Small-stream smallmouths fit summertime bill

White Oak Creek Feature 1
(Photo courtesy of Mike Moore)

Georgetown, Ohio — The floating Rapala drifted down a seam among the rocks on White Oak Creek in southwest Ohio just before a smallmouth bass burst through the water to engulf it.

The preceding scene played out last weekend on this tributary of the Ohio River in southern Brown County.

I and my step-father had gained permission on this stretch of creek from a family friend. It was a return to my roots for me, having grown up fishing another section of the creek with my dad.

Smallmouth bass was the quarry back then as it is now. The bronzebacks don’t grow huge in this system, but they’re big enough to put a bend in the rod now and then.

I chronicled our latest adventure in pictures and print for the next print edition of Ohio Outdoor News. That issue, dated Aug. 14, will be available in a couple of weeks.

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