We’ll soon learn lots about chronic wasting disease status in Pennsylvania

Deer Bucks Mndnr
(Minnesota DNR)

Now that the public comment period for the Game Commission’s chronic wasting disease response plan concluded May 7, soon the game commissioners will approve the plan. And at that time the agency finally will reveal how many more CWD-positive deer were taken by hunters and killed on roads last year, and where they died.

Commission Press Secretary Travis Lau said commissioners may hold a special meeting to consider the plan after agency staff make final adjustments, perhaps as early as this month, more likely in June. At that meeting, they will unveil the new, boundaries of the enlarged chronic wasting disease management areas.

The latest draft of the Game Commission’s CWD response plan calls for stringent measures as the agency attempts to manage the disease, which is fatal to deer and elk.

But the plan will likely impact hunters and the state’s deer farming industry as well.

For years, commission officials emphasized the dangers of deer congregating as a pathway for the transmission of CWD, and the draft plan targets that concern.

Potential actions in the plan include statewide bans on feeding deer – including the use of minerals and supplements – and the use or field possession of attractants, such as natural deer urine and synthetic varieties, both of which are used by archery hunters.

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