New York Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – February 19, 2021

Small Plane Crash
(Nassau & Suffolk counties)

On Jan. 10, ECO DeRose and K9 Cramer were training in a wooded area of Farmingdale State College when a family approached claiming a plane appeared to crash just north of the woods. ECO DeRose immediately contacted Suffolk County Police which had not received any calls about a crash in the area. He canvassed nearby roads and spotted Nassau County Police units at a local transfer station. ECO DeRose approached to see a small, double-engine plane had crashed. While emergency personnel cut portions of the cabin away to free the pilot, ECO DeRose coordinated with local fire departments to determine whether fuel spilled and that emergency crews were using proper fire suppression. The pilot was removed and transported to a local hospital. The local airport rescue team later confirmed that the pilot reported both engines failed because they likely ran out of fuel. ECO DeRose worked with DEC’s Spill Response team to confirm a minimal amount of fuel was spilled, contained, and had minimal environmental impacts. 

Injured Hawk Gets a Helping Hand
(Putnam County)

On  Jan. 25, while on patrol, ECO Crisafulli received reports that a passerby spotted an injured hawk off the Putnam County Bike Path in Brewster. ECO Crisafulli responded and located the red-shouldered hawk on a nearby woodpile. It was unable to fly away due to an injured wing. ECO Crisafulli safely captured the hawk and transported it to a wildlife rehabilitator where it’s expected to make a full recovery.

Snowmobile Fire and Crash
(Fulton County)

On Jan. 23, while conducting a snowmobile patrol on trails in the Town of Caroga, ECOs Manns and Hilliard responded to two dangerous snowmobile incidents. First, they came across a snowmobile on fire. The operator was not injured but the snowmobile was destroyed. A short time later, the two officers were flagged down for a personal-injury snowmobile accident where the operator went off the trail and collided with trees. The operator suffered only minor injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment. New York State reminds snowmobilers to ride responsibly while enjoying the state’s abundant trails – recommendations and details about snowmobile safety courses can be found here:

Airboat Training
(Broome County)

 On Feb. 4, DEC Forest Rangers from Regions 7 and 8 conducted a joint flat ice airboat training with the Broome County Sheriff’s Department on the Whitney Point Reservoir. Crews trained in tandem airboat operations on flat ice and snow to practice maneuvering boats through various challenging conditions. The Forest Ranger airboat stationed in Region 7 is utilized for search and rescue operations statewide and can operate on swift and flat water, in flooded areas, and on flat ice. These training sessions are important for maintaining and sharpening operator proficiency, sharing knowledge and experience, and developing strong working relationships with other agencies to protect public safety. 

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