Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – February 19, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Henry County, CPO Posateri was patrolling Henry County during the firearm deer season. Just after hunting hours closed, an ATV was spotted in a harvested corn field. As the CPO pulled into the field entrance, the ATV quickly drove down a steep embankment the opposite direction onto the roadway. CPO Posateri then located the ATV coming out of another field minutes later. The ATV stopped and the driver was wearing all camo with a loaded uncased crossbow on the front passenger seat. The hunter did not have any deer permits remaining for archery or firearm. Several citations were issued.

In Rock Island County, CPO Williams was speaking with a Rock Island county hunter about the Late winter antlerless deer season and the CWD deer season. It was determined the hunter harvested a Whitetail deer with a shotgun in Warren County, which is closed to both seasons. The hunter was issued a citation and multiple warnings.

In Rock Island County, CPO K. Williams, CPO Priest and CPO Meinders checked a group of 4 waterfowl hunters in Rock Island County. 1 hunter was found to be hunting with an unplugged shotgun. The hunters were also in violation of failure to maintain a separate bag limit. A citation and written warnings were issued.

In Stephenson County, CPOT Kater and CPO Hoftender received a call from a concerned citizen about a bald eagle caught in a trap. Upon further investigation, CPOT Kater and CPO Hoftender determined the foothold trap was placed with exposed bait. The bald eagle was released by CPOT Kater and CPO Hoftender. CPOT Kater and CPO Hoftender followed up with the trapper and issued him a citation for trapping with exposed bait and a written warning for not having his trap properly tagged.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson received a complaint from a local landowner who located a large 8-point buck suspected to have been shot by a crossbow from the roadway. CPO Thompson watched the location of the buck for 12 hours and made a stop on a truck which trespassed the area. The suspect was identified as the violator and an investigation continues.

In Peoria County, CPO Gerard completed a deer investigation resulting in the seizure of an 8-point buck. The deer was unlawfully shot by a subject without a hunting license, habitat stamp, or archery deer permits. The subject killed a doe earlier in the year and used another person’s deer permits to report the harvest..

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano assisted Missouri Conservation Police with a hunting complaint involving an Illinois resident. Upon interviewing the hunter, multiple violations were discovered: Falsification, Unlawful possession of another person’s permit while hunting, and No possession of valid deer permit. Missouri conservation was informed of all violations found and will be taking enforcement action with the individuals involved.

In Lake County, CPO Doescher responded to a trapping complaint in North Chicago of a resident trapping squirrels. After a thorough investigation, a Lake County business owner was cited for Unlawful Take of a Game Mammal without a Class A Nuisance Permit, Failure to Properly Tag Traps, and Improper Release of Game Mammals on Private Property.

In Lake County, CPO Davis responded to a deer caught in a chain-link fence in Ingleside, IL.  CPO Davis was able to free the deer with bolt cutters, but the deer was unable to walk due to an injured leg. CPO Doescher arrived on scene and the officers were able to cover the deer with a blanket and carry it out of the fenced yard. The deer was placed in a brushed area, but was seen by residents in the neighborhood who continued to approach the deer to try and assist it. The residents were advised to give the animal space and not try to feed it. The deer was still in the same location near a frozen pond the next day so for the safety of the deer and the residents the deer was transported to a rehabilitator.

In McHenry County, While out checking a group of waterfowl hunters, CPO Winters came across one of the hunters who was hunting with a shotgun capable of holding more than 3 shells (unplugged), he also did not have a federal waterfowl stamp and did not have his hunting license on him.

In McHenry County, CPO Davis completed a deer hunting investigation where a hunter shot two deer through brush and after the fact realized the second deer possessed an antler in excess of three inches on one side. The antler was on the far side from his location and he could not see it amongst the brush.  Prior to realizing the second deer was a buck the wounded initial deer got up and ran from the scene. The hunter took a second shot and missed. The hunter contacted CPO Davis and advised him of the incident explaining he thought the second deer was a doe and he had a valid antlerless tag. He went to try and find the initial deer the next day and the deer was observed, but ran from the area.

In Grundy County, CPO Prasun responded to a call of a swan that was believed to be shot. The swan landed and died on a frozen lake in a Grundy County resident’s back yard. The swan was found to be a juvenile trumpeter and there were seven other juvenile and adult trumpeter swans that landed in a field nearby. The swan didn’t have any external evidence of trauma. The case is pending further investigation.

In Kankakee County, While working road hunters CPO Farber observed a subject utilizing a spotlight from a motor vehicle with the intent to locate wildlife. CPO Farber conducted a head on traffic stop. The violator fled the scene at a high rate of speed. CPO Farber was able to obtain the license plate of the offending vehicle and positively identify the driver of the vehicle.

