Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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Michigan Fishing Report – August 11, 2021

Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie: Anglers are finding some walleye out from the Fermi Power Plant in deep water. Anglers were having limited success catching some yellow perch out in front of Luna Pier using minnows, and 3 miles out from Sterling State Park using drop-shot rigs.  Bass anglers did well catching largemouth bass in Brest Bay along the shore and around Point Mouillee.

Lake St. Clair: Yellow perch numbers have been high near Gull Island, Strawberry Island, Muscamoot Bay and off Buoy B near the North Channel mouth. Smaller numbers have been caught off 9 Mile Road and in the Dumping Grounds in 15-18 feet of water using worms and minnows. Bluegill fishing has picked up in Muscamoot Bay, Anchor Bay and Fisher Bay with worms. Walleye anglers have been successful trolling at the mouth of the South Channel near St. Clair Light and the Dumping Grounds in 14-20 feet of water, with some being caught in Anchor Bay. Musky anglers have been successful off the Clinton River and Metro Park in 12-15 feet of water. A few musky have also been caught in the mouth of the South Channel. Musky angling has been better for those casting lures. Bass anglers have been doing well between 9 Mile and the St. Clair Light, and in Anchor Bay in 9-14 feet of water. A few were also being caught along the Metro Park shore and on the South Channel flats.

Harbor Beach: Lake trout have been taken straight out and north of the harbor in 120-200 feet of water using dodgers with spin-and-glows and spoons off downriggers. Anglers fishing from halfway down to the bottom have been doing the best. Steelhead and a few salmon have been taken in 95-150 feet of water using 7, 9 and 10 color lead core lines with bright-colored spoons and body baits. Some walleye were taken in 80-120 feet of water in areas north of the harbor using small spoons, crawler harnesses and body baits. Orange, green and yellow colors have been working well. Try some 10 color lead core line. Anglers have been catching bass in the harbor close to the shore while casting small body baits.

Saginaw Bay: Fishing was mostly slow for walleye on the eastern side of the bay. A few walleye were caught in shallower areas in the weeds, out in the slot, near sailboat buoy A and east of the shipping channel in 25-30 feet of water. Some walleye were caught in front of Finn Road on crawlers in 8-10 feet of water. Anglers fishing in 14 feet and less of water were reporting better fishing. Anglers trolling crawler harnesses were catching more walleye. Yellow perch anglers were finding limited success in the old shipping channel. Most of the perch were caught on minnows, and some were using crawlers on perch rigs.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

Grand River Grand Rapids: Anglers have reported catching some nice channel catfish primarily during the evening. Try fishing on cooler and cloudier days when targeting catfish.

Grand Haven: A good mix of salmon and trout have been caught 80 feet down to the bottom in 120-200 feet of water. Green flies and rigs tipped with bait have worked well along with glow spoons. Pier action has been slow, with a few largemouth bass and freshwater drum being caught on white jigs. Fishing early and late have been the best times to catch fish.

Hardy Dam Pond: Anglers have been doing well fishing for walleye with limit catches ranging between 19-26 inches while using minnows 2-3 inches long. Anglers have also been catching smallmouth bass in the same areas as walleye. Bluegill fishing has been good for anglers fishing deeper in the water column about halfway down with worms.

Muskegon: The salmon and trout action has been fair over the past week, with most fish being caught 80-150 feet down in 100-200 feet of water. Anglers using glow spoons, j plugs and various bait have been catching salmon. Spin-and-glows trolled along the bottom have been producing lake trout.

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Cheboygan: Anglers were catching mixed limits of Chinook salmon and lake trout. Anglers were catching Chinook salmon near the Cheboygan River mouth trolling spoons tipped with cut bait and while using flashers in 60 feet of water. Fishing below the Cheboygan River dam has been a little slow, with an occasional rock bass and smallmouth bass being reported.

Hammond Bay: Anglers were catching a mix of lake trout and walleye near 9 Mile Point, with lines scattered throughout the water column. Anglers were having the best luck catching lake trout while fishing in 60 feet of water and using spoons and flashers. Fishing near the Ocqueoc River mouth has been sporadic for smallmouth bass.

Rogers City: Cooler water has been returning close to shore, which should help improve fishing. Anglers are primarily focusing on Chinook salmon fishing, where the bite has been inconsistent. Anglers fishing in 40-100 feet of water running lines throughout the water column have had some success. Anglers have been using a wide variety of lures such as spoons, j plugs, flashers or attractors with flies, squids and cut bait. The early bite at 5 a.m. and after sunset have been the best times to catch fish. Anglers are also having some success catching lake trout, walleye, steelhead, Coho salmon and Atlantic salmon.

