjens, of Wautoma. Wardens handed out freeze pops and safe boating gear to area kids who participated in a casting for accuracy game. 

Warden Benjamin Mott, of Wautoma, observed a vehicle approaching from behind him at high speed on a state highway. The vehicle passed Mott in a no-passing zone and on a curve, leaving one county and going to another. Mott followed the vehicle that stayed at a high rate of speed (75 to 80 mph in a 55 mph zone) going into the next county. Mott observed the vehicle pass more vehicles in a no-passing zone. Mott was requested to stop the vehicle while a sheriff’s deputy was on the way. Mott stopped the vehicle. The deputy arrived and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Mott was traveling on the Waupaca Chain of Lakes when an area officer radioed that he needed help arresting an individual seen looking in homes and vehicles. Upon arrival, two area officers had two individuals detained. One individual was uncooperative while Mott was able to obtain some name information from the second individual. The first person was arrested. Mott was asked to assist at the jail where the person continued to be uncooperative for a short time.

Warden Mott was asked to assist with a three-vehicle accident where a semi-tractor crossed the center line after the driver fell asleep briefly and struck an oncoming truck. The third vehicle avoided the collision by driving into the ditch, but that maneuver also caused damage to that vehicle. Mott assisted by talking to them as witnesses and documenting the damage on the vehicle for the sheriff’s department.

Warden Mott worked with an elk farmer who had his fence cut, allowing 15 to 20 elk to roam the landscape outside the fence. Mott worked with the farmer for several days to get his elk back in the fence. The intentional damage to the fence was reported to the sheriff’s department.

Warden Detjens saw a UTV operating on the roadway with an illegal rear license plate. Detjens also saw an infant child in the front seat of the UTV without wearing the required headgear. The operator said he did not know the infant needed to wear the safety head protection. However, Detjens also found this same individual had been stopped the previous week and cited for the identical violations. Enforcement action was taken again.

Wardens Detjens and Kneeland joined the Wautoma team to patrol the Waupaca chain fireworks display. Afterwards, Detjens and Kneeland observed an operator who violated the no-wake rule. The operator said he was not aware of wake restrictions on the Waupaca chain. He also showed signs of impairment and was tested. Enforcement actions were taken, including for operating while impaired.

 Lake Winnebago Team/July

Wardens Michael Disher, of Chilton, and Ted Doellman, of Sherwood, took enforcement action against multiple riders with expired vehicle registrations at High Cliff State Park. They also took action for expired driver’s licenses, failure to stop at stop signs, being in the park after hours and failure to buy an admission sticker. In one vehicle, the odor of marijuana was detected and a search revealed marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 

Warden Disher was patrolling Lake Winnebago and saw a kayaker about one-third mile off shore and paddling hard in 16 feet of water. A steady northeast wind appeared to be blowing the kayaker out into the lake. The kayaker had no PFDs on board. A loaner PFD was provided and the kayaker was escorted back to shore. 

While patrolling High Cliff State Park, warden Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, observed a couple of vehicles parked near the back of a parking lot. When Higgins approached, the persons nearby got into their vehicles and began driving away. Higgins observed one vehicle did not have a valid park admission sticker displayed and had expired license plates. Upon contact, Higgins determined the driver did not have valid registration or insurance for the truck as he recently purchased it. He was also revoked for a prior OWI conviction and was required to have an ignition interlock in the vehicle.

Warden Higgins investigated a complaint of captive Canada geese. He observed the geese in a pen from the road and later contacted the owner, along with DNR wildlife staff. The person said he picked up the eggs while fishing in Oshkosh and hatched the geese. His plans were to eat the geese. The geese were transported to Eldorado Marsh where they were released.


Lower St. Croix Team/July

Warden Kyle Kosin, of Pierce County, and Pierce County Sheriff’s Department deputies worked a recent spree of motor vehicle and UTV thefts in Pierce County.

Warden Kosin responded to a pursuit of a stolen vehicle by the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin State Patrol near Elmwood. Kosin arrived as the suspect crashed and was taken into custody. Kosin transported medical staff to the crash scene, which was off-road.

Warden Kosin contacted multiple operators on the Mississippi River for violating no-wake areas.

Wardens Jaime McDermid and J.J. Redemann, both of Dunn County, were on Tainter Lake when they saw a boater running about 10 to 15 mph in a no-wake area. After stopping the vessel, the wardens determined the group did not have PFDs on board. After conducting field tests, the wardens arrested the operator for OWI.

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