Finding bird dog training supplies in 2021

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Peterson has a new puppy coming this spring. He saved up wings and tail feathers from some of the birds he harvested this fall, but has also been pigeon hunting to round up some more training essentials.

Throughout a normal pheasant season, I’ll throw some of the feathers from our roosters into a zip-seal bag. If my little girls don’t want them, I find someone else to give them to like a fly-fishermen who spends the winter months tying up a summer’s worth of flies.

This year that bag is staying with me.

In fact, I’ve got three gallon-sized bags packed with pheasant wings and tail feathers from last season. With a new puppy coming some time this spring, I don’t want to find myself without some training supplies.

My pheasant stock is high, but I didn’t keep anything from the ducks, grouse or woodcock that Luna and I managed to bag in the early-season. I wasn’t committed to a fresh recruit then, so I didn’t sock away the feathers. Now I wish I had.

It’s too late for that, of course, but I am looking for opportunities to find a few more training options that I can’t buy in any random big box store. Recently, that has involved pigeons. I’ve got a buddy who has an old turkey farm, and while the pigeons have largely moved out, there are a still a few stragglers hanging around.

Luna and I have been working on adding a few to the freezer for the pup, and it has been just what we needed to pass the time this winter. It’s a far cry from pheasant hunting, of course, but a heck of a lot more fun than working on home-improvement projects. And it nets me a few gun dog necessities that will come into play some time this summer.

If you’re on a waiting list right now for a new hunting dog, you might want to consider your options as well. If you feel like you’ll need some hard-to-find training essentials, dig into how you’ll source them now. Some you might have to ask around for, while others might be cooing away in a barn loft somewhere just waiting for you to load up the shotgun and grab a handful of target loads.

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