Rockport: Anglers have been doing well fishing for lake trout, steelhead, pink salmon, Coho salmon, walleye and an occasional Chinook salmon near the Nordemeer wreck. Anglers have been doing the best when running lines throughout the water column. Lake trout have been caught near the bottom using attractors with spin-and-glows. Spoons have also been working well for some species. The best colors have been green, orange, silver, blue, black, white and glow colors early and late. Walleye were being taken in 15-50 feet of water using body baits and crawler harnesses.

Alpena: The better fishing action has been by anglers trolling spoons at various depths up to 200 feet of water, but most commonly around 100-140 feet of water. Anglers have been catching mixed-bag limits of lake trout and steelhead along with various species of salmon. Walleye fishing has been slow, with only a few anglers reporting some success. Anglers trolling body baits or crawler harnesses targeting walleye have been doing well.

Higgins Lake: Some nice rainbow trout were being caught in 40-45 feet of water by anglers using spoons, Rapalas and spinners. Lake trout were being caught in water 80 feet and deeper. Try fishing early in the morning using silver streaks, Rapalas, jigs and Sweedish Pimples. Anglers have been doing well fishing the breaks for smallmouth bass. Yellow perch fishing has been variable, with some nice-sized fish being reported. Northern pike fishing has been slow; however, try fishing at night, when the waters settle down from all the activity.

Houghton Lake: Anglers have been doing well walleye fishing, with many greater than 15 inches being caught by those using crawlers and leeches. Bluegill fishing has been good in water 10-12 feet deep and using a bobber to keep the bait about 5 feet above the bottom. Some nice smallmouth and largemouth bass were being caught as well.  Try fishing East Bay, Long Point and off the lighthouse. The northern pike fishing has been slow.

Thunder Bay River: Anglers have been using stick baits, body baits and spinners as well as drifting leeches and night crawlers to catch bass, northern pike, freshwater drum and walleye with varying degrees of success.

Oscoda: Some lake trout, steelhead and pink salmon were being caught by boating anglers in the area. Salmon anglers have been trolling spoons of various colors around 120 feet of water for the best action. Anglers fishing off the pier were catching bass, freshwater drum, a few walleye and an occasional catfish by floating leeches and night crawlers. Some anglers have reported doing well fishing with drop-shot rigs for catfish.

Au Sable River: Anglers were continuing to have success fishing for bass, northern pike, panfish and catfish. Casting and trolling body baits has been the most common technique among anglers. Anglers using night crawlers or cut bait around dusk have been catching some catfish.

Tawas: Boat anglers caught walleye near buoys 4 and 6 in 15-20 feet of water with crawlers and hot-n-tots. Some steelhead, Coho salmon, lake trout and walleye were caught out past buoy 2 in 60-90 feet of water using spoons, body baits and crawlers.  Pier anglers caught some rock bass, largemouth bass and yellow perch while using crawlers and body baits. Pier anglers at Gateway Park on the Tawas River caught bluegill, rock bass, yellow perch and largemouth bass with crawlers, spinners and body baits.

Au Gres: Boat anglers caught some walleye in 12-15 feet of water while using crawlers and crank baits. The fishing has been a little slower this past week, but some decent catches are coming from down near the Pine River area out toward the catfish hole and the Saganing Bar. Dock and shore anglers on the Pine River caught some bluegill, rock bass and yellow perch while using crawlers.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Harbor Springs: Some anglers reported catching nice bass in the harbor. Anglers fishing north of 5 Mile were catching lake trout. The weather in this area has limited fishing opportunities.

Frankfort: Anglers have been catching Chinook salmon throughout the day out front and in the harbor. The early morning bite has been the best time to fish. Spoons and j plugs have been popular lures. Coho salmon, steelhead and lake trout have all been in the mix as fishing activity has been improving. A few Chinook salmon have been reported at Homestead Dam in the Betsie River in low numbers.

Charlevoix: Chinook salmon fishing has been variable with some anglers reporting catching a couple fish. Anglers were catching fish in 70-80 feet of water. Lake trout were being caught at North Point and near the cement plant in 125-140 feet of water. Fish have been on the bottom and 20-30 feet above the bottom. Anglers report catching smallmouth bass of various sizes in the channel while fishing the bottom with worms and leeches.

Petoskey: Anglers are catching Chinook salmon and lake trout from outside of the breakwall down to 9 Mile Point fishing 60-80 feet down in 120-130 feet of water. Lake trout were being caught near 9 Mile Point and to the north of Harbor Springs. Anglers were fishing Bay Harbor for smallmouth bass and were doing well. The Bear River has not been good as of late due to the recent heavy precipitation and high flows, which has limited angling opportunities. Anglers fishing in the mouth of the Bear River (the bobber hole) have been catching smallmouth bass, rock bass and small panfish. Some yellow perch and rock bass were caught on the clock dock by anglers fishing worms with and without bobbers.

