Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 26, 2020

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Boone County, CPO Wagner conducted investigation into littering and improper disposal of dead animals and dead animal parts. Individual was cited under the dead animals control act for improper disposal and under litter control act for littering.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson, CPO Elliott and CPOT Williams conducted an investigation into wildlife code violations. Upon contacting a suspect, CPOs received a confession to the violations of unlawful take without a valid permit, two counts of failure to tag immediately upon kill, and the unlawful possession of an illegally taken deer. Citations and written warnings were issued.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson conducted an investigation into potential permit violations. Upon making contact with a suspect, CPO Thompson received a confession to unlawful hunting without a valid permit and licensing and failure to tag deer immediately upon kill. One citation and several written warnings were issued.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson issued a written warning to a Lewistown man for unlawful possession of an untagged deer.

In McDonough County, CPO Elliott and CPOT Williams completed an investigation on a subject for hunting violations. During an investigative interview, the subject admitted to failure to tag his deer immediately upon kill. The subject advised he did not want to use his only Either Sex Firearm Permit. The subject explained he drove to the nearest vendor to purchase an Antlerless Only firearm permit to tag and report the harvest of his doe. Violations of Failure to Tag Immediately Upon Kill, Falsification, and Fraudulent Harvest Report were noted. Proper enforcement action was taken.

In McDonough County, CPO Elliott, CPO Thompson, and CPOT Williams conducted an investigation involving wildlife code violations. During the investigation multiple subjects were found to be involved with several deer hunting violations. One subject admitted to the unlawful take of multiple deer with an AR 15 .223 rifle from a combine. Additionally, a subject was found to have harvested 5 antlered bucks during the 2019-20 deer season. Violations of Failure to Tag Immediately upon kill, Failure to Tag with Appropriate County Tag, Falsification, Fraudulent Harvest Report, Unlawful Possession of Illegally Taken Deer, Unlawful Take of Whitetail Deer with an AR 15 .223 Rifle during Archery Season, Unlawful Hunting by Use and Aid of a Conveyance, Unlawful Hunting without a valid permit, Wanton Waste and Felony Resource Theft. An AR 15 .223 Rifle, a compound bow, a 12 gauge shotgun, a muzzleloader and three buck heads were amongst the items seized. Proper enforcement action was taken.

Northeast Zone – Captain Jed Whitchurch

In Lake County, CPO Van Wiltenburg cited a subject on Banana Lake for using five fishing devices on a two pole and line only lake. He was also issued a written warning for no inland trout stamp after admitting he was attempting to take them.

In Lake County, CPO Van Wiltenburg cited two subjects for multiple deer hunting violations after a three year investigation. It began with a tip from the Lake County Forest Preserve Police, who advised one of their surveyors saw a ground blind under a large pine tree on the adjacent private property, with a pile of corn in front of it. CPO Van Wiltenburg worked the blind during the 2017 and 2018 seasons, during legal hunting hours, but didn’t observe anyone occupying the blind. In March of 2019, the Lake County Forest Preserve Police received a complaint from one of the violator’s neighbors that he was shooting deer and coyote at night, out of season. During the 2019 archery deer season, CPO Van Wiltenburg worked the area after legal hunting hours and found the violator was shining a spotlight from his back porch over the corn on the property to the south. This occurred for many nights from November 2019 to February 2020. After reviewing harvest records and camera footage from the area, the resident violator was interviewed and charged with multiple hunting violations, including possession of freshly killed species during the closed season, hunting after hours, hunting within 300 yards of a dwelling with a rifle without permission, hunting with the use/aid of bait, dumping the deer carcass on private property without permission, unlawful take of deer during the closed season, possession of illegally taken species, and unlawfully transferred deer permit to another person. He was also issued several written warnings for more wildlife violations. A second subject was also charged with hunting with the use/aid of bait, hunting without a valid deer permit in possession, and hunting without a valid non-resident hunting license. The second subject was also issued several written warnings for additional violations.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber received a complaint in regard to a nuisance trapper in Kankakee. CPO Farber spoke with a complainant and discovered that a local pest control business was offering trapping services for a fee. During the investigation, CPO Farber discovered that the owner of the pest control service, did not have the proper DNR credentials to provide trapping services for a fee. The complainant advised that the trapper set live traps in her attic and didn’t make any attempt to check the traps over a three day period. CPO Farber conducted a field interview with the unlicensed nuisance trapper and discovered that he had been offering trapping services in the Kankakee area on and off for over 40 years. The violator was educated and enforcement action was taken.

In Kankakee County, CPOs Elliot and Farber met with three coyote hunters in rural Iroquois county about a coyote hunt they were on in early February. While coyote hunting on property that they didn’t have permission to be hunting on, they shot one coyote and accidentally shot out a window on the landowner’s garage. After speaking with the landowner, he decided he wanted his window fixed and the hunters to stay off of his property. The CPOs met with the violators, all three hunters received a citation a piece for hunting without landowners’ consent, (1) warning a piece for unlawful take of a protected species (coyote), and they agreed to meet with the landowner to repair his broken window.