In Will County, While patrolling a state park in Will County, CPOT Thompson and CPO Prasun encountered three pheasant hunters walking down the roadway while in possession of loaded shotguns. It was also determined all three hunters were using lead shotshells and did not have their hunting credentials on their person. Two of the hunters were hunting after harvesting their limit of pheasants and two of them failed to maintain a separate bag of their harvested birds. The three hunters were cited for hunting from a roadway. Enforcement action was also taken and the three were educated on the pheasant hunting regulations along with the park rules.

In Cook County, CPO Gates completed a deer investigation into a DuPage resident who was hunting in Jo Daviss County. The man had reported an archery harvest with a firearm permit number. The man was new to hunting and this was his first kill. The man did tag the deer with the archery tag but accidentally reported the firearm permit number. CPO Gates educated the man on proper deer harvest reporting. He was issued a written warning for improper reporting.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Greene County, CPO Olroyd was informed of a whitetail buck walking in circles in central Greene County. Upon arrival, CPO Olroyd observed that the animal had been fighting and was completely blind. Due to the inability of the animal to navigate or find food or water on its own, the decision was made to dispatch the buck. The meat was donated to The Treehouse Wildlife Center in Jersey County (a non-profit animal rescue center which educates the public on IL wildlife) where it went to good use in feeding the animals cared for there.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley was on patrol in the La Harpe area. CPO Wheatley saw a truck parked on the side of the road in an area that would be promising for deer hunting. After a quick scan of the vehicle, CPO Wheatley was able to deduce the owner may be deer hunting. CPO Wheatley identified the owner of the vehicle and checked the subjects hunting license and permits via computer. The subject had all required paperwork; however, the subject reported two deer kills for the 2020-2021 season, which was contradictory since the subject had only purchased two deer tags. After a short walk into the woods, CPO Wheatley found the man, and was able to verify the man was hunting without deer permits. CPO Wheatley also discovered the man was hunting over bait, and was traveling with an uncased gun in the vehicle. The subject was issued citations and written warnings for all listed infractions.

In Jersey County, CPOT Jansen and CPOT Priest investigated a hunter harassment and trespassing complaint. The offending subject admitted to stealing trail cameras and removing a ground blind causing damage. The subject was issued citations for criminal trespass to property, criminal damage to property, and theft.

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff received a complaint in Macoupin County about coyote hunters trespassing. The complainant told CPO Gushleff that his wife caught a coyote hunter all the way down the driveway attempting to collect his dogs. When asked what he was doing, he admitted to coyote hunting. The complainant said the hunter acting like he was doing them a favor by hunting coyotes in that area. Pictures were taken of the subject, and CPO Gushleff located the subject several days later. The hunter was cited for hunting without permission since that farmer never gave him permission to hunt coyotes on his land.

In Sangamon County, CPO Snodgrass patrolled Sangamon Co., where he observed a subject crossing a field on an ATV dressed in full camouflage. Upon stopping the subject CPO Snodgrass observed a load crossbow sitting on the operator’s lap. CPO Snodgrass also knew the property to be baited for whitetail deer. Upon an interview it was found the subject had been hunting a stand that was baited with trophy rock. The subject was issued citations and warnings for the numerous violations.

In Edgar County, While patrolling Edgar County in conjunction with an ongoing coyote hunting competition, CPO Sanford observed a vehicle stopped in the roadway in an area known for “road hunting”. CPO Sanford conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle after a short period of observation and discovered the individual was “scouting” for coyotes in the adjacent ag field. The individual’s firearm was unloaded and in a case at the time of the stop.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Franklin County, CPOT Pankey and CPO Williams cited a subject for hunting without permission from the landowner, three deer stands and two cameras were seized during the investigation and returned to the owner along with a citation after making contact and claiming their equipment.

In White County, CPO Haggerty received information of a subject who had unlawfully taken deer at night, with aid of a conveyance. After an investigation, multiple deer were found to have been previously taken unlawfully. The subject was issued citations for Unlawful use of a Conveyance, Unlawful Hunting after half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise, Unlawful Shooting from a Roadway, Unlawful Take of Whitetail Deer, and Unlawful Use of another Permit. 

In Crawford County, CPO Hyatt assisted Crawford County on a search warrant and found violations on the individual. He was issued 3 citations for unlawful possession of whitetail deer, unlawful possession of predatory birds (talons, wings), and placement of bait.

In Johnson County, CPOs Wolf and Vasicek rescued/ freed a deer that had a leg caught in a fence adjacent to the Tunnel Hill Bike Trail. 2 observant cyclists discovered the trapped deer which was up to its chest in water in a creek. The grateful deer ran off in good health once freed.

In Williamson County, CPO G. Anderson and CPO Johnson investigated a complaint of stolen trail cameras and riding ATV’s on property without permission. CPO Anderson and CPO Johnson conducted simultaneous interviews on the suspects and received confessions for both complaints. 

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