Rabbit and squirrel hunting: No better way to spend February

Small-game opportunities are one of the best ways to stave off cabin fever, and to introduce youngsters to hunting.

My hunting buddies and I have gotten out of the habit over the last several years. It used to be a sure-thing that we’d meet up for a weekend or two in February to spend our time hunting squirrels and rabbits, but that has dropped off. Kids and life and bigger priorities got in the way, but we are once again planning another small game weekend.

We’ll hunt a few different properties with the plan to target squirrels first. The idea? Slip through the woods with our scoped .22s and .17s to see what we find for bushytails. While the weather is always a gamble, the squirrel rut should be going strong and any sunshine this time of year does wonders for treetop activity.

Probably about midday, we’ll trade in the rimfires for shotguns, lace up our boots, and dive into the gnarly cover. Cottontail hunting is work, but it’s also fun. We’ll coordinate drives in various patches of cover and we hope to add a few bunnies to the crock-pot.

By the end of the first day I suspect we’ll remember why we used to make small game hunting such a priority in our lives, and how we can each start to work our young kids into the mix, which is something that is sorely needed in the hunting ranks. Maybe that will lead to a revived (and revised) tradition, complete with young, excited hunters and a world of possibility at a time of year when it’s so easy to stay inside. They’re at a time in their lives when it’s easy to choose something other than hunting, so adding a little late winter action will help keep the sport alive and exciting till autumn.

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