In Will County, following an extensive multi-agency investigation, CPO Honiotes made a hunting without permission case on two subjects, who through their own admission, archery deer hunted deep in a restricted area of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Will County on multiple dates. The subjects also admitted to fraudulently using a key and a contractor pass to gain vehicular access to the area. Multiple federal violations were also identified and addressed by the United States Forest Service.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes contacted a new coyote hunter at the Des Plaines Conservation Area in Will County. Unfamiliar with the site specific regulations of the area, the hunter received an extensive “crash course” on hunting state owned public land in Illinois. CPO Honiotes then assisted the hunter in navigating various “hunter fact sheets” to help him try to find a new place to legally hunt coyotes with his crossbow on public land.

In Will County, CPO Prasun conducted an investigation into illegal hunting activity that occurred in northeastern Will County this past deer hunting season. During the investigation, it was determined a central Will County resident had been hunting without a hunting license, habitat stamp, or a deer archery permit and had harvested a buck. The hunter was cited for hunting without a deer permit. Enforcement action was also taken and he was educated on Illinois regulations in reference to immediately attaching a deer tag upon harvest, and having a hunting license, and habitat stamp while hunting.

In Will County, CPO Prasun conducted an investigation into a falsely reported deer harvest that occurred in central Will County this past hunting season. During the investigation, it was determined a central Will County resident had taken possession of a ‘salvaged deer’ that had been injured while trapped in a fence then put down by local law enforcement. The resident proceeded to buy a deer permit and fraudulently reported a harvest of the deer. It was also determined the resident had hunted this past deer season without a habitat stamp. Enforcement action was taken and the resident was educated on the proper way to take possession of a ‘salvage deer’ along with the requirements of having a state habitat stamp while deer hunting in Illinois. Illinois residents are reminded they are required to obtain a salvage deer tag from an Illinois Conservation Police Officer before moving/taking possession of a salvage deer (deer found dead not killed by the person finding it nor obviously killed by an vehicle) in Illinois. Also, Illinois residents must report a ‘road-kill’ deer before taking possession of said deer by the online reporting system or calling the road kill deer number in the hunting digest.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta and CPO Roesch conducted an investigation regarding a deceased Bald Eagle in Cook County. It was learned through another Law Enforcement agency that the eagle was electrocuted by a powerline. CPO Kusta retrieved the eagle and brought it to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s office in Cook County. The USFWS took possession of the eagle and will transfer it to the National Eagle Repository for assessment and possible use for Native American religious practices.

Central  Zone – Capts. Petreikis and Whitchurch

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley was on patrol in Hamilton, CPO Wheatley responded to a dead eagle call near Elderville. Upon arrival, CPO Wheatley found the eagle face down in the snow. Photographs were taken and the Eagle was rolled over for further inspection. The eagle began to move and was shivering from the chill of the night. CPO Wheatley took possession of the Eagle and contained it in his squad with the help of a passing motorist. After a few hours, the eagle was set free and flew off into the night. CPO Wheatley recalled, for a dead eagle call, this was one of the liveliest ones he has ever had to get control of.

In Cass County, CPO Wahlbrink checked multiple coyote hunters at Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA. One of the hunters stated he had forgotten his hunting license and habitat stamp at his home. CPO Wahlbrink looked up the hunter’s credentials online and confirmed he had purchased a hunting license and habitat stamp. A written warning was issued.

In Christian County, with no valid deer permits or hunting license. It was found that the Taylorville man used his mom’s landowner tag. Several warnings were written.

In Livingston County, CPO Graden completed an investigation into the unlawful take of a whitetail deer. In short, during the first statewide Illinois firearm deer season, a 39-year-old male hunter, in Livingston County, went hunting with a single, either-sex, firearm deer permit. On November 23, 2019, he killed a button buck, purchased an antlerless-only permit after the fact, tagged the deer, and reported his harvest. The hunter did not want to use his only either-sex permit to tag an antlerless deer. He was issued a citation for Unlawful Take of a Whitetail Deer along with several written warnings.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Monroe County, CPO Liebl was notified of a hunting accident that occurred during a field trial. A hunter accidentally shot himself in the side with a 20-gauge shotgun. The hunter was airlifted to a hospital in Springfield. The injury was non-life threatening. CPO Liebl will be completing a thorough investigation into the accident.

In St. Clair County, During the final day of rabbit season, CPO Gerdes checked a group of hunters hunting at Peabody River King SFWA. One of the hunters was not wearing the required orange cap and was issued a written warning for the violation. The group also had several questions regarding the boundaries inside the SFWA, and CPO Gerdes provided them with specific guidance on where they were legally allowed to rabbit hunt.

In St. Clair County, CPO Gerdes received a call from a man who believed he found two dead “rams” or “mountain sheep” under a bridge near Lebanon, IL. CPO Gerdes later located the animals and found them to be domestic goats which had been illegally dumped. Further patrol of the area will be conducted due to the frequency of illegal dumping in the area.

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