Stay with the Wisconsin turkey season through even the last hunting period

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Turkey hunting, without moving about to other locations, can be boring to some, but there are other activities and observations to pass the time and make the hunt worthwhile.

A longtime, persistent turkey hunter in southwest Wisconsin might be considered a glutton for punishment by some of these impatient soles, but Gale Anonymous  has evidence to the contrary.

With as many as seven authorizations (tags in the old days), sometimes more, he (or she) has won weight contests three times with heavy Period F turkeys.

Cover is better and usually the weather is, too, hunter Gale remarks, but you have to stick with it and gobblers will come in, eventually.  If the birds didn’t respond, eventually, hunter Gale would not shell out $50 to $70 for over-the-counter permits.  Usually there are two permits for the later periods, including F, in this hunter’s pocket.

The setups this hunter uses are often in woods or blinds, rarely fields.  He considers himself an average, but persistent, hunter.

In addition to getting a bird, maybe half dozen, this hunter picks up sheds, picks morels, listens to woodpeckers, notices raccoons, and bobcats.

For friends, he’ll sometimes assist another hunter or two, but this hunter is not a guide.

Archers have learned the persistence routine when in a deer stand so turkey hunters can do it, too.

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