Time to accept the truth about climate change

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For every hunter and fisherman out there who denies climate change is real and affecting water, land and the outdoors in general — and I know plenty — please read some of the substance in a study on global warming reported by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership — a true friend of hunters, anglers and outdoor people.

According to the document posted in the TRCP:

  1. Steady rising temperatures, periods of lengthy drought and shortened wet seasons have dried much of the Prairie Pothole Region, where large numbers of waterfowl raise broods.
  1. As sea levels continue to increase — and they are — they displace critical marshland, home to many bird species and other animal life. Rising seas also destroy numerous fish spawning grounds with increased wave action and high tides.
  1. Large-scale flooding and record-high king tides have overtaken some streams and rivers, increasing salinity in fresh water, and decreasing some salmon and trout populations where that has occurred.
  1. Western big game animals, such as elk and deer, are experiencing concurrent heat waves, extended drought and dangerous fire conditions that not only hurt their migration corridors, but also disrupt the act of migration itself. These changing climate problems also hurt their seasonal habitat, areas where these animal secure their needed food supplies at different times of year.

I sense a change in climate myself. Local thunderstorms rage with high winds and heavy rain much more often than I knew in the past. Tornado warnings; they are a forewarning, that in my lifetime I never even heard of, that is until recently. Some have even touched down close by, causing horrific damage.

I rarely burn wood in October any longer, not needing to until November. And now, instead of stopping the fires by March, the seasons seemed to have shifted, and April sees a bunch of cold nights where some heat is needed.

Unsurprisingly, there are those who say they’ve experienced a past year of cold, or perhaps rainy weather, and this proves that climate change science is wrong, or even plain “whacky science,” as some believe. Often, they’re confusing weather events with climate change. More often, and for some strange reason, they tend to dismiss science and research in its entirety.

This is worrisome, because their lives are the way they are in today’s world because of science — from their cars to their homes to their food, and much more. They  do not believe in knowledge and fact, even when it’s right in front of their eyes.

If you’re an outdoor person, and the above facts reported by our outdoor friend TRCP, mean nothing to you, believe as you wish. But remember, just because you’re capable of denying and rejecting a truth, doesn’t mean it’s not a truth. Eventually, we all face the same problems, nonbelievers included.

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