Take a moment to thank those who have ensured our outdoor, overall lives

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It seems that in America today we often tend to forget the rights and privileges we have been granted since this country was first created, and the people we owe thanks to for those blessings, both in the past and alive today.

Too frequently, American’s will argue over a perceived correct opinion versus a perceived wrong one — completely forgetting that the act of argument itself is a precious right. It’s a right the people of this country have enjoyed since that long-ago congress penned the freedoms that must be upheld to assure the citizens of the United States can live life as  free people with liberty and justice.

Of course, to protect and keep those rights and freedoms, a steep price had to be paid throughout our history in the form of wars and conflicts against those who would enjoy ending our way of life and disbanding our freedoms. Those battles in some form or another still exist today, and may never end. But as long as people are willing to be a part of America’s armed services, and ready to defend our rights at any cost, our country will survive.

I, too, as an outdoor person, have been guilty at times of forgetting why we have the right to awake in the morning and choose to hunt or fish, or walk a secluded path into vast tracts of public land just for the sake of seeing wild things. I often forget also, the simple enjoyment and soothing effect the freedom of being outdoors has on one’s well being, instead choosing to become involved with arguments about the best way to manage and oversee those pursuits.

Much too often I have taken game from woods and fields, or fish from clean waters, without stopping to think about all the men and women who have served, and often died in that service. And, of course, many still do serve to ensure we can experience the pleasures we feel when we venture outdoors.

I do not believe it is asking too much for all people of this country, whether you’re an outdoor person or not, to give a moment of quiet thanks this Memorial Day to those who have made all our freedoms possible, and still do.

I know I will, for it is the least I can do.

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