East Grand Traverse Bay: A few salmon have been caught along the west bank near Center Road launch and on the east side of the bay around Deep Water Point. Try using a heavy spread of flashers and flies and spoons when targeting salmon. Bass fishing has slowed down, but a few were being caught in 10-20 feet of water. Lake trout fishing has been slow, with a few being caught by anglers jigging and trolling in 90-150 feet of water.

West Grand Traverse Bay: A few salmon have been reported in the hole in front of the Boardman River and in front of the white wall on the west side of the bay. Lake trout fishing has been slow, with a few being caught in 120 feet of water. Bass fishing has slowed down recently, and the yellow perch have not shown up yet.

Manistee: Chinook salmon and Coho salmon were caught along the shelf, both north and south of town in 100-200 feet of water. Anglers were having good luck using j plugs, flies, rigs tipped with bait and spoons while fishing deep in the water column. A few steelhead and lake trout were being caught as well. Pier angling was a bit slow.

Ludington: Chinook salmon and Coho salmon were being caught out from the projects, straight out from the harbor and Big Sable Point. Anglers were doing well and catching limits of salmon fishing in 100 feet of water while using j plugs, flies and baited rigs. Try fishing early in the morning and late in the evening for the best opportunity to catch fish.

Onekama: Anglers have seen some success while trolling in 90-130 feet of water and working the top 50 feet, as the temperature break has moved up to 35-40 feet down.  Anglers using flies, bait rigs, spoons and plugs are all getting bites.

Upper Peninsula

Ontonagon: Fishing has been slow out of all ports this week due to low fishing pressure and bad weather. Some anglers were picking up lake trout toward the end of the week, fishing out around 100 feet of water while trolling spoons. The Ontonagon River fishery has been producing some keeper walleye and a lot of smaller fish. Trolling and jigging have been the most common techniques for catching fish.

Black River: The Black River Harbor is open again, and a few anglers have been returning to fish there. Fishing action has been a little slow, but they are picking up a few decent-sized lake trout and the occasional Coho salmon mixed in. Anglers have been going out 1-8 miles and have been catching fish at various depths.

Keweenaw Bay: Anglers have been bringing in fish on days when weather is cooperating. The catch has consisted of lake trout, Chinook salmon and Coho salmon.  Reports coming off the water suggest that the Chinook and Coho fishing will continue to pick up in the coming weeks. Most fish were caught while trolling in shallower water, but not exclusively. Trolling in the early morning has been better than other times.

Marquette: Fishing has been good over the past week, with reports of limits of lake trout with a few Coho salmon in the mix. The Coho salmon fishing is expected to pick up.

Au Train: Fishing has been a little slow, with a few lake trout being reported.

Munising: Fishing pressure has been low for boat and shore anglers. Anglers were primarily targeting lake trout, with average catches of three to six lake trout per trip. The best areas for boating anglers have been near White Rocks, West Channel and toward Wood Island Reef. A few splake have been caught, but the bite has been slow over the past week. A few anglers have been targeting coho salmon with a little success.

Grand Marais: The fishing pressure has been slow, with a few boat anglers trolling within the harbor for northern pike and coho salmon with very slow action. A few boats have been out for lake trout and reporting limits from Five Mile Reef and Au Sable Light Station near the breaks. Most fish have been averaging 3 to 4 pounds.

Little Bay de Noc: Walleye fishing has increased over the past week, with anglers having some success when trolling or jigging. Anglers trolling crank baits have been seeing more bites. Try locating baitfish if you can and focus on that area to increase your odds of catching fish. The yellow perch fishing has been slow.

Big Bay de Noc: The smallmouth bass fishing has been good. Most anglers have been targeting fish along the drop-offs. Some good catches have been reported out of Nahma and Garden. Anglers fishing in Fairport have been catching salmon and steelhead. Anglers launching out of Fairport in a northeasterly heading toward Manistique have had some positive reports. Anglers catching smallmouth bass have been doing well drifting crawlers or by casting soft plastics.

South Portage Entry/Big Traverse Bay: Coho salmon numbers coming off the water have increased, and anglers report more hits on lines as well. Chinook salmon and coho salmon have been caught more, and the lake trout catch has remained consistent.  Most fish were caught by anglers trolling out away from shore. Fishing should improve as the winds die down. Jigging in deeper water at times can be good, and anglers who troll near structure can see higher catch rates.

St. Ignace/Les Cheneaux: Anglers were catching a few yellow perch and walleye at the Carp River. Anglers are targeting salmon in the St. Ignace area; however, the bite has been very slow. In the Les Cheneaux area, anglers have been doing well off the pier in Hessel fishing for yellow perch. Northern pike fishing has been steady throughout the area.


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