Trifecta for New Hampshire hunters

This year, hunters harvested at least 25 large, antlered bucks (greater than 8% of total harvest) during the event, well above the 3.5% long-term average of total harvest.

CONCORD, N.H. — Last year’s deer, bear and spring turkey hunting seasons ended with strong results in New Hampshire, the state Fish and Game Department said.

The deer season resulted in a total harvest of 12,306 deer. Of that, the adult buck kill of 7,870 deer was the second largest in the state since recordkeeping started in 1922, the state said.

The report said heaviest deer in 2019 weighed 243 pounds and was taken by Christopher Stanley, of Charlestown, using a muzzleloader.

The department said the bear harvest total was 886 and represents the third largest harvest on record.

The spring 2019 turkey harvest was 5,092, an increase from 4,204 turkeys in 2018. That’s because hunters could take a second spring bird in some areas for the first time. A total of 912 hunters were successful in harvesting a second spring bird.

Last year’s fall turkey harvest of 352 birds was lower than the year before. The department said one factor might have been the abundant acorn crop, which causes turkeys to spend more time feeding in forested areas, where they are less susceptible to harvest.

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