Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Minnesota Pro Fishing Tip: winter fishing on Pool No. 4

By Marty Hahn


Years of experience on Pool 4: 18


Favorite water: Mississippi River


Not everybody knows about the amazing, pretty-much year-round fishery we have down here on Pool No. 4 of the Mississippi River near Red Wing.


Because of power plant and warm-water discharge, the fish tend to be much more active than they would otherwise be. This year, both reactors have been operating, which will keep the temperature around 36 degrees. That wasn’t the case the last few winters, when only one tube was being discharged due to high water.


It’s still winter fishing, and those temperatures can be challenging to fish. One thing that makes it easier is new fishing line, especially when working with power braids. Older line loses its waxy coating and then absorbs more water. So newer line prevents that. People wonder if running your motor is bad in this weather, but by trimming it down when it is still warm allows it to drain properly and avoid any issues. Also, you want to make sure the seal of your lower unit is not broken, especially if you’ve had any fishing line stuck in the prop.


The daytime bite is generally in water deeper than 15 feet, and more than like 20-plus feet. We have an incredible walleye, sauger and crappie fishery down here.


Hahn operates Hahn’s Mississippi River Fishing Guide Service year round, targetting walleyes, sauger and crappies. He can be reached at (612) 875-8848.

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