Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 19, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Mercer County, CPO McKune and CPO Thompson investigated and charged a Mercer County man for unlawfully poaching a 9-point buck. The Mercer County poacher was issued multiple citations and a 9 point buck was seized as evidence. The Mercer County poacher was assessed a civil penalty of $5,500 for unlawfully harvesting the buck in addition to the cost of citations.

.In Ogle County, CPO Beltran conducted several investigations regarding deer permit violations. Subjects in Byron, Stillman Valley, Lena, Freeport, and Oregon received citations and deer meat was donated to the local hunger programs.

In Ogle County, CPO Peecher and CPO McKune responded to and investigated a snowmobile accident which resulted in a man being airlifted to OSF in Rockford. Multiple arrests for Operating a Snowmobile Under the Influence of Alcohol were made. CPO McKune made the arrest of a Rochelle man for Operating a Snowmobile Under the Influence of Alcohol.

In Jo Daviess County, CPO Hoftender and CPO Swanson completed an administrative investigation on a Galena man. It was determined he failed to tag four deer, he illegally possessed a salvage deer, and he failed to check two deer in by 10:00PM. The hunter was honest and cooperative. He was issued a citation for illegal possession of the salvage deer and the 10-point rack was seized as evidence. He was also issued a citation for failure to tag immediately upon kill for one of the does he killed and some of the deer meat was seized. He was issued warnings for the other deer he did not tag or report.

In  Bureau County, CPO Binsbacher and CPO Wagner responded to a snowmobile accident near Neponset involving one snowmobile. The subject was riding with a group of snowmobiles and hit a snow embankment on the edge of the road, when he landed on the road he was thrown from the snowmobile. The subject broke his lower left leg and injured his ankle.

In DeKalb County, CPO Engledow attempted to stop a snowmobile near Somonauk. The snowmobile fled into Somonauk and Somonauk PD was able to locate the Snowmobile Operator moments later in town. CPO Engledow issued a citation for Operating Snowmobile w/o Insurance and WWs for Failure to Display Registration Decals and Operation of Snowmobile w/o Valid Registration.

In Putnam County, CPO Stanbary received a disposition on a Putnam County poaching case which involved a resident of Hennepin poaching a whitetail buck from a motor vehicle with a crossbow. The poacher received fines and civil penalties totaling $4,750, forfeited the crossbow used in the crime and an 18 month hunting revocation for his actions. The poached deer was processed by a local business and the meat was donated to local non-profit organizations to help feed the hungry.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson conducted an investigation and consequently cited a Florida resident for failure to report the harvest of an 8 point buck by 10pm on the day of take as required. CPO Thompson issued the man written warnings for hunting without license and habitat stamp.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson conducted an investigation into an outfitter in Fulton County. CPO Thompson identified violations and cited an outfitter for failure to maintain current records. Additionally, the outfitter was issued written warnings for accessory to unlawful hunting without a valid hunting license and habitat stamp (Client Responsibility).

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Scheiber

In Kane County, CPOs Siedsma and Iaffaldano initiated investigation into the possible illegal hunting of coyotes west of Hampshire. Approx. 7-8 coyotes have been found along a rural road west of Hampshire, each coyote appears to have been shot. The coyotes are intact. The investigation is currently ongoing.

In McHenry County, CPOs Kelley and Doescher responded to a call of a deer stuck in the ice below the Stratton Lock and Dam. Several park users had spotted the deer while attempting to photograph Bald Eagles that frequent the dam when the Fox River is frozen. Personnel from the lock tender’s office helped in ascertaining that the deer was already deceased.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland observed a man and his two sons walking in the coyote hunting area at Silver Springs State Park. He was advised of the dangers of going for a walk in an active hunting area. He was issued a written warning.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland observed two subjects using the trap range at Silver Spring State Park when it was closed.

In Will County, CPO Prasun responded to a complaint in reference to a Will County resident feeding deer. After a brief investigation, it was determined the resident was feeding birds on the property which allowed access to the food by deer. A written warning was issued to the resident for Unlawful Feeding of Wildlife.

In Will County, CPO Prasun conducted snowmobile enforcement at a snowmobile trail in western Will County. Two snowmobile operators were issued written warnings for Operating an Uninsured Snowmobile. Two other snowmobile operators were each issued citations for Operation of Unnumbered Snowmobile and both were issued written warnings for Operating an Uninsured Snowmobile.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell was on patrol in southern Cook county when he identified two ice fishermen at Papoose Lake. Upon contact with the individuals it was apparent to CPO Farrell that they were novice fisherman. Neither had caught any fish or possessed fishing licenses. CPO Farrell explained how the individuals could purchase licenses online with their smartphone, and they willingly did so. They were also educated on other site specific regulations. Warnings were issued to both individuals for fishing without a license.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates investigated an anonymous complaint letter sent to DuPage County Animal Control alleging a Willowbrook resident poached 4 turtles and is keeping the in inhumane conditions. CPO Gates made contact with the willowbrook resident named in the complaint. The resident consented to showing me the turtles. After speaking with the Willowbrook resident, it was determined that the turtles were not taken illegally from the wild nor were they being kept in inhumane conditions.

