Deer, small game, waterfowl, bear regs now combined in one booklet

Hunters will see a new hunting regulations booklet this fall that combines deer, small game, waterfowl and bear regulations into one pamphlet. (Image courtesy of Wisconsin DNR)

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is expecting to see increased hunters and anglers in the field this year, and this fall hunters may find it easier to follow the regulations.

Probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people’s desires to get outdoors, the DNR has seen a 13% increase in new boat registrations, a 37% increase in ATV/UTV registrations, through the end of June an increase of fishing licenses of 10% and a 16% increase in the sale of inland trout stamps.

Through mid-June, the sale of hunting licenses was up $1.3 million.

For most hunters the question before the seasons are what are the regulations and “how can I hunt safely while staying within the regulations?”

The DNR has concluded a two-and-a-half-year process of reviewing its hunting regulations pamphlets and has now consolidated the deer, small game, waterfowl and bear hunting pamphlets into one 8.5- by 11-inch four-color pamphlet.

Scott Karel, DNR wildlife policy specialist, told the Natural Resources Board that more and more people are relying on getting their regulations online or on the Hunt Wild application on their cell phone.

In 2016, the DNR printed 850,000 deer pamphlets, 575,000 small game pamphlets, and 185,000 waterfowl pamphlets. By 2019 they only printed 450,000 deer pamphlets, 300,000 small game pamphlets and 125,000 waterfowl pamphlets.

The DNR researched all 50 states to find out what other states do and surveyed members of the Conservation Congress in 2018.

The DNR convened an internal team to go over all the regulations and, after revisions, has come up with a new pamphlet that contains 10,000 fewer words and will save the state about 40,000 in printing costs and additional costs when pamphlets are translated into Spanish and Hmong.

DNR conservation warden Matt O’Brien believes hunters will find the new pamphlet succinct and digestible in plain language without too much “legalese.”

To see the new pamphlet, go to

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