Central  Zone –
Captain John Williamson

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley was on patrol in Plymouth area and noticed a deer hanging in a front yard. CPO Wheatley investigated since the deer was fresh and deer season has been over for some time. CPO Wheatley was able to determine through an interview the deer had been taken into possession over a week prior and left to hang for reasons related to weather. The subject stated he did not get a tag, but knew he needed one. CPO Wheatley explained the deer being untagged is a violation, and only 24 hrs. is allotted for roadkill deer. CPO Wheatley asked if the man still planned to eat it due to the length of time it had been hanging, and the meat possibly spoiling. The man wasn’t sure, but planned to find out. The man was issued a citation for not calling the deer in within 24 hrs. of possession. 

In Menard County, PO Thornley received a call requesting a salvage tag for a deer found dead. After speaking with the caller, CPO Thornley believed the deer was found by individuals who were trespassing on private property. After a quick investigation, CPO Thornley confirmed with the landowner that no one should have been on his property. Written warnings were issued to two individuals for trespassing, and for failing to contact Conservation Police prior to moving the found dead deer. The 10 point deer head was returned to the property owner with a salvage tag.

In Sangamon County, CPO Gerdes made contact with a subject who failed to remove a ground blind from the Sangamon County Conservation area following the close of archery deer season. When the blind was discovered, a large number of empty beer cans were also found scattered inside and around the blind which had been left by the hunter. The hunter was then contacted and enforcement action was taken.

In Coles County, PO Moody responded to a complaint of people ice fishing a farm pond in rural Coles County without permission. The men were escorted off the property and asked not to return.

In DeWitt County, CPO Ausmus conducted sportfishing enforcement at Clinton Lake. He located 4 subjects fishing in a closed area with a cooler full of crappie. The anglers were found to have 33 total crappies, 12 of which were under the required 9” minimum size limit. The anglers admitted to walking past the No Bank Fishing Sign and admitted they did not know the size or creel limits on Clinton Lake, they further admitted they didn’t measure any of the fish. Each angler was issued a citation for failure to immediately release short fish and unlawful entry to a restricted area. The Chicago anglers have a mandatory court date in Dewitt County and the crappie were seized and released.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner completed an investigation on a complaint of a deer illegally killed during archery deer season. Investigation revealed the subject archery deer hunted in 2020 without a valid hunting license/habitat stamp and deer permit in 2020. There was also at least one previous year the subject deer hunted in Illinois and killed a deer without a permit. The subject had falsified records and also possessed a deer illegally which was killed in Missouri. Packages of deer meat and two deer racks were seized. The subject was cited for Unlawful take of deer and Unlawful possession of deer parts from Missouri.

In Montgomery County, CPO Wright along with CPO Matt Lentz have been investigating a trapping complaint at the Nokomis Quarry. CPO Wright was eventually able to make contact with the Montgomery County resident who was doing the trapping. Before making contact, CPO Wright observed the trapper place exposed bait (dead rabbit) next to the trap. When he eventually made contact it was found that he had no trapping license and none of his traps were tagged. The trapper was also in possession of a .22 rifle with a revoked FOID card. CPO Wright asked for consent to search the vehicle and consent was given. During the search, a meth pipe with residue was found. The man was taken to Montgomery County jail and booked for the possession of a controlled substance.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis met with and elderly subject regarding a nuisance animal problem. The person advised they were awoken in the morning to something crawling around in the bed. While attempting to identify the “something,” a bat jumped out of the and landed on their face. CPO Lewis took custody of the bat and transported it to the Illinois Department of Health Laboratory for testing.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis and Williams investigated unusual circumstances surrounding the harvest of a 16-point buck. The investigation revealed a subject had reported the harvest for their husband who had actually found the deer but not killed it. The CPOs interviewed both husband and wife and it was finally determined the deer was not killed with a bow as reported. The husband had his wife report it as a bow-kill so they could tell people they shot it. Additionally, the investigation revealed the husband had taken a deer in Perry County without a valid permit and falsely reported it as a Jackson County harvest. The CPOs issued the husband two citations for falsification of DNR records and multiple tagging violations.

In Clay County, CPO Roundcount recovered a deceased bald eagle near a highway. A non-invasive necropsy was performed revealing a fractured left femur and blunt force trauma to the skull. The cause of death is suspected collision with a motor vehicle. The bald eagle will be turned over to the FWS National Eagle Repository.

In Marion County, CPO Swindle began an investigation into a nonresident landowner trespassing complaint. The complainant also reported possible timber theft from his property. While observing the property on foot, CPO Swindle heard repetitive gunshots and movement of off-road vehicles. CPO Swindle pursued on foot. After getting a visual it became impossible to remain concealed. On approach across an open field, CPO Swindle was discovered by perpetrators. At that time the perpetrators traveling on seven ATV’s fled the area. The investigation is continuing.

In Jackson County, CPO Tapley, CPO Somers, and CPO G. Anderson completed an investigation on a complaint of hunters shooting ducks out of season. 2 hunters killed a Canvasback and wounded an additional duck. The Canvasback was seized and the hunters were issued a total of 3 citations and 2 warnings for violations of unlawful take of federal migratory game birds, possession of freshly killed species taken out of season, and hunting within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling.

In Williamson County, CPO Williams cited a subject for unlawful hunting without permission of the landowner, no deer permit, no hunting license or habitat stamp on the Williamson County Airport Property. The complainant obtained photos from trail cameras found on the property and the subject was seen with a climber stand, crossbow and dressed in camouflage. The subject was recognized by CPO Williams, located and interviewed. In addition they were issued a written warning against further criminal trespass to the